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Found 1 result

  1. I just crossed Laredo International Bridge II this morning, Wednesday April 26th. I needed to cancel my temporary car permit, cancel my Tourist Card, Date-Stamp my Passport and I needed to do some business in downtown Laredo Tx. Normally one comes down Luis Donaldo Colosio Blvd in N. Laredo and before the bridge veers right onto a lateral to go to the INM building.... between/under Bridge II and Bridge I. You all know the place. Well, as I approached the lateral before getting to the Bridge, the lateral was BLOCKED... both places. There was a 10-foot deep ditch bisecting the lateral. There was NO SIGNAGE suggesting where one should go/what one should do to get to the INM building. In fact the signs saying "turn here" were still there as they normally are. So what to do??? None of the toll-booth agents knew what to do/where to go/how to cancel a Permit etc. I back tracked, drove the wrong way on a one-way, asked people... they all said "oh, it's right down there". Well I knew that but HOW does one get "down there". Beats them! They all appeared to be oblivious that the only way into INM was blocked (about 100 yards from where they were sitting!). Finally after 40 minutes a young interprising Mexican, who knew this was a problem, flagged me down and asked if I was trying to cancel my permit. YES! "Follow me in my car", he says. Then I commenced to follow him through the bowels of N. Laredo (not normally something I like to do!) and finally came out next to the river and the back way into the INM building... but coming from the other direction! He was real disappointed that I only handed him 100 pesos but..... So got things done there OK. Then asked the personnel about crossing at Bridge I which I am now close to. "No, it is closed (which I knew but asked anyway)". So how do I get out I asked. "Oh, back the normal way on the Lateran and do a U-turn onto Colosio", they said. Only problem is that I knew it had a ditch across it, but he said "Oh, you can get out". WRONG. I went up there and there was no escaping the normal way! So, I turned around, went back by the INM building and tried to find my way back through the bowels of N. Laredo to Blvd. Colosio. Finally did and then proceeded across the Bridge to US Customs. This whole ordeal took an hour or more trying to figure out HTF I was going to get my TIP and FMM canceled and then back to the Bridge II. Again, there was NO signage ANYWHERE as to what to do since the normal route was blocked. Also.... the time to get through US Customs, at around 11:30 A.M. was an hour or more. All lanes were very slow and traffic was blacked up about 1/3 the way back out onto the Bridge over the Rio Grande. I don't have a clue how long this blockage will continue. It didn't look that new and there were no workers or equipment around. So unless you know how to meander through N. Laredo like the driver took us, I recommend that one cross out at the Colombia crossing.... which is generally how many people go anyway. But as I said I had business downtown and didn't want to backtrack from way out at the Colombia crossing today.
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