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Found 2 results

  1. Help!. I decided to sell my house after 7 years (with permanente ) and was lucky to bypass the agent because a neighbor wanted my house. I did not want a profit just the initial investment even though I put many improvements in the house. The present contract is written with the original price. Went to the notary and suddenly was hit by a huge Capital Gains estimate because the original deed was drawn up in pesos at 13 per dollar and this was with the guidance of a prominent Reat Estate company representing me. Although I had the original buyers statement showing I paid what I was selling the house and the value of the peso at the time, the notary dismissed it and said all I could do was to have a two men come out, one to assess the house and another to make an assessment of improvements to the house by which they take half of what I save in Capital Gains. Although I have quite a few receipts they would not even come to a quarter of what I would pay in Capital Gains which is much more than what I would pay a Realtor even if I had to pay for one. I am thinking of court since the expense has to be much less than the Capital Gains I would be paying. Update: I am permanente and my house has been my only residence for over 5 years.
  2. America´s Got Talent finalist Opera singer Branden James partner up with Aussie Chelist James Clark to create a powerful duo Branden & James. This duo will melt your hearts with beautiful song and music. By majority request they are back for 3 nights only and 1 matinee. Get your tickets on advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Pop Goes The World with Eric Michael Krop. This singer extraordinaire moves through a selection of Pop song as only he can deliver. The range of his voice is amazing, and the charm is sincere. Two nights only don´t miss this great opportunity Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm . Celebrating her 3rd Album release There's Magic Here, Stacey Joy celebrated with her first San Miguel de Allende Concert in December. She is taking us Memory Lane with a Tribute to Joni Mitchell for One Night Only on January 18th. Tickets with Mark Rome at 331 845 1523 or Box Office Monday to Friday from 2 till 5pm The Spotlight Club is located in Indepencia 159, San Antonio Tlayacapan. next to Absolute Fenix Real Estate Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3TYDaeR4fNA2
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