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Found 13 results

  1. TotalPlay is an existing ISP from elsewhere but finally arrived in Ajijic in May 2021 -- TotalPlay is known as Mexico's fastest ISP. FTTH -- optical fiber to the home. Symmetric options available! I did my research and it looked pretty good: Netflix Speed Rankings -- TotalPlay is fastest Statistica -- TotalPlay is fastest So I was convinced to order it. Here in Ajijic near Six Corners, 5 minute walk of Centro, where Telmex fiber does not exist. I got the cheapest symmetric plan for now, but can be instantly upgraded to 500 megabits in minutes. Initially 40/4Mbps download/upload, I WhatsApped them and they instantly upgraded my upstream to symmetric 40/40 -- so clearly they have the capability of instant remote-controlled speed upgrades! EDIT: I decided to test-drive 500 megabit for a month, here's my current speed (500 megabit download, 500 megabit upload). TotalPlay installed my optical fiber line yesterday to Ajijic near Six Corners (where Telmex fiber is not available) There was a phone number on the TotalPlay brochure delivered to my address. I took a chance to WhatsApp that number, since it's easier for me to use translator on WhatsApp. Got a very fast response for my request of Ajijic fiber option. Then, I had some questions answered for TotalPlay Ajijic, which I will relay. Current install time is relatively fast this month About one week in June 2021, as demand is picking up. Some people got same-day installs, others needed a few days, TotalPlay told me there is an uptick in demand from Ajijic. No contract 100% fiber optic (fiber to the home). Service is targetted to work-from-home people. (Both ILox and TotalPlay seem to use business angle to get around Telmex resdiential monopoly?) Prices for each download/upload speed: 559 pesos/month for 40/4 megabit fiber 779 pesos/month for 100/10 megabit fiber 1049 pesos/month for 200/20 megabit fiber 1799 pesos/month for 500/50 megabit fiber Includes Telephone Lines Unlimited Canada/US long distance to both landlines and cellphones Add TV for 170 pesos extra +Add 170 pesos to get TV and telephone included Symmetrical speed upgrade option (upload = download) By default, upload speed is set to 10% of download speed. There is a symmetrical boost option where you can make uploads as fast as download: +250 pesos for 40/40 symmetrical +500 pesos for 100/100, 200/200 or 500/500 symmetrical Example: 1799 + 500 = fastest half gigabit symmetrical fiber Temporarily boost upload speed on demand You can temporarily boost upload speed for only 2 day, 7 day or 1 month +25 pesos for temporary 2-day symmetrical 40/40 +50 pesos for temporary 2-day symmetrical 100/100, 200/200 or 500/500 +80 pesos for temporary 7-day symmetrical 40/40 +165 pesos for temporary 7-day symmetrical 100/100, 200/200 or 500/500 This can be good when you know you want to make big upload surge where you would like to upload 10x faster. (e.g. send gigabytes faster to Dropbox, OneDrive, YouTube, iCloud, Google Drive, etc) Microsoft Office and Cloud storage included on 200 megabit and up The 200 megabit and up options include a bunch of business options including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 (including 1 terabyte OneDrive). Good if you want to store lots of photos too. Speed upgrades are instantaneous. They just press a button on their end. They can instantly upgrade your connection over the phone or via WhatsApp (via Google Translate) I was able to upgrade instantly via WhatsApp (see below) I was offered a promotion where I could get double download speed (80/8) but I preferred symmetric speed (40/40) so I got that instead. Speed changes are instantaneous (at least easier than Telmex), though you have to wait 3 months between download speed changes. This is fine for snowbirds, you can pay 559/mo when away from your Mexico residence, and then throttle the speed back up when coming back. No speed change fee. I checked reviews, Totalplay has fairly good reviews in the Guadalajara region. The fiber line of Totalplay comes from Guadalajara. You will need an RFC number handy (temporal resident, Mexico Resident, etc). But even if you are not yet a temporal, you can have a friend who often stays with you take the bill name for now even if it's your own VISA card of your name. Much better than both TelMex and ILOX!
  2. Does anyone have any experience using Sky for your internet? Quality and reliability? Thanks
  3. i need an expert to help me connect extenders in my home. Any suggestions would be welcome. You can call 331-746-1288 or email me at jbrickman@mac.com/
  4. Gents/Ladies, A moment of your time if I may........ I really like a house there(Chula Vista Country Club), but it's high up, surrounded by trees etc I require a fast(getting 40megs from here in Chapala currently, but obviously I don't expect that speed, although I'm hearing La Floresta may be getting or already have fibre optic cables-hmm the internet wasn't great when we lived there) and reliable internet -likely with Telmex & Wizz(used to be telecable). Appreciate any info from residents there or friends of, re internet. Many Thanks, JJ ......Lakeside resident for 10 years ************************************************************************************************************************** Un momento de su tiempo si puedo........ Realmente me gusta una casa allí (Chula Vista Country Club), pero es alto, rodeado de árboles, etc Necesito un rápido (conseguir 40megs de aquí en Chapala actualmente, pero obviamente no espero esa velocidad, aunque estoy escuchando La Floresta puede estar recibiendo o ya tienen cables de fibra óptica-hmm Internet no era genial cuando vivíamos allí) y Internet confiable -probablemente con Telmex & Wizz (utilizado para ser telecable). Apreciar cualquier información de los residentes allí o amigo JJ ... Residente de Lakeside por 10 años
  5. From what little I understand, adding lots of new subscribers does not degrade DSL (as each subscriber has separate, physical wires to the telco), but will degrade cable internet (which has a shared circuit). What about fiber optic?
  6. Anyone using sky satellite for internet? If so, does it work as advertised in terms of speed and reliability?
  7. My sister arrived here in September and had Telecable installed on Santa Isabela, Riberas. She has had problems with them but when she left everything was working. She has since gone home. We arrived on Tuesday and we have no internet. I assumed that the modem had died because there is not indication it has power. No lights etc. I went to Telecable on Tuesday and they told me they created a work order and they would be around some time this week. Needing Internet my wife went there today and was told oh no we are not sending someone around. The Internet is being worked on and will be fixed soon. My wife said but the modem is dead, no power. They said no no when Internet back modem will work. My question is this. Hitron CVE-30360. Are there any lights that come on when this modem is plugged in? The electric socket is working. Thanks in advance. I need to know whether they are correct about the modem or whether I need to visit them again with the modem and prove it has no power.
  8. Has anyone tried the wireless internet from ATT yet? They ask that you buy the modem for $1750 MN or lease it for $49 MN per month. The service is $350 MN per month for 10 mbs. The also offer a 5 mbs. This is tempting in some areas where Telmex can not deliver 10 mbs. Has anyone tried it and what is your experience?
  9. Anyone interested in faster internet in Rancho del Oro / Villanova? For 300,000 pesos one time contribution split among the residents, Telmex says they'd do a Fiber/VDSL upgrade which would give much faster speeds, 10-50 mB, If we could find 100 residents interested in paying $3000 pesos one time each, with no change in Telmex monthly rate, we could get Rancho del Oro and Villa Nova upgraded. Message me if interested and I'll add you to the list...So far I have 11 people. Telmex mostly uses ADSL2+ service now whose speed drops with distance from the central office. This link explains. http://www.increasebroadbandspeed.co.uk/2012/graph-ADSL-speed-versus-distance . Your router stats will also tell you the maximum distance attainable...For those of us in Rancho del Oro / Villa Nova, we're getting about 5/6Mpbs down, which is the max of about 3km, but we're really only 2km...With good cable, should be able to get 10 or more. So either the cable is lossy and old, or Telmex is throttling it back. When the distance gets too far, Telmex runs fiber to a neighborhood box and high speed VDSL from there. VDSL works best up to about 1km. This is why places like Riberas and Raquet Club have faster service than places like Rancho del Oro on the distance limit. Rancho del Oro / Villa Nova are not on the list to be upgraded anytime soon, because other areas are priority. Tom Kessler Rio Bravo Rancho del Oro Cel. 33-31071859
  10. Hi All, This won't be news to those of you that have Telecable, but if you don't, avoid it. They have - in their own words - totally oversubscribed the service for the equipment they have at Lakeside. Basically, they have too many customers for the system they have. Their method of dealing with it is simple - they simply dump you offline when the network gets overloaded. This makes it almost impossible to stream anything and Skype calls get dropped as well. I know the technicians - who are happy to "fix" it for a fee - a fix that does not work, so don't call them (good luck with that too) unless you have no service at all. According to them, the fix mean buying a new and expensive piece of equipment to handle more connections and a better link to GDL - this costs money, so... nope. While I was paying my bill yesterday, they told me all this while at the same time they had a lady sitting there just ready to sign up new subscribers. So, they give zero "f__ks" about you. Try calling them - ask for sales - it goes right thru and you get a helpful person to sign you up and take your money - then call tech support and go into the black hole of waiting forever - they frequently just disconnect you. I don't have a choice, but you do and unfortunately, it's not good - Telmex is slow and even slower to fix problems. Good luck out there! Sysy
  11. We're currently with Telecable and Telmex in Chapala, Las Redes. Telecable offers higher speed but is more unreliable than Telmex. We require high speed and unlimited data. Are there any other internet provider options that anyone can recommend?
  12. Hi Listeros, I am moving to Lakeside and need really good internet.I am an online professor and it is not unusual to have 60 students online around the world for a simultaneous webinar. Are there areas of Lakeside where I should NOT consider renting at all as the service is so bad. I can be conducting these webinars any time of the day so that is not an issue. I think everyone is recommending Telmex as the provider. I used them in San Miguel de Allende and service was pretty good. Many thanks in advance Hoolia
  13. Hi Everyone I tried a search but didn't see anything so I'm posting a new question. We're new to the area and apparently like some of you, we're having a bit of a problem with the internet. The house we're renting uses Telmex with download speeds around 4.5 mbps and upload speeds of less than 1 mbps. This is OK for regular use and our Netflix is streaming fine but I'm still working and I need higher speeds for video conferencing. The property manager however, has advised this is the best available. We had this problem last year in Colima but I was able to use a cell-based internet hotspot. Does anyone have experience with this here in Ajijic/Chapala and if so, which carrier are you using and at what speed? Thanks very much Dale in Ajijic
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