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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. My wife and I will be moving to Lakeside soon, coming from Panama, where we’ve been living for 2 ½ years. We saw a lot more short-term house rentals a month ago than we do now, and today is only the beginning of April, so we’re kind of surprised. We thought there would be more rentals. Is this normal for the summer house-rental market Lakeside? My plan is to come alone after Semana Santa for a week, ahead of my wife and old cat, to find a rental house. I plan to drive around with a few realtors to see their listings, to drive myself around looking for Rent signs, and to look for Rent posts on bulletin boards. I read that LCS, El Torito Market, and Superlake are good for bulletin boards. We’d rather rent directly from a landlord, like we hve in two places here in Panama.. Questions: Would one week be enough time to find a rental house for May that has what we want? Would it be better to come before Semana Santa? Would it be better to come for longer than a week? Does what we want even exist? Any other advice for finding our ideal place? I hope it isn’t too self-serving for this forum, but we’re looking for a short-term rental house initially, not in the village, but close enough to walk or bike until we get a car, with all these: Furnished 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Detached At least 1400 sq ft Lake view Filtered water Fireplace Big TV Dishwasher Bathtub Measurably fast internet, with WiFi Good security, like with bars on windows Quiet, like with no barkers next door Private, like not easily visible inside by neighbors Big yard, instead of a small walled garden Up to $1000/month Is it possible? Any advice to find this place? We’d also be willing to housesit and do small repairs on the house until October, or maintain a house for sale and do small repairs until it sells. If it was in the hills, we’d rent a car until we get our own. Thanks everyone.
  2. I am looking for a furnished rental from approximately Feb 1 to March 15 for one person, female, senior but not feeble. Preferably studio or small apartment. Preferably with all utilities, WiFi, etc included. Prefer La Floresta to San Antonio or Chapala. Of course all my "prefers" are flexible due to the last minute search. Please PM me if you have or know of something or post here. Whichever. A house sit would also work as my dates are somewhat flexible. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone. I will be in Guadalajara with my wife visiting the family this July and August. (We live in London UK at the moment, my wife is Mexican, I'm British) We are looking for a house in Guadalajara to rent for a short period. We are not fussy as long as the property is clean and secure. We are clean and respectful people too! We need 1 bedroom but since my mother and a friend might be coming with us, its possible that we need a 3 bedroom place. House or apartment could be ok. If any of you have or know of a short term rental property (5 weeks) in Guadalajara then please get in touch! And of course photos of the property would be great to see if you have any. Thanks Richard
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