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Found 41 results

  1. If you see a dog on our Website, let us know and we'll try to bring it to Adoption Day for you to meet. CONTACT US
  2. If you see a dog on our Website, let us know and we'll try to bring it to Adoption Day for you to meet. CONTACT US
  3. See a dog on our Website you'd like to meet? Contact us and we'll try to bring it to Adoption Day. CONTACT US
  4. Our first Ranch Dog of the Week was adopted before I could post her information!!! YEAH! So here is another puppy of the week. And if you're careful, she won't chew them, either! CALCETÍN is a feisty, friendly little girl – about 4 months old. She's a purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) mostly black variety. We expect she'll be medium in size when she grows up. Calcetín in Spanish means "sock", her sweet feet tell the story. She'd love to share that story with you, when she becomes your pup! CONTACT US
  5. A medium-sized "Hybrid Hound", Lili came to us after being abandoned by the lake, accompanied by 8 young pups. Her son, Burt, has been adopted, but you STILL HAVE SEVEN lovely "LiliPups" to choose from. Shown are Rayder and Leslie, plus there are 5 other super-cute siblings! Then there's Lili her own self, a real sweetie. Lili is 2 years old, her pups, 4 months. It's hard to choose, but nothing to lose... there's lots of love just waiting for you! CONTACT US
  6. Roses are red, and Violets are Blue, Morena Rose wants to be adopted… by YOU? She's a happy, energetic "bouquet" of a dog. She is medium in size, about a year old, and 100% MSD, "Mexican Street Dog", blond variety. She would love daily exercise and long walking adventures. Found abandoned up on the mountain, Morena Rose could blossom as your companion! CONTACT US
  7. "Ernie" is like the adjective "Earnest" – showing sincerity, diligence, and is hearty, ardent to obtain or do. Our 1-year-old boy is sincerely, diligently, and heartily ardent to obtain a permanent home, and do whatever it takes! Ernie has a sweet, affectionate nature, and is medium in size. Breed mix? "Mexican Hound-ish" CONTACT US
  8. Dear Dovey was abandoned with 8 pups. Her "kids" have since found homes, and now, she wants a chance for love! Dovey is sweet with a placid disposition, about 5 years old and medium in size. She may have a dash of Shar Pei in her DNA... she'd be happy to go to your home... and STAY! CONTACT US
  9. Our Juno is an Alaskan Malamute. He's a fun-spirited fellow, very affectionate and very large! Juno is about 3 years old. We think he was just turned loose to fend for himself. As a Northern Breed working dog, he needs daily walks, and somebody perhaps was "just not up to it". No matter, you don't need a gym, if you adopt JUNO! CONTACT US
  10. Abe has an AMAZING grin, wider than a mile (or in our case, 1.60934 kilometers) and an AMAZING personality. Affection is his favorite thing, as are hugs, kisses and cuddles! Abe is perhaps a Shar Pei and Bull Terrier mix, about 4 years old, medium size. Found abandoned and sad, he's happy now at the Ranch, but Abe would be even HAPPIER to be YOUR dog! CONTACT US
  11. First, me companions, let me clear up a wee bit o' something! PIRATA is a dog of the Spanish Main! Spanish does not switch genders for the word, "pirate", a "pirata" may be a lad or a lass! In this case Pirata is a cuddly, silky coated LAD of 9 months. He may say "bow-bow-wow" instead of "yo-ho-ho", and though medium in size, he may grow some. His kin are unknown! But no matter, ADOPT him and you've found your treasure! CONTACT US
  12. Abandoned with 4 other siblings, this 5-month-old puppy boy we expect will grow to be medium in size. At least we hope he grows into his EARS! Which could mean he will be a really big boy. Toffee is full of puppy energy and would like to offer his sweetness, regardless of his breed, which is anyone's guess. He's too big for a candy dish, but just the right size for your heart and home! CONTACT US
  13. CONTACT US Our Ranch dogs and puppies are all ready to share your home and your heart. Most of our current dogs are on our Website so take a look. Then visit us to see all our dogs and puppies. http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ranchdogs.html
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