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Found 1 result

  1. This is the current status of Anita’s Animals. Anita’s Animals is in the process of closing and finding homes for the dogs and cats that are there now. The people who have SOLE LEGAL RIGHT for all activities involving the shelter are: Edelweiss Padilla, daughter of Anita and Doris Bitterci , who has legal power of attorney given to her from Anita to act on her behalf. Prior to Anita’s departure to Germany, a young woman named Tulu was placed in the shelter ‘ manager ‘ position, and also stayed there over-night. She also went to the Wednesday tianguis and you might have met her there in the weeks she was there with Anita and then with Jackie K. a long time Anita volunteer. During this brief time, Anita contacted her daughter and said that she will not be returning to Mexico, for personal / health reasons. Meanwhile Edelweiss had a meeting with some ex-pats , mostly new to the community, to discuss possible help at the shelter. They had a meeting on June 6th 2017 . The statement made by this group was: [ the ] PURPOSE: To Meet Immediate Needs of Anita’s Animals, while future plans are put in place. This TRANSITION TEAM consisted of : Chairman - Cindi Martin, Co-Chairman - Toni Miller , Treasurer - Jan / Janice Raschko and Out-Reach - Linda O’Brien . Part of the topics discussed during that meeting included: For the next month, things will remain status quo , while new measures are evaluated and put in place by the transition team. Also having fund-raisers and in next month, have “fill-a-bag sale at Anita’s to get rid of clothing”. Donate leftovers. The Transition Team made an offer to buy the property / shelter, but no agreement was reached. During the last three weeks , since that June 6ht meeting saying things would remain status quo for the next month - all clothing, hardbound and paperback books, music CDs, movie DVDs was ‘disposed’ of in various ways, during a ‘clean up’ project by the Transition Team. So there is no more tianguis , where these items had been sold for many years. Ms. Bitterci , the legal representative of Anita, received an e-mail dated June 25, 2017 from Janice Raschko that stated: [ “we” being the Transition Team ] : We will not however be purchasing the property, attending the Tianguis, cleaning up the property or raising funds for Anita's shelter. It will once again become your responsibility. Toni, Linda, Cindi and I want to thank you both for helping us during the transition time, but please do not involve us any further with the complicated administration of Anita’s. We wish you the best for a bright future of the shelter. Any donations for Anita’s animals should be given directly to Doris or Edelweiss, not through a second party . Donations of dog food, cat food and kitty litter would still be appreciated until all of the cats/ dogs have found a new home, however long that takes. So as of June 25th, the Transition Team has removed themselves from any and all the activities of Anita’s Animals , unless given [ specific ] permission by Edelweiss and / or Doris. The task before Edelweiss and Doris, AND with the help of the community I hope, is that homes will be found for the dogs and cats at the shelter. The animals will remain at the shelter ‘open’ until a placement has been found for each animal. However, no new animals will be accepted. I wish to thank the community on behalf of Anita for the many years that you supported her cat and dog rescue work. She was a ‘landmark’ in this community and will be missed. “Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.” Alfred A. Montapert
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