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Found 1 result

  1. As my husband and I were crossing the Carretera to return to our car parked in the grass on the mountain side (across from La Huerta/Organic Market), we ran into a tall, slender Canadian man who was in disbelief that someone had hit his left tail light and bumper, busting the light, scratching and damaging the car. When we asked if he had any ideas who might have done it, he said the young Mexican fellows standing in front of La Huerta pointed to a gray mini-van double parked in front of La Huerta. As we were encouraging the gentleman to take photos of this vehicle, call Vialidad, stand by the van and wait for the owner to return, etc. A gringa rushed out of the building, into the van, backed out and rushed off towards Ajijic while looking over at the three of us standing across the Carretera. We were just stunned by her brazen behavior. I'm sorry the man wasn't more assertive as we had been there talking with him about 5 minutes and encouraging him to cross back over to where the van was parked. With her hurried escape, he couldn't capture her photo, a photo of the van nor license plate. But, it was so obvious that she was the culprit and running like a bat out of hell to escape responsibility. So sorry this happened to this fella but even more disheartened that this woman didn't have the common decency to leave a note and in fact when she saw us looking at her, she sped off to evade identification and be responsible for the damage she'd done to the man's vehicle. OK, vent over. Return to Paradise. Valerie
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