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Found 7 results

  1. I use a CPAP and it from time-to-time needs replacement parts. Can anyone kindly recommend a store in lakeside or Guadalajara that carries CPAPs or parts? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I am in search of an extremely qualified foot surgeon. I recently had my left foot operated on by a doctor who came highly recommended from a local clinic. The surgery turned out terribly; my metatarsal and great toe do not touch the ground anymore so my balance is severely compromised. Since he came so highly recommended, I am hesitant to put myself in the care of another orthopedic surgeon. I would like to hear from people who have successfully had foot surgery from a competent physician. 1. Does anyone know of Dr. Agustin Toscano Barragán He works out of Hospital Rossete. Avenid
  3. My husband and I are looking to move down hopefully some time around September/October time frame. I would like to come down before hand though and see a back specialist. I have 3 herniated discs that cause me tons of pain. I was hoping someone who has similar problems, could give me some advice about a good doctor in the area along with a contract number. We are looking forward to meeting and making new friends here ?
  4. I did not see a forum for health, but have seen a lot of requests here for pain management and wanted to share this link, given the age and health of a lot of our community here in God's Waiting Room. Spinal-Cord Implants to Numb Pain Emerge as Alternative to Pills
  5. This forum is for any question about Infectology and Epidemiology, also I Will post important news about Infectious Disieases in Guadalajara and Lake Chapala Area
  6. Does anyone know of a service lakeside that will respond to a pendant or wrist button? In the U.S. there is "Life Lock" where a single older person can wear something that allows him or her to seek immediate help if he cannot get to his phones, such as if he takes a fall, has a heart attack, or some other medical emergency, by pressing the button on the pendant or wrist. Is such a service available here?
  7. OK guys.... I just had my gallbladder removed and had it done through the Mexican Seguro Poplular system. If you have any questions I can answer about the process and paperwork etc., I will be happy to try and answer. Have a fabulous day.
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