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Found 6 results

  1. Have never used GDL before, and have two questions regarding the INM (immigration) office/desk at Guadalajara airport. My wife and I are Residente Permanente and need to get stamped FMM forms before departure. Two quesitons: 1) Where is the INM office/desk located? 2) Is open 24 hrs? We have a 6:30 flight so we will be arriving by 4:30 am and wondering if we are going to have any difficulties getting our exit FMM forms. Thanks,
  2. Sample for Canje (Visa from consulate you swap for card in Mexico) The yellow is where they should fill in the box for Canje and give you 30 days
  3. I am working on gathering statistical information and made a request to immigration to get information on how many total immigration files they work on per year at the local Chapala office and of that number how many are for Americans, here are the results: Year / Total / Americans 2012 / 5,634 / 3,498 (62.1%) 2013 / 5,147 / 3,214 (62.4%) 2014 / 2,775 / 1,779 (64.1%) 2015 / 2,428 / 1,631 (67.2%) 2016 / 2,250 / 1,534 (68.2%) 2016 Resident Data (Cards issued in all Jalisco, not just Chapala) Residentes Temporales: 7,962 Residentes Permanentes: 2,897 Also have bee
  4. Regularization (Amnesty) Program for people illegally in Mexico for 2017 On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 the amnesty program of 2015 will be brought back for the year 2017 and will apply from January 9, 2017 until December 19, 2017. The first publication about the program was made in the Daily Federal Register on January 12, 2015 and lasted until December 18, 2015. We saw how the National Immigration Institute applied the prior amnesty law so we now know their slight nuances as compared to the text of the law published. This program mentions nothing about paying fines nor having
  5. Owe back child support? You will not be able to leave Mexico! Today in the Official Federal Register (DOF) Mexico published amendments to article 48 of the Federal Immigration Law adding an additional section VI. http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5433963&fecha=21/04/2016 Article 48 states that "The exit of Mexicans and foreigners from the national territory may be freely done except in the following cases:" The newly added section VI states: "People that owe child support and who have not complied with their obligations imposed under ci
  6. Need to renew, possibly change immigration status. Have dealt with 2 individiuals in past & had issues. First one was outright dishonest, pulled a scam to extract extra $, saying Aduana claimed I was lacking something (that I couldn't possibly have gotten into the country without!) & would have to pay for it again or wouldn't get processed. Unfortunately, she played the exact same scam on me 2 years running, so was fired. Then went to another, but very difficult to get a straight answer, lots of stalls, runaround, very vague replies that come too late or not at all- incredibly frustrat
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