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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I've not flown into the Guad airport since before the remodel/new construction. Coming in a couple weeks and need to give pick up instruction. Wondering if anyone can tell me if the traffic lanes directly in front of airport are the same and more importantly, if the little OXXO/grocery store that was directly in front of airport still there? Thank you all for your help! pm
  2. Has anyone been to the airport lately? How is parking? Asking for a friend coming in from an international flight very early Sunday AM. Thanks in advance!
  3. What is the current Taxi fare from GDL airport to Ajijic?
  4. Has anyone had any problem parking in the long-term parking lot at the Guadlajara Airport? Is it ever full? How about the parking lots near the airport?
  5. Please contact my office if you used a customs agent to nationalize your car at the "airport." Many have reported to us that their papers are fake and this could cause serious problems and we would like to see how big this problem really is and protect people from criminal liability due to the acts of others. Office 376-765-7553
  6. A client sent me an email from someone claiming to work at aduana at the airport and who is offering nationalization services. It seemed fishy so we called aduana and the person does not work for aduana, they said she does not work there even though she puts in her email signature that she does, also the phone number listed is for a private customs broker and not aduana. I do not know about her abilities to nationalize cars but consumers must be aware that they are dealing with a private company and not a governmental agency, keep this in mind when handing over large sums of money, in this case she was asking for more then $45,000 pesos. Anybody nationalizing should get the quote in writing and get a contract.
  7. Just a warning of something to watch out for. We picked up somebody at the airport tonight. I was watching their luggage while the others went to the bathroom and ATM. A guy came up to talk to me, asking if I spoke Spanish. When I turned to respond, some of the luggage fell over. I grabbed for the bags to sit things back upright and saw that the guy was walking away when I turned back. I had an uneasy feeling, and when one of the people got back I explained what happened and asked if all their bags looked OK. She said they did, but upon closer inspection she saw that the backpack wasn't theirs. It looked very similar, but theirs had been stolen and replaced with the other (which contained junk). It's obvious that a team had targeted me, seeing that I was left with a large amount of luggage which I wasn't familiar with. While the one guy distracted me, somebody else swapped the backpack and headed out a nearby door. By the time we figured out what happened and went to look for security, the people were long gone. Lost along with the backpack: A 2-week old iPad received as a gift, a laptop computer with lots of family photos and personal information (including passwords stored in the browser, etc), several books, and a personal planner with loads of info. Fortunately, they had purses, wallets, passports, and personal documents with them and not in the stolen bag. Security checked footage from their cameras and confirmed what happened. We have a contact to get in touch with for a report, but there were no cameras in the parking garage where they fled to. So we're left sitting up tonight with our guests, going through logging into various online accounts to change passwords, cancel credit cards, and figure out what might have been affected and who to contact. What a horrible way to start their vacation here in Mexico!! Lessons learned to help others avoid this... 1. Don't leave one person guarding a bunch of luggage, especially stuff belonging to somebody else. If one or more people are watching bags, be sure they know what bag(s) are most valuable so they can keep them close. 2. Don't have a bunch of luggage sitting near one of the exit doors, where somebody can take something and be gone quickly. 3. If you're watching luggage and somebody strikes up a converstation, RED FLAG alert to pay closer attention to your stuff and the people near you. 4. When packing, don't keep all your valuable electronics in one bag that would be easy to grab and run with. 5. Make sure you have a recent, full backup of any data on devices you're traveling with, in case they get lost or stolen. 6. Make a list of contact numbers, info and accounts you should contact in case your property is stolen. Keep the list someplace in your luggage, away from electronic devices, credit cards, and other documents that might be stolen. It's very difficult to remember them when you don't have your computer, tablet, or documents for reference. Maybe others here might have recommendations and safety tips to help prevent something like this from happening. In the meantime, be aware of the specific danger from teams like this operating at the airport here. Heather
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