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Found 6 results

  1. America´s Got Talent finalist Opera singer Branden James partner up with Aussie Chelist James Clark to create a powerful duo Branden & James. This duo will melt your hearts with beautiful song and music. By majority request they are back for 3 nights only and 1 matinee. Get your tickets on advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Pop Goes The World with Eric Michael Krop. This singer extraordinaire moves through a selection of Pop song as only he can deliver. The range of his voice is amazing, and the charm is sincere. Two nights only don´t miss this great opportunity Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Celebrating her 3rd Album release There's Magic Here, Stacey Joy celebrated with her first San Miguel de Allende Concert in December. She is taking us Memory Lane with a Tribute to Joni Mitchell for One Night Only on January 18th. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm The Spotlight Club is located in Indepencia 159, San Antonio Tlayacapan. next to Absolute Fenix Real Estate Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3TYDaeR4fNA2
  2. Looking for an English speaking gardener to take care of a property in Chula Vista three days a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). For 2 or 3 hours a day. Projects will include cutting the grass, watering the plants, weeding the gardens and general upkeep. Please contact me via email to set up a time to meet and see the property. jtcosker@gmail.com
  3. Just heard a rainbird in San Antonio.....long and loud!!!! Rainy Season is on it's way!
  4. Last evening a Mexican neighbor's cat came home badly injured. The family thought it had been attacked by a dog. This morning he came to request the loan of a carrier so he could take it to the vet. I insisted he go to Ladron's, then called Hector to forewarn him the cat was coming and to ask for a little leniency since this family have scant resources. Later today Hector called me back. The cat had been SHOT.... with a SHOTGUN!! --- 140 pellets in its body on x-ray! It´s spending the night at the clinic, and Hector says the chance of survival is slim because tissues around each pellet could necrose, but he's done his best and 24 hours should predict the outcome. Family are prepared for the worst while hoping for a miracle. This cat lives near the corner of San Jose and Ramon Corona, and it only access to "outside" is from their rear patio and then up and over the rooftops. I doubt it has ever set foot on the sidewalk in its life. All the houses in that quadrant of the block are packed back to back, side-to-side, and ALL the cats (and other critters) travel the rooftops to and fro. Since Mexicans rarely own shotguns, does this mean we have a new warped mind in our midst? Take heed, those who let their cats out, and please warn any Mexicans you know who live close to this neighborhood to take extra precautions.
  5. Anybody know the hours (days) it is open and the fee? THX
  6. My dog, recently rescued from Lucky Dog escaped this morning from fenced in yard. She was wearing a Thunder-shirt and had a blue and brown collar on. She is a Poodle/Schnauzer mix, mostly black with white eyebrows and white paws. $200p reward. Please call Marlene at 3335970503 or email syver117@gmail.com.
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