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Found 14 results

  1. Considering having a raspberry wine tasting for bingo players. Who makes raspberry wine lakeside, want to contact them Would like to buy some of their raspberry wine or have them put on a raspberry wine tasting/ also suggestions an what cheese would go best with raspberry wine and where to buy it. wayne 766 1860
  2. For all Bingolago players Raspberry Wine Tasting for bingo players TUESDAY OCT 10 2017 1PM Maria Isabel Restaurant DONATION FOR BINGO 200 PESOS FOR 10 GAMES Included in the free tasting for bingo players, ROJO FRAMBUESA, A sample taste of raspberry wine in a wine glass and on a plate a chocolate raspberry truffle, cheese to go with the wine, a few fresh raspberries. It’s a special treat for Bingolago players. Please bring a friend and get an extra bingo package with purchase. If it’s your birthday month get an extra one time bingo package with purchase. Donate a prize and get an extra bingo package with purchase. Raspberries are in season now and the wine is made locally in San Christobal Zapolitlan, Jocotepec. I asked SAUL POLINO to bring at least 10 extra bottles of raspberry wine to be on sale for 175 pesos each. Please tell others about this event. Thank you all for supporting the kids at Have hammers Carpentry School Wayne
  3. I new idea Tequila tasting for bingo players 12 30 PM TO 1 30 PM AND AT 15 MINUTES BREAK. FREE TO BINGOLAGO PLAYERS TUESDAY AUG 22 2017. Maria Isabel Restaurant, AJIJIC * OLD POSADA, BOTTOM OF COLON BINGO CARDS GO ON SALE 1 PM BINGO STARTS 1 30 PM. DONATION 200 PESOS FOR 10 GAMES. WIN PRIZES AND TEQUILA All proceeds go to support the students at Have Hammers carpentry school. if you have a product you would life the bingolago players to taste, please contact us at bingolago at aol .com if the future we will have chocolate tasting, gourmet beer tasting etc, we are open to ideas to make our bingo more fun PROBABLY ABOUT ONCE A MONTH. its all about he kids
  4. This Tuesday at the bingo at Maria Isabel Restaurant bingo cards go on sale 1pm bingo starts 1.30pm BINGO BLACKOUT PRIZE 4 DAYS IN MANZANILLO CONDO, Some will win it this Tuesday . guaranteed winner we do this 4 times a year. give 4 days away in Manzanillo. Have Hammers carpentry school helping Mexican youth learn life skills through carpentry and woodworking. 200 peso donation for a bingo package of ten games. 8 games regular, two Mexican bingo LOTERIA check out our facebook page bingolago\facebook
  5. Bingo cards go on sale 1pm bingo starts 1 30PM Have Hammers carpentry school teaching mexico youth life skills through carpentry and woodworking special blackout bingo under 59 calls win a 4 day stay in a condo in Manzanillo Maria Isabel restaurant, old posada bottom of colon, left of malecon
  7. Have Hammers carpentry school bingo fundraiser every Tuesday 1pm is having its one year anniversary May 2 2017 . we need more bingo prizes as we will having more persons winning on May 2 2017 Will be giving out many bingo and door prizes, so we will have many winners that day. we need prizes such jigsaw puzzles,, mystery dinner games, Talavera pottery, crosses etc. if you have acrylic paintings or water color painting we can frame. example ken Gosh is donating some watercolors, asked us not to gave them away, but have put on sale and can be purchased with bingo points. KEN GOSH paintings once framed sell for 1200 to 2500 pesos we will frame youR watercolors to make them more attractive. Nice Jewelry , if jewelry not in perfect condition we can get it repaired and cleaned board games scrabble, chess sets etc or anything other things you donate that you think would be a good prize for a bingo player. we have bingo blackout prize every week where we always give a prize away that over 1000 pesos. if you want to donate an item that very valuable we could use as a blackout prize, WE USUALLY USE PAINTINGS OVER 1000 PESOS AS BLACKOUT PRIZES thank you for helping the kids Please drop off prizes next Tuesday the 25th at the bingo at maria Isabel restaurant 12 30 to 3pm or at the school in Riberas or i can come and pickup. wayne
  8. Two volunteers needed Have Hammers Will Travel A.C. Bingo every Tuesday 1pm Maria Isabel restaurant, old posada for the summer. Help needed with setting prizes up for display on the bingo prizes table about 12 PM. Help needed validating winner’s bingo cards, calling numbers to be verified, Maybe some help with 50/50 raffle if you want to. Help putting prizes left over back in boxes for next week. About 2:30 3 pm Help keeping the happy environment that has been created over the last year, always doing the right thing for bingo winners. Even when 5 people win the same bingo, everyone wins a minimum of 200 bingo points. If one winner its 400 points. Explaining to new bingo players how bingo works, they can cash in points for meals at Maria Isabel restaurant, for prizes on the table, for woodworking projects at the Have Hammers Carpentry School also can turn in points at Todo Bueno resale shop, in Riberas. Its easy and fun to volunteer, several current volunteers will be traveing this summer Stop by and visit us on a Tuesday or email bingolago@aol.com Wayne and bingo volunteers
  9. May 2nd 2017 win a 4 day stay in a condo, Manzanillo, Mexico. between June 2nd and SEPT 29TH thank you all for supporting the kids. Cards go on sale 1 PM, bingo starts 1 30PM Its our 1 year anniversary , MANY DOOR PRIZES TO BE GIVEN OUT.
  10. The current 4 days in a Manzanillo condo that has been donated will be won on Tuesday May 2 2017, at our 1 year anniversary Bingo fundraiser, at Maria Isabel restaurant, Value about 7000 pesos. Somebody on May 2nd will win a 4 day stay in the condo between June 2nd and Sept 29th. We will need another 4 day Stay or longer in condo between June 2st and Sept 29th. To give away as a progressive bingo black out prize this summer. If you could donate a 4 days or more, during the winter that would even be better. Please donate a stay in your empty condo during the slow season as a bingo prize. We have great prizes at the bingo every Tuesday 1PM Maria Isabel restaurant. Please if you have a week in your condo. Please PM me, the maid and electricity will be paid for. We need other bingo prize donations for May 2nd 2017 1ST Year anniversary fundraiser, If you have any painting, jewelry, masks, pottery, etc, you would like to donate to Have Hammer will Travel A.C, bingo PM me. or call 766-1860 can pick up. The couple who won the condo stay in Manzanillo last summer, said it was great, the air conditioner worked well at night, see bingolago facebook HAVE HAMMER WILL TRAVEL CARPENTRY SCHOOL TEACHING MEXICAN YOUTH VALUABLE LIFE SKILLS THROUGH WOODWORKING AND CARPENTRY
  11. Hi All Bingolago players: Tomorrow Tuesday FeB 14 2017 we will have 15 door prizes all handmade items from Tepehau treasures, all handmade by the woman of Tepehau community on the hill in Chapala. SPECIAL VALENTINES DAY DOOR PRIZE SPECIAL The Have Hammers bingo is helping the ladies of Tepehau by buying their handmade items. One charity helping another. we will also have many items a made by the ladies of Tepehau on the table to buy with points. thank you all for supporting the kids Bingo every Tuesday 1pm cards go on sale bingo starts 1:30pm Maria Isabel restaurant, ( old posada) in 40th week in Ajijic at bottom of colon on the left wayne
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