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Found 2 results

  1. Well, I've read through a couple more topics and both were closed due to the sniping of bitter members. Have we any people here lakeside who are into seeing the GOOD things in a situation, who ENJOY choosing to be happy & create their own reality? I'm talking plain old good-naturedness, good sense of humor (not at the expense of others). If so, let's get together! Negativity never did get nothing done, right? For starters, I'd like to invite @Justathought, @thegogulskis, @Upfront, & @El Menudo. You folks are welcome to my campfire anytime! I have enjoyed reading your posts & would have participated in the discussion, but it wound up being closed due to the curmudgeons/snipes. Anybody in for a good dose of simple appreciation, love, good vibes & UPLIFTING sharing of ideas and/or banter? Dress: casual - YOUR definition of that word Attitude: positive Bring: the wealth that is inside yer heads Date/Time: as you like it (Kinda Shakespearean, that last, eh? Or, Baconian, depending on your view.) To start off... I have been wanting natural milk straight from the cow, not pasteurized, no hormones, nada - just al natural... I don't have a car & just moved to a new neighborhood. I am so HAPPY to find out I can bring my glass jar to the corner restaurant & she'll have them come by & fill me up. When I'm getting low, I just bring her another jar. AweSOME! I will have healthy yogurt & cheeses now! And better kefir. I'm doing my little arthritic happy dance around my upstairs living room. It is so NICE to have real milk in my coffee and to find it so convenient to me! Woo-hoo! Stupid, ya say? Maybe. To you, negative person peeking in here... Oh, yeah. Caught you! Busted! (You knew you'd hate this thread, why did you click? Just can't resist a chance to throw &*#@ on one more person before you log off?) Whatever... Won't affect my good mood. But I cannot digest UHT-pasteurized milk and it seems stupid to me to drink such a loathsome, dead stuff with its proteins cooked to bits. So I very much APPRECIATE & am GRATEFUL to the Universe for providing this serendipitous little gift for me to find in my new neighborhood. Just another little victory to celebrate. Does anyone else have a pleasantly UPLIFTING story, hint, helpful factoid, funny joke, or whatever to add? Go for it!
  2. Hello from Orlando, Florida! This is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am age 51, and planning to relocate to the Ajijic area in the next year. My goal is to run my small business from there, while enjoying a higher quality of life than I am accustomed to, here in Orlando. In relocation, I hope to make my monthly earnings stretch much further, this while decreasing my stress and improving my overall health. I had thought about relocation for the last year and received coaching this evening from an international travel expert and author whose first recommendation was Ajijic, based on my Top 10 list of wants and needs. I look forward to networking with some of you and finding a mentor who will help make transition to the Ajijic area much easier, based on expectations vs. reality. Have A Great Day! Joe In Orlando, Florida USA
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