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Found 5 results

  1. Adorable pup rescued Sept 25th off the Carretera in Ajijic is ready for her forever home. She is currently being fostered in Ajijic. She (Little Bit) is very small, very cuddly and loves to play with other dogs. She has been treated for fleas/ticks and worms. She walks very well on leash and will bounce her way right into your heart! If interested in seeing Little Bit please email Maggee at maggee.moran@gmail.com.
  2. I rescued 3 puppies that appeared on my patio. They are approx. 2.5 months old and now have their vaccinations and dewormer. There are 2 males and a female, which are siblings and very playful. Unfortunately, I cannot keep 5 dogs where I live, nor do I have a fenced yard. Contact Barb at 376-763-5663 or 331-991-0251 I am currently unable to upload individual photos due to a processing error, but will continue to try and in the meantime can text or email photos to you. They are a German Shepherd mix I believe, here is one photo that did upload.
  3. Is there puppy obedience/ socialization class lakeside in June? If not lakeside, can someone share one in Guadalajara? Thanks!
  4. Love me! Says Lulu SHE IS GREAT WITH CATS!!! This is my new guest and she needs a good loving home. Almost dead from dehydration and multiple infections, she has been brought back to life and well taken care of by Dr. Luis Maciel Saldierna and his wonderful co-Vet Dr. Roberto and his staff, John and others. She is back with me and my 2 other dogs and 3 cats. She is somewhere between 4-6 months old. She is a total doll. And GREAT WITH THE CATS!!! Not aggressive at all. Playful, Gentle, loving, super smart -- I already have her house trained, and going to her own bed and staying there during the night. She is MINKY soft. She will be a larger small dog, Luis says. Only about 35 pounds. She's like a little silky soft yellow lab. PLEASE PM ME if you or anyone you know would like to have her own you. She needs room to play and some one who will take her for walks.
  5. Twiggy before (one month ago) Twiggy now - 5 weeks later She is 3 months old. I named her "Twiggy" for obvious reasons. But now she really is like "Twiggy" the 60's supermodel! isn't she gorgeous? A neighbor called me -- she was found in his carport collapsed in vomit and diarrhea, nearly dead from starvation and dehydration. Thanks to the Ladrone's Clinic, Dr Mauricio met me there on a Sunday and hospitalized her. The prognosis was very grim, but she fought and just look at her now - 5 weeks later! The first couple weeks I had her, she was very traumatized -- would cry when I wasn't holding her, and literally scream when I moved away from her line of sight. Now she is not only a big, healthy, beauty -- she is no longer afraid, no longer cries at bed time. When it's lights out, she quietly retires in her bed along with the rest of us. She doesn't bark when I go out (I leave the house and listen for her, so I know). She has a clean bill of health from the Ladrones. They dewormed her and vaccinated her when she was strong enough. I have housetrained her (I would say 95% -- there was an accident yesterday, but that was my fault). She is super smart. She knows her name and comes when I call. She is learning to "sit" and "stay" and "no bark". She will be a fairly big dog. She has a very large jaw and sharp teeth -- I've been training her to not bite hard. She is still "chewy", but she knows to not be chew so roughly now. She is VERY playful and needs room to run around and someone to play with. I run around with her and play with her, and so does one of my dogs. My other dog is older and has congestive heart failure and she stresses him out -- this is bad for my older dog. I adore Twiggy -- I am looking for a loving home with someone with a yard or big courtyard and will walk her and play with her. She likes having a canine playmate too. She has a fabulous personality and is so loving and fun. If you or anyone else would like to meet Twiggy, please PM me. We're in Ajijic. Gracias from Twiggy!
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