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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Fellow expats, Each racquet includes a racket cover that is pictured as well. Pictures have details of price and weight and string type and tensions Up for sale are 3 in like new condition tennis racquets. Hardly used, maybe 1-2 games per racket if at all. $1800 pesos for the Babolat Aero Grip Size 4 1/8 $1500 pesos for the Babolat Pure Drive Grip Size 4 1/4 $1500 pesos for the Head Grip Size 4 1/8 The Babolat Banana (yellow/black) also called the Babolat Aero is the similar model to the one Rafa Nadal had. It is super powerful and very lightweight, gives you tremendous spin and control. Stringed at 52lbs with great string the Babolat RPM 17 black, gives you a powerful swing The Babolat Pure Drive (blue/white) is a very powerful but yet very lightweight racket. Ideal for seniors or juniors that need a light racket with a powerful swing. Babolat is known for great rackets. Stringed at 55lbs with a great string the Babolat RPM 17 black, gives you a powerful swing The Head Radical Microgel Oversized (Orange/white) stringed at 57lbs with a quality string Head Sonic Pro white 16, gives you great control but best of all eliminates an elbow tension. This racket was voted as one of the most elbow friendly rackets with a stiffness rating of 57. This racket is ideal for seniors or people suffering with elbow issues or that will have elbow issues and overall is a great racket. Please see the great pictures with description and please let me know if you have any questions
  2. Please help me find a reliable gardener to assist me on a non contractual basis. Need 2-4 times a month Excellent pay for 2-3 hours a visit. Easy care yard. No grass to mow. Having own tools and transportation is important. Thanks.
  3. I am in hopes that someone on the forum can help my brother and myself find a long term rental. We came to Ajijic a few weeks ago and fell in love with the area. We are back in the states and are getting ready to move there. We need whatever help anyone can give us. We would like to find a 4 or 3 bedroom; 4 or 3 bathroom; single story; clean; prefer views; pool, roomy for us both to have our own space. We will take excellent care of your home. We will have repairs done if necessary on our USD Our budget (no laughing) is no more than $1100.00 USD per month all inclusive. If that's not possible please give us direction. Thank you ahead of time for any and all of you who will respond. Oh I am an American Legion Member. Love pets but we don't have any now.
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