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Found 6 results

  1. Name : Alvaro Moya Adress: Juarez 563 Chapala Jalisco Age: 34 Nationality: venezuelan All papers in rule. Disponibility to travel, tours, costco, Personal assitant, house and pet sitter, logistic to bring and send things, and take care of repare issues in home . Available car Duster 2019 contact info: alvaro.alexis.marquez@gmail.com celphone number: 3313591051 to dial from us or canada number dial this code first(00521)
  2. Its my placer offer my services to you.. If need references please send inbox or call me at; cel. 3313591051 Alvaro Alexis -Name: Alvaro Moya -Age: 34 -Nacionality: Mexican and Venezuelan -College level: Tecnic Agronomy -Attachment bellow: Driver licence and Mexican ID.
  3. I know that it is not the custom to tip local taxi drivers when there is no help with luggage. My husband and I always tip the Uber or taxi driver when we have bags. However, we are having a disagreement about tipping the driver of a premium car service (such as Miramontes). He thinks that since we are paying more (600 pesos for a van to the airport) a tip is not required. I think that since it is a service industry, there is an expectation of a tip, and the driver might not necessarily be getting paid more just because the rate is higher. Please weigh in!
  4. 3 relatives are taking the taxi from the airport. Is the cost different than than for a single rider? m gracias
  5. What is the current Taxi fare from GDL airport to Ajijic?
  6. I have a guest who will be here for three weeks. At times he will need a taxi. Does anyone know what the "current" taxi rates are around Lakeside? I live on the east side of Riberas and he would be going to Chapala or the west side of Ajijic (near Rio Bravo). I saw prices posted in an article from 2014, but I doubt they are still correct. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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