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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to invite all of you to try our DUSTY CHICKEN, where we offer Real Barbecue Grilled Chicken, Jamaican Jerk chicken( first ones to offer Jamaican jerk in lakeside!) and Mexican Charcoal Grilled Chicken . We have Mashed Potatoes, Caribbean Green Rice, Island Potato Salad, Mexican Vegetable Salad, Corn on the Cob, Mexican Red Rice, Grilled Potatoes, Grilled Onions, Mexican Coleslaw, and Chiles all fresh and available. Chicken to Go (Riberas) or Free Delivery (at lakeside). We have a great team of locals, our Chef Ceci used to work the kitchen of Vita Bella restaurant, so believe we offer delicious food quality! This new place is keeping people employed during this COVID-19 situation, we use all hygiene measures given by the goverment. Orders at 333-953-8620 (English) or 331-990-3301 (Spanish). Dusty Chicken Chapala
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a good fresh uncooked chicken?
  3. It's consistently good, not exceptional. Easy for me to get to on foot (no crossing of the carretera necessary). Their guacamole is pretty good (I'd prefer chunkier, but it's always fresh tasting); love the nopal salad (not icky gummy like some we've had). They have papas fritas (have never tried) and also a goopy cheezy potato side (tried it but too heavy for us). I think they have rice, too, but we don't do many carbs. Chicken purchase includes tortillas, salsa and chips. A few nice 'n hot jalapenos from the grill, too. We also like Dusty Chicken (for the smokiest chicken) and El Pechugon (for the plumpest chicken when I'm breaking it down to make enchiladas or soup). Pollo Feliz is almost a combination of the two....decent grill flavor (they use real charcoal) and the 3 birds we've had have been tender though not huge. Service is mixed. I have noticed this at other Mexican take-away joints, too: If the restaurant is jammed, the service is usually fast. If you're the only person at the counter, it can be slow. Go figure. Pricing: whole chicken (eight pieces), side of guac, side of ensalada nopal = 170 pesos.
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