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Found 8 results

  1. Our Safari is one sweet little pup. She has really seen more than her fair share of difficulties in her 8 months on this earth. When she was only a few months old, she was abandoned at a dump. Luckily, a devoted rescuer found her and cared for her until we could take her in. At the time she was abandoned, one of her front legs was broken. Our vets attempted to let the leg heal, but it soon became obvious that additional measures needed to be taken. We made the difficult decision to amputate. After surgery Safari went into foster care and her foster mother loved her. She was charmed by Safari’s sweet, gentle spirit and how she quickly adjusted to her new life as a tripod. Now back at The Ranch, Safari is such an easy, lovable pup. She happily greets us each morning and plays with her kennel mates. She only weighs about 30 pounds and we feel she’ll be a medium sized dog. If you’d like to meet this beautiful dog or any of the other nearly 100 dogs at The Ranch, contact us for directions on how to find us.
  2. Oh Simba, you are a beautiful dog! He has the most dramatic brindle markings and the biggest doggy smile! He is a nice largish dog who weighs 45 pounds. He's about 18-months old. He is always happy and full of excitement when it's his time for a walk. He can initially appear to be a little over active in his run, but it's just because he is so happy that it's walk time! Once he's out on leash, he's amazing. Simba came to us last August. We felt that this beautiful dog would be adopted in no time. In fact, he was placed on hold by a rescue in the US, but sadly the adopters weren't able to go through with the adoption. He would do best with an active family. He does fine with other dogs and is gentle enough to be with young kids. Maybe this is just the dog you've been searching for? Contact Us
  3. So our Miss Trudy…..she is an overlooked treasure at The Ranch! She arrived in June as a young pup, but was just a bit shy and introverted and didn’t immediately draw the attention of an adopter or a rescue group. Now that she’s been with us for six months, she’s totally good with people, good with other dogs and just really good in general. She’s ten-months old now so still has a lot of that puppy energy. She would do best with an active family and I am sure she would like her own yard. I’m sure she’d welcome another dog as a playmate as she really loves wrestling with her run mates. She weighs 35 pounds now and probably won’t get much bigger. And really…who could resist those ears! If you’d like to meet her or receive more information on this beauty, please contact us. Contact Us
  4. Ranch Dog of the Month by Syd Sullins August marked the third year that Snow has been in our shelter. We hate to see lovable dogs spend so much of their life with us, but Snow’s story is complicated. When she and her five litter mates were very young, they were found near death in a culvert by a local rescuer. The rescuer has a huge heart and is usually able to help all her dogs learn to trust again, but she didn’t have any luck with this group. Their trauma was severe. They basically acted feral. When they were about six months old, the rescuer asked us to take them as they were just too much for her. We did accept them and it took a while to start to get through to them. But our Ranch hands as usual worked their magic, and one by one they became more socialized and we were able to find adopters for some….but Snow and two of her brothers remain at The Ranch. They are all now wonderful dogs. They might be a bit hesitant with strangers but can’t resist anyone who comes into their run with a leash - they love their walks. Snow especially is a sweet and loving dog. She’s happy to have visitors, does well with other dogs and has perfect manners on leash. But, as often is the case with white dogs, she’s deaf. Also she has a irritable digestive system and does best with grain free food. And for some reason she’s lost many of her teeth. I was fortunate enough to foster her for several weeks to evaluate how she behaved in a home. I loved having her! She did often seek out a room to be by herself to nap. The bathroom was a favorite spot but she also was often very sociable and loved to be near me. She did really well with my other dogs. She immediately figured out house training, although she did best if she was kenneled at night. So Snow comes with a little baggage, but most of us carry some as well. I do know that she’s a wonderful dog that is so deserving a warm, loving forever home. She has more than done her time at The Ranch. Could you be the special person she’s been looking for? CONTACT US
  5. Canela is a very special girl. She was discovered tied to a tree every day. Some very kind people approached the owner and purchased her. She was fostered until we could take her to the Ranch. She came to us skinny but happy. She is almost a year old and very willing to learn, be loved and play. She gets along with other dogs and is super affectionate and playful. She would make an exceptional companion. Canela needs some training but is great on a leash. Her amazing personality along with her intelligence makes her a spectacular dog. If you need a hiking companion, a watch dog or a canine to love, come and meet Canela. CONTACT US
  6. Meet our beautiful Vincente! He was a street dog that most likely had a home but was abandoned. It’s obvious that he’s friendly and happy to get his walks and be the center of your attention. It’s also obvious that he is good with other dogs. And it’s also obvious that at some point in his life, he had to be a fighter - he is a distemper survivor. Odds of surviving this awful virus are only 50/50, and Vicente was one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, distemper can leave it’s mark long after the dog recovers. Vincente has a slight, but noticeable, facial tick. This in no way affects his ability to love and be a great companion. It’s just something that he carries with him from his past; I look at it as a badge of honor for his courage. Vincente is about two years old and weighs 45 pounds. CONTACT US
  7. "Feisty" – a good word to describe this small side of medium Wheaten Terrier mix boy! He's a little over an year old. Rescued thin, dirty, lonely, he's now affectionate and full of energy. He doesn't always play well with others, so will need some training or to be an only dog. A "trickster", Tom-Tom would love to win you over with his silly antics.
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