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Found 7 results

  1. The first two home tours are sold out! Great for the children at The School for Special Needs. Don't wait, though. Get your tickets for the rest of the Home Tours soon. All the tours sell out quickly.
  2. The children and staff of the School for Special Children want to thank you all for your continual support. Although the January Home Tour is sold out, there are still tickets available for February, March, and April. Join us for the fun, beautiful, and idea packed tours. Plus we hope to see you at our booth at the Chili Cook-Off.
  3. It's that time again. Due to the generosity of many home owners, The School for Special Children is able to again offer a season of great tours. Each month, ticket holders are treated to checking out the beauty and uniqueness of four homes. When you buy a ticket, you help pay for the lunch that everyone receives at The School for Special Children. The lunch program (food and staff) is covered by the Home Tours fundraiser. This allows the 100 children and the staff to have a mid-day healthy meal. It also means that all the children are given informal lessons on manners, cooperation, and co
  4. If you need a little Christmas cheer ... want some holiday fun ... need to remember why you support charities, watch The School for Special Children's slideshow. By supporting Behind the Walls, Home Tours, Casi Nuevo, The Auction Fashion Show, and the Chili Cook-off you continue to allow these special children to have a great educational program. The staff and children thank all who have supported them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt6CjMtwQRQ
  5. Thanks to all who made the November Home Tour so successful. We really do appreciate those who let everyone visit their homes and gardens. Such a great thing to do for the children in The School for Special Children in Jocotepec! And a shout out to the drivers and guides. Great job. The December Home Tour is sold out. But there are four more to come in 2017. Make sure to pick up your tickets soon.
  6. It's time to reserve your spot for the Home Tours. These are very popular and lots of fun. Tickets are now available at Diane Pearl on Ocampo and Charter Club Tours at Plaza Montana. Dates are: Nov. 17 Dec. 15 Special Christmas Tour ( this one starts at 4:30 and meets at pier at 4.:15) Jan. 26 Feb. 23 March 23 April 20 All regular tours begin by meeting at the pier at 10:15 and the ticket price of regular tours is 200 pesos. The Christmas Tour's cost is 400 pesos. A season's ticket can be purchased at a discount of 1200 pesos.
  7. Please spread the word. These are wonderful trips to see lovely homes and gardens in the Lake area. It's fun to tour with friends and everyone comes away with great ideas. But even more importantly, the funds raised are for the special education students that attend the terrific school in Jocotepec. Over 90 students, from San Antonio Tlayacapan to the south side of the lake, receive quality educational services at the school. To make this happen, the charity needs to raise considerable funds each year. The Home Tours are a major fund raiser to help the children. So mark your calendars n
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