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Found 3 results

  1. This weekend there was a large mobile cart at the corner of Colon and Independencia advertising crepes. Yesterday I stopped and got their basic sugar crepe. The young woman made it on a genuine cast iron crepe maker (as opposed to using a pan). She handed me the folded crepe inside of a nice little cardboard pocket seemingly designed for the crepe. I was impressed with the taste, texture of the crepe as well as the upscale-ish serving container. It was 24p. They had a small menu with a few fruit filled crepes and a few savory ones. There was a sign also advertising Belgium waffles. Just now, I walked past that area and there are signs up announcing the opening of La Vie En Rose #2 at .... Independencia #2. It opens later this week. Their FB poster says breads, macaroons, crepes, etc. FB link is: https://www.facebook.com/pateleriafrancesaisabelleetfrederic/
  2. Stopped in yesterday for the first time...won't be our last. Wonderful black olive and thyme bread (Halland)....huge loaf at fair price. Here is link to their breads and prices. They also serve sandwiches, pate' and paninis which we will try on on our next visit. Note: their website location map shows them in Ajijic at their former location; they are currently located in Laguna Mall. http://www.peterpanaderia.com/bread/
  3. We stopped in this very nice coffee place after hearing good things. It's easy to find. As you head into Chapala from Ajijic, go straight through the light and it will be an attractive yellow building on your right on a corner. (1 or 2 blocks) It's called Historica Buenos Ayres Panaderia Argentina. They are open 8am to 2pm and closed on Sundays. The address is Morelos 152 and the phone number is 376-765-2504. They have another store in Guadalajara. (I took one of their cards) We took a long walk into Chapala from Riberas and this was the perfect resting place. We both had a perfect frappuccino topped with whipped cream and served in a tall glass. It wasn't too sweet. We also had their last baked item which they heated up and served to us. This was worth the long walk!
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