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Found 1 result

  1. Two weeks ago I stopped at a garden shop on the carreterra and bought some "Fish Emulsion Fertilizer" that was sold as 'organic.' It is not. When I had finished fertilizing my plants, I turned around to discover my dog was licking up the residue. I'm not sure what impelled me to go back and read the fertilizer label, but I did, and discovered it contains Sulfuric Acid and Urea as 'stabilizers! An online search explained that if the emulsion did not have these chemicals added, the product would continue to decay and explode the bottle. And for those of you (like me) who are not aware how deadly toxic these chemicals are, here's an example: just one tiny drop of sulfuric acid is enough to kill a 200 lb adult. Thus for the second time this year, Scottie had his stomach pumped ... and it was discovered those toxic stabilizers had ulcerated his stomach and esophagus! Thank Heaven he survived and is Ok today, but what a terrible chemistry lesson!!! I did go back and tell the store owner what had happened, and urged him to please label that product "Caution: Do Not Use Around Pets." Yesterday I went back again to see if that had been done, and it had not. The manager insisted it was an 'Organic' product, even when I showed him the booklet that comes with it which states otherwise. Please note-- the booklet is sealed in plastic so you cannot see the added ingredients unless you open the sealed packet. BOTTOM LINE: Please be sure to read the product information before you buy and use this type product around your pets.
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