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  1. Good Morning! My partner and I are new to the area - We came from New York and rented a little spot in near Ajijic. We are still getting our feet wet here with the vibe and various happenings! We are both artists -- I'm an illustrator, mainly for Children's Literature and he is a songwriter/musician/producer. We actually wanted to get involved with the creative community here (that I know you have board for!), but we had two questions: - My partner is looking to give lessons in piano and/or songwriting (any style; he's got a huge background in rock and jazz) and wanted to know the best w
  2. Can anyone recommend a Music Store or an individual to rent guitars from in the Ajijic/Chapala area?
  3. On October 5 the Lakeside Community will have it's first ever event to promote recycling in our area, in the 'south' grounds area of the Lake Chapala Society. The LCS has organized this event in coordination with the Ajijic Citizens Recycle Committee ( a pilot project of the Chapala Administration of Pres. Moises Anaya) and together we hope to offer an educational program and just have some fun too .. First the serious stuff.. The admission fee is one recyclable article .. an aluminum can, a plastic bottle (clean and flattened) or whatever you can bring along that we can recycle.. At 10am t
  4. The Ranch no-kill dog shelter is overflowing with dog. They have more than 80 dogs that need care. Please join us for this great fundraising event with some of Ajijic's best talent and help support this worthy cause.
  5. Come and enjoy a pleasant evening with the CREM choir and orchestra on July 27th at the Auditorio (7 pm). Tickets 200 pesos for sale at Diane Pearl Colecciones, Notaría 2 (Chula Vista), Auditorio and Dental del Lago. We look forward to seeing you!
  6. Anyone know where to buy or order steel acoustic guitar strings in Ajijic/Chapala? Help! My high E string broke and I'm guitar-less til i can replace it! I searched online for Guad music stores, and the ones i found hardly carry anything in the way of strings, let alone acoustic steel. Amazon wants to charge $30 for shipping one set of strings to Mexico. Not sure about the music store in San Antonio, but at this writing (Sat. morn), it doesn't look like it'll be open til Tuesday. Anyone? I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Shaking so hard it's difficult to type ...
  7. It is our pleasure to invite you to this year´s Winter Concert on December 16th, 7 pm at the Auditorio. With the support and commitment of the CREM staff and director/conductor Emmanuel Medeles, every year the repertoire of these gifted, diligent and enthusiastic young musicians becomes more interesting and advanced. We are delighted to announce that the programme for this concert includes Johann Sebastian Bach´s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major played by the CREM orchestra. Two students will perform Bach´s Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, accompanied by the orchestr
  8. One of the most popular bands lakeside for years was "Noe and the Classics". This Jalisco based band plays a variety of music from the classics (60's & 70s), rock, ballads, latin & instrumentals, singing in both Spanish and English. Noe left lakeside for a new adventure over on the coast a few years ago. Today Noe (who is in town visiting family) stopped in to say hi and congratulate me on the new restaurant. One thing led to another and guess what.....????? HE'S GOING TO PLAY HERE THIS SATURDAY FROM 630 TO 930 !!!!!!!!!! It seems a great launch for our Saturday Shrim
  9. Please get your dancing shoes ready for Funky Finn's Grand Re-Opening Celebration! Music starts at 8:00pm Friday, July 6th at 8:0pm and the party will continue through Saturday night. All of the details are attached in the advertisement below. We look forward to seeing you Email: funkyfinns@gmail.com Phone: 3317911409 Address: 59 La Paz, San Antonio, 45922
  10. This Thursday we will be offering a Bucket of Beers and a pound of Chicken Wings for $150p from 4:00 - 10:00pm. Come out to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere & great music with friends! Thank you Email: funkyfinns@gmail.com Phone: 3317911409 Address: 59 La Paz, San Antonio Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.
  11. Tuesday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:00, come relax by the lake at POUTINE PLACE, and take a walk down Memory Lane. Listen to the sweet lilting voice and guitar of Lynn Basinger as she plays and sings your old favorites from John Denver, The Beatles, Carol King, James Taylor and lots, lots more. Bring your friends and enjoy the lake view, sing along, or just listen and enjoy. By the Malecon, Ajijic . Lots of available parking!
  12. Everyone reading this post is hereby invited to attend an upcoming event that organizers are calling the "First Annual Ajijic Corn Festival" What: First Annual Ajijic Corn Festival - Guest speakers, Music, Crowning of the Corn Princess and Prince (bilingual presentations encouraged) Where: Ajijic Malecon - Amphitheater When: Saturday, May 20th, 11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Why: In solidarity with the 6th Annual March Against Monsanto The event follows-up on the success of three similar events that took place in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Bring your enthusiasm, your signs of solidarity and a
  13. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW Tuesday, February 7th For Reservations, Please Call Wendy At 376 766-4835 This will be Galen's final show of the season. RESERVATIONS ARE $400- PESOS AND MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE The Torches Will Be Lit, The Wood Fireplace Lighted The Gardens and House Will Be Aglow With Candles 6:00 pm - WELCOME When You Arrive - You Will Be Welcomed With Wine and Wonderful Food. We Are Happy to Announce That Once Again Our Food Will Be Catered by Dos Fuegos Catering Company 7:00 pm - Concert By Candlight with Pianist Galen and his group. 8:30 pm - DESSERTS
  15. Blue Jay Slim & The Blues Machine will be kickin' out the Blues with Special Guest Jimmy Barto at Adelitas on Saturday Jan 7th from 8:30 to 11pm. Call Adelitas for reservations at: 766-0097. Be there or be square!!
  16. I need someone who can edit a few MP3's and put them into a medley of music for the Lip Sink Show. Please contact me ASAP if you can or know of someone who can do this. Many Thanks
  17. "Concerts By Candlelight" will present Pianist GALEN in three performance during the month of December. Tickets are available now for the 13th, 20th, & 27th. Contact Wendy Hamblin at 376 766-4835. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
  18. Our menu ? and music schedule Monday: "Blue Velvet" the big band starting at 6:45 Thursday: " Aloha Rock" with Jimmy Barto, Juan, Chuco and Louis Pavao. Starting at 6:45 **NEW** HAPPY HOUR!!! From 3pm to 5pm DRAFT BEER $15 RUM, TEQUILA, VODKA & GIN (some brands) $25 TRADITIONAL MARGARITA (tall glass) $40 Location: constitución #32 (find the huge penguin ?) From Monday to Saturday From 12 to 10pm
  19. Relocating music studio to Lake Chapala area and are accepting new students. Reply here or email danahags@gmail.com. We will be in contact with you with more information. NOTE: our website is currently under construction!
  20. I'm looking to bring together a small group of guitar players for informal jam sessions. Easy going, no pressure fun while making music together is the goal. All genres welcome, i.e., folk, blues, country, etc. Jamming together will help each of us with timing, rhythm, interplaying with others - things that you can't get while playing by yourself. Bring your quitar, either acoustic or electric and bring your favorite songs to share. I'm sure you will find that there is something we can all learn from each other while having fun in the process. All skill levels from amateur to pro are wel
  21. Arpa and SPA Night We invite you this Saturday 24th of September to enjoy great music and hydrotherapies with thermal mineral water. At 8:00 p.m. with “Arpas Chapala” Band Hydrotherapies: Apple vinegar therapy, Flower therapy, Thalassotherapy and Temazcales (natural steam bath), inhalators. Cost: Hotel guests $140 pesos / visitors $190 pesos Information or reservations: (387) 76-10302 – (387) 76-10222 Bathing suit required – only adults- limited tickets available.
  22. "Have a friend who's a fairly decent trumpet/cornet player and will be in town next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Specializes in Standards, Trad Jazz, and Latin. He would greatly enjoy sitting for one or two songs with local groups, I'd appreciate if anyone would let me know if there are local groups that welcome traveling musicians to sit in for a number or two. Thanks for your kind consideration."
  23. What a thrill it was with to Celebrate Sir Paul McCartney 74th Birthday last Saturday, all that Beatles/Wings/Paul McCartney music. Just awesome will do it again soon . Well guess what, by popular demand (so many friends are not here right now) we will celebrate “Global Beatles Day” this Saturday 25th. So get ready for more of your favorite music. Only at "4".
  24. What a thrill it was with to Celebrate Sir Paul McCartney 74th Birthday last Saturday, all that Beatles/Wings/Paul McCartney music. Just awesome will do it again soon . Well guess what, by popular demand (so many friends are not here right now) we will celebrate “Global Beatles Day” this Saturday 25th. So get ready for more of your favorite music. Only at "4".
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