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  1. Ajijic Open Circle #347 2018.09.09 Al Lopez, Mental Mechanics Fast Track to Much Greater Mental Clarity Good day everyone, Here is the video of last Sundays Open Circle performance. I hope you all enjoy it. For my channel HERE To subscribe HERE For all of my videos HERE For old Open Circle episodes videoed by Roy (adding one a day until they are all up) HERE For new Open Circle episodes starting July 29th 2018 (and newer)(adding one a week) HERE
  2. Hi all, a friend of mine is an investment/money advisor in Florida. The bank that Ms. Vollmer had some of her accounts in, has not heard from her for a very very long time. She lived here in Ajijic, and would be about 92 years old. They called her old local number but were told she no longer lived there. Someone mentioned that they thought she had gone into a nursing home, but that’s not confirmed. There is an address in Atlantic Beach, Florida, but no telephone number associated. So, if anyone knows what has happened to Jacqueline Vollmer I’d be grateful if you could let me know.
  3. I upgraded my Telmex account here in upper Ajijic to the $499 plan from the $389 per month plan, mostly because unlimited long distance calls were no longer available in the $389 package. I entered my modem and saw that the maximum download speed allowed had increased from 12.66 to 18.942 and my max upload speed went from 0.667 to 0.764. They told me that I should not expect much of any speed increase but that I would have unlimited local and long distance calls like one used to have in the $389 package. I was shocked when I did the latest speed test. Gosh over 16 down instead of almost
  4. My husband, 10 year old son and I are moving to Ajijic area for a year. I visited both Loyola and TerraNova primary schools and am leaning toward enrolling our son into TerraNova. He is very creative, is Mexican, speaks English almost fluently and will be in 4th grade. I would appreciate hearing about experiences other parents have with those schools. Differences? The English teacher at TerraNova was excellent. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a contractor to do a new construction pool in Ajijic
  6. Learn Spanish in Ajijic. Communicative approach. Small groups (2-4 students) and one to one. Teacher Norma González (since 1991) Master in teaching Spanish. Starting classes April 2nd.and 9th. Free placement test at Donas Donuts, April 4th, 5th and 6th at 5 pm. Please, call me to set an appointment. Cellphone 3313822931
  7. Looking for an English speaking gardener to take care of a property in Chula Vista three days a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). For 2 or 3 hours a day. Projects will include cutting the grass, watering the plants, weeding the gardens and general upkeep. Please contact me via email to set up a time to meet and see the property. jtcosker@gmail.com
  8. A Mexican friend found a cat this morning in downtown Ajijic, near the church. He/she has a rabies vaccine tag dated 2016 from The Hampstead Animal Hospital, in Hampstead, New Hampshire. http://www.hampsteadanimalhospital.com/ I've contacted the clinic, and by law, they cannot give me the client's name. The clinic did say that they only have a local number for the owner. and will continue to try to contact them from their end. I believe that the owner is probably snowbirding here on the Lake. If you know this cat or people from New Hampshire in general, please share this information, wi
  9. This Valentine's Day make your reservations with us and enjoy the fine dining that Palé Ajijic has for you. Enjoy our special Valentine's menu: Entrée: -Octopus carpaccio "a la Gallega" -Salmon tartar with mango chutney -White asparagus cream with roasted serrano ham Main dish: -Salmon with mustard and champagne sauce or -Valentine´s day special filet mignon Dessert: -Red wine mousse or -Red velvet GLASS OF WINE OR CHAMPAGNE INCLUDED $550 mxn per person Call us at 3335 7060 84 or email us at paleajijic@gmail.com We accept credit cards and remember to follow
  10. Hello, My name is Roberto Torres and i am student at the German School Guadalajara. At school i have a subject (essay) where i need some information about expats living in Chapala/Ajijic. I have made a survey with some questions about general information and some other questions about living in Chapala/Ajijic. This is the link: https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/X2XD2DT I would be very grateful if someone could help me answering the survey and send it to friends/relatives who live in Chapala/Ajijic (even seasonally) I look forward to receive many answers from the
  11. This weekend there was a large mobile cart at the corner of Colon and Independencia advertising crepes. Yesterday I stopped and got their basic sugar crepe. The young woman made it on a genuine cast iron crepe maker (as opposed to using a pan). She handed me the folded crepe inside of a nice little cardboard pocket seemingly designed for the crepe. I was impressed with the taste, texture of the crepe as well as the upscale-ish serving container. It was 24p. They had a small menu with a few fruit filled crepes and a few savory ones. There was a sign also advertising Belgium waffles.
  12. Does anyone know of a clock repairman in this area? Guadalajara? It seems center of one of the cogs finally wore itself into where it attached to the frame. It is a Seth Thomas and belonged my grandparents. Would really like to get it going again. I used the guy in Chapala several years ago near the bus station but have found out that he died.
  13. Goat milk ice cream at Helados Bok ice cream store in Ajijic. Smooth, creamy and the chocolate amargo is the darkest chocolate I've had in Mexico. So good it will make your heart bleat with joy On Colon in Ajijic, opposite the plaza, just north of the two TelCel outlets. You can get cones, cups or half liters (a pint mas o menos). I got a 1/2 liter with tequila on the bottom, dark chocolate for top layer. 70p. Here is their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/heladosbok/ Flavors available today were: Tequila Dark Chocolate Vanilla Coconut-Almond
  14. We are arriving in Ajijic late January early February for a two month stay and artist workshop. We are retired non smoking teachers from California and are familiar with Ajijic and environs, I taught at the American School in Guadalajara a few years ago. What we would like is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom close-in apartment or house with garden , sunny, and would love availability to a swimming pool. The rental time would be 2 to 2 1/2 months starting late January to first of April 2018. Would consider house swap. We have and 2 bd, 2 bath with large artist studio , hot tub and Tandem Kayak, in Camb
  15. Hi All, I made this video when I was in the city of Chapala earlier this year...hope you enjoy!
  16. Hello All, I made this beautiful video back in March...what an awesome area! Absolutely beautiful
  17. It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of long-term Ajijic resident Edwin White earlier this morning. He is survived by his loving wife, Coralie Fruchier-White, his daughters Dominique, Cory and Terry and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Visitation starts today at 1pm, Funeraria Chapala, 376-765-5789 Calle Morelos #179, Chapala Centro. Mass will be today at 4:30 at San Andres Church in Ajijic
  18. A new cake shop with tasty individual cakes and pies. usually open around 4pm....
  19. I'm looking for someone who has a truck and a couple of strong fellas to help move some furniture from my house in Upper Ajijic to the house we're preparing to put on the market to sell in Ajijic, just below Gossip's Restaurant. Hoping someone has found someone like this in the past and can share their contact info. with me. The heavy lifting will be getting the patio set up to the Mirador. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Valerie
  20. I had to go over and see what this place was all about after viewing it from the bus. It is located at Ocampo 3B, 2 doors west of Diane Pearl's at #1 Colon. The exterior of the building has been painted to look like an old fashioned log cabin type hot dog stand. The owner, Daniel spoke english and was eager to talk about his products. no gluten or fillers, only meat and spices. and 20 condiments, not extra. bratwurst, borrego, polish, pollo, pavo, espanol, tradional....french fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings...open 11am to 9pm every day. 766-3807 or 333-662-9990
  21. I'm finally grounded after 10 days of loud music torture here in Chapala. Expo has ended and the 8-12 hours of music from 4pm til 4am or thereabouts is over. This is the same technique the CIA uses to drive people crazy like Panamas Noriega or Wacos David Koresh! Entertainment for 100 or so people that disturbs and denies a decent night sleep to thousands. The noise sweeps over the entire Plaza de Toros Barrio and up the hills. Two or three tuba bands, then a headliner that comes on 11pm or later, usually later. Noise til 2 or 3 AM, then a few drunks left in the stands to mouth off or some kid
  22. Has there ever been a water Taxi service between chapala and Ajijic? Would it make economic sense to have such a service? Pier to Pier service would certainly take the increased hassle of going from one to the other.
  23. I am in hopes that someone on the forum can help my brother and myself find a long term rental. We came to Ajijic a few weeks ago and fell in love with the area. We are back in the states and are getting ready to move there. We need whatever help anyone can give us. We would like to find a 4 or 3 bedroom; 4 or 3 bathroom; single story; clean; prefer views; pool, roomy for us both to have our own space. We will take excellent care of your home. We will have repairs done if necessary on our USD Our budget (no laughing) is no more than $1100.00 USD per month all incl
  24. Hi All! I made this AWESOME Video from when I visited Chapala and Ajijic. What a beautiful area! Hope you guys enjoy!
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