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Found 44 results

  1. Hi All, I made this video when I was in the city of Chapala earlier this year...hope you enjoy!
  2. Hello All, I made this beautiful video back in March...what an awesome area! Absolutely beautiful
  3. I'm finally grounded after 10 days of loud music torture here in Chapala. Expo has ended and the 8-12 hours of music from 4pm til 4am or thereabouts is over. This is the same technique the CIA uses to drive people crazy like Panamas Noriega or Wacos David Koresh! Entertainment for 100 or so people that disturbs and denies a decent night sleep to thousands. The noise sweeps over the entire Plaza de Toros Barrio and up the hills. Two or three tuba bands, then a headliner that comes on 11pm or later, usually later. Noise til 2 or 3 AM, then a few drunks left in the stands to mouth off or some kid practicing being a disc jockey. It's torture. Doesn't the neighbors of the Chapala bull ring do enough for the community? We host the Monday Tianguis for petes sake! Thrn too Chapala hosts endless weekend tourist activities, we are here for your holidays too. And yet for the diversion of a few the many are denied sleep or comfortable use of their homes!...? How much productivity is lost to nights of just a few hours sleep.? Its not just the gringo who is upset, my Mexican neighbors have had enough too. And I know those who live by the Park Christiana feel the same; thousands tortured for the diversion of a small number of out of towners who come so late to the events no local merchants prosper. Who really profits? An out of town promoters takes control of the lives of large segments of the local population, tortures them for his profit. Why do we put up with that? I know Ajijic suffers from the same problems. Somehow we have to push back against the forces that would turn all of Lakeside into some destination tourist zone with complete contempt for those who are residents here. Can something be done to regulate or need this torture!? Can we at least stop all activity at midnight!? Limit the number of continous days? Set limits on music volume.!? Lakeside is first and foremost residential, economically and culturally so let's respect the people who live here!
  4. Has there ever been a water Taxi service between chapala and Ajijic? Would it make economic sense to have such a service? Pier to Pier service would certainly take the increased hassle of going from one to the other.
  5. I'm gearing up to paint a couple exterior wall murals in the next month. The location (s) are fronting the Tianguis street in Chapala, A. OBREGON. I'm asking for paint donations of any exterior paints. Any colors. Any sizes. I have several murals in the Pike Place Market Seattle for refrence. I'm Ready to start! Crowdfunding encouraged.
  6. I am repairing my maid's computer. She says about 2 weeks ago the internet got slow and she suspects perhaps somebody is stealing her bandwidth. She has changed router passwords several times. Is anybody else having Internet problems in Chapala, has Telmex been squirrely? I don't want to get falsely hungup on passwords and possible hacking if it is a general problem.
  7. Hi Lakesiders, Can you help? I will be moving to Chapala in mid April and am looking for a rental in Chapala Centro specifically. My full wish list---2+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (tub please), good water pressure, enough hot water for full bath, good internet possibilities, some green space, place for a bicycle. Doesn´t matter if it´s furnished. Would love to have a dog. Can I see the lake from home? Would love to deal directly with the landlord. Will consider something that needs renovation in exchange for guaranteed low rent in the future. Is this pie in the sky? Looking at the listings it seems these wishes are possible. Many thanks for taking the time to answer. Hoolia
  8. Thanks to everybody that voted for us (#6) on Saturday, at the Chili Cook-Off, we won People's Choice. Our chili is now available at Tony's Butcher Shop, in San Antonio Tlayacapan, next door from Super Lake. We would appreciate your patronage! Marina Benz
  9. I have deleted my posting - my personal experience with a very good consistent result. DO NOT WANT TO GET INTO ANYTHING ELSE! Sorry I even bothered.
  10. Jazz & Spa Night We invite you this Saturday 29th of October to enjoy great music and hydrotherapies with thermal mineral water. At 8:00 p.m. with “Blue Velvet” Band Hydrotherapies: Mud therapy, Apple vinegar therapy, Flower therapy, Thalassotherapy and Temazcales (natural steam bath) Cost: Hotel guests $140 pesos / visitors $190 pesos Information or reservations: (387) 76-10302 – (387) 76-10222 Bathing suit required – only adults- limited tickets available.
  11. Does anyone know why there is no City water in Chapala today? Sunday?? Who do we report to? Thanks! Bone dry in Chapala
  12. I'm new to this forum so if I am not posting in the right spot, I apologize. My husband and I are moving to Chapala in October 2016. We had an offer of a ride from a woman but she cannot confirm her availability until August so just in case that doesn't work out, I am looking at alternatives. It will be my husband and I and 2 small dogs along with about 6 small footlockers with our stuff in them. I'm pretty sure it would all fit in an SUV type vehicle. Has anyone ever done this before and if so, what were your experiences and do you know of anyone who does this. I really, really appreciate your help. Flying is not an option as our dogs are elderly and we do not want to stress them out. We can meet anywhere in Texas to meet up.
  13. How do i get from Chapala to Tonala by bus? is there any direct bus to Tonala?! Thanks!
  14. According to the Guadalajara Reporter, there are new plans to remove the Cristiania Park in Chapala to build a new Amusement Park complete with roller coasters. There are also plans in the making for a botanical garden, a lake museum and a cool futuristic looking pier off of the Chapala malecon more than likely coming off where the Cruise Ship used to dock next to the Palapa del Guayabo Restaurant. http://www.theguadalajarareporter.com/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/47822-chapala-lays-out-grand-plan-for-sweeping-transformation
  15. garmemorial


    WARNING< WARNING We did not get sick on arranchera but refused to eat it due to rancide smell We asked to have the cost of that one entre removed from the bill but they refused. They called the police when we refused to pay. We are reporting them to the dept of health Beware
  16. So I had an idea and made a meme, make it go viral to address the trash problem
  17. what time does Santander close daily
  18. For those who may be interested, the Fiestas Patrias de San Francisco in Chapala have now begun starting this Saturday night. It will be a novena as in it will continue for a total of 9 days with each day terminating with a fire work show with the famous castillo or Catherine's wheel. If you can only make it out to one night, don't miss the grand finale. In years past it ended with 3 castillos or Catherine´s wheels going at the same time, a most spectacular event. Hopefully, this year will be equally exciting. I hope to see you all there!
  19. Hello, I am looking to move back to Chapala Centro after a short time living in Guad. Here is a "wish list" of what I am looking for... 2-3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms + office/ 2 baths/ Can be house or apt spacious light filled/skylights Small garden/green space overhead fans stove ( have a refrigerator) preferably unfurnished, but open to furnished bathtub ( not a deal breaker, just asking) secure very quiet neighborhood screen doors covered terrace good closet spaces well maintained property good lighting in the bathroom will pay up to 5000p for my next sanctuary Remember this is just a wish list Not on Gonzalo Gallo month to month reliable internet service in the house I am a locally known photographer and have lived in the area for 6 yrs now. Please contact me directly at 333 474 1192, or jbarbiery@yahoo.com if you have a rental or know of one. References upon request...Thanks!
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