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Found 9 results

  1. Adorable pup rescued Sept 25th off the Carretera in Ajijic is ready for her forever home. She is currently being fostered in Ajijic. She (Little Bit) is very small, very cuddly and loves to play with other dogs. She has been treated for fleas/ticks and worms. She walks very well on leash and will bounce her way right into your heart! If interested in seeing Little Bit please email Maggee at maggee.moran@gmail.com.
  2. If we wanted to “adopt”, we know all about it. We prefer to support breeders who care and take the time to place well so the pups do not end up in shelters. And, we prefer to buy a purposely bred dog with some consistency so they do not fail in their tasks and our expectations and end up in shelters. Not all dogs are interchangeable and we prefer dogs with very specific traits and talents. We prefer to buy from responsible ethical breeders. We prefer not to pretend we are adopting when actually we are paying fees and buying. If you prefer to pretend you are adopting and prefer to support those who do not care enough to breed well, feel free. But please stop trying to guilt me into cleaning up after people whi did not bother to deal with their mistakes. Ellen Schwab
  3. Hello ,I am a 35 years old woman, living in ajijic, looking to adopt a baby.does anyone have information,thanks
  4. This dog was found last Friday in Lower Chula Vista, he was taken to the Vet as I could not bring him home, I have 3 dogs and a cat. He is 7 tears old, white male, castrated, tattooed. He is very mellow and loving. He is presently at Pepe Magana's Vet in Riberas. Please see below description about breed. PERSONALITY AND TEMPERAMENT Though larger than the English Bulldog, the temperament of the American Bulldog is very similar. A gentle, affectionate dog that loves children and can be considered a big lap dog, the American Bulldog is alert, confident and loyal to its people. Brave and strong-willed, the American Bulldog will do best when trained from a young age on and with an owner that isn't afraid to establish themselves as a strong pack leader. A breed with strong protective instincts, Bulldogs are known for their acts of heroism towards their owners and can sometimes be reserved with strangers. American Bulldogs require plenty of regular exercise to prevent boredom and encourage it to be a well-trained dog during the day. For more information please email desertcalm@gmail.com
  5. My friend Janis is looking for homes for these three girls. They are 7 weeks old. Annie, Bella and Carla. They have been treated for fleas and worms. They are very healthy and well socialised. Anyone interested, please call Janis at 106-0641 or 333-390-9575
  6. Beautiful Male - Shepherd Mix (probably Rottweiler or Pit Bull) - 3-4 yrs old. Mid-size dog, 55 lbs. housebroken. I have had him neutered and shots updated. Found at Centro Laguna by Art Hess and rescued by Pam Price, I have fostered him for a week. He is a powerful but gentle dog and loves humans. Noble gets along well with other dogs. Has a little trouble with cats, but is learning they are off limits. He will need some training or retraining in English. He needs to be close to his human to relax. Owner needs to be committed to lots of exercise or have a yard and another dog for playtimes. Photo link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a4pqnamlvdfl6uv/AAAdtq8CcYwKC4iFgi7-Ud1pa?dl=0 Video link: https://youtu.be/MmHMalwz5v0 Contact me at: hendylj@gmail.com Or call: 106-1281 (answering machine on line)
  7. Adoption Day by Lakeside Advocates for Animals When: Sunday, April 19 - 10 am - 3 pm Where: Centro Laguna behind Black Coffee People who have been fostering dogs and cats are coming together to try to find them their forever homes. Please come and bring your friends and give these animals a loving home. Photos can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LakesideAdcovatesforAnimals/ TENT provided by Mama Chuy Quinta Mamá Chuy. LIVE sax and flute music provided by Ajijic musician Rick Jasper. To request to register your rescued/fostered pet, email: teresahjasper@gmail.com
  8. Adoption Day by Lakeside Advocates for Animals. When: Sunday, April 19 Where: Centro Laguna parking lot corner directly behind Black Coffee (across from Walmart). 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. People who are fostering rescued animals are coming together to help find forever homes for their charges. Click on the link below to see our gallery of dogs and cats who are Registered for our Sunday, April 19 Adoption Day. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LakesideAdcovatesforAnimals/ LIVE Jazz Sax & Flute music by Ajijic musician, Rick Jasper. To request to register your rescued/fostered pet, email: teresahjasper@gmail.com
  9. Help! Overflow at the Cat Shelter in Riberas. We currently have a record high of 37 kitties up for adoption. Some of these arrived at the Shelter as kittens and have lived there for a year now. They are desperate to have a home. They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and certified as healthy. There is no adoption fee on kittens who are over a year old. These young juvenile kitties make great pets. They are socialized and gentle. For those people not wanting to raise a kitten, these young ones make a terrific companion. And how grateful they would be to have a home. Bucky and Burton are brothers who grew up in the Shelter. They would be wonderful pets to someone who would like two cats. They are such loving little guys. It would be a shame to separate them. Blackie is six years old and a darling kitty. His owner had to leave Mexico due to ill health and his loyalty showed no bounds when he was accidentally let out of his new home and spent two months getting back to his old home. His new owner has moved so poor boy, he is back at the Shelter again. Rocky is an orange marmalade male, found at the garbage dump as a kitten a year ago. He is very healthy and ready to leave the Shelter and really wants a home. If you are thinking about a companion cat, think about a cat who is a little older. Young kittens are cute but a lot of work. These cats are darling and already on their way to being a wonderful pet. Don't forget that a cat from the Shelter is healthy, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ready to be your pet. Call today at the Carreterra on the way to Chapala #212 Riberas del Pillar, just before the Catholic Church or call us at 765-5514. Or email us at petritechapala@gmail.com. Or visit Lakeside Friends of the Animals on Facebook Our open hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00-2:00. Closed Sunday. Give a kitty a happy home and you will be glad you did.
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