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Found 20 results

  1. Our Old English Sheepdog is having her last litter and will be available for shipping in mid Aug. We can not fly her due to airline temperature readings at both airports... We are happy to pay for her transportation. PM or call 333 173 6605.
  2. Bone Voyage is doing a great job flying dogs NOB. They are in a great need of large airline approved dog kennels. If you have any kennels you no longer need please donate so more dogs will be able to travel to their new homes. Cari 331-705-0466 Ronni 333-967-8696
  3. Luvsdawgs is right. "Only Dogs Count as Service Animals on Planes, US Rules". Yes there are additional restrictions on what counts as a service animal. No more free flights for emotional support lizards or cats or cute little dogs who are "emotional support" animals without any training or certification. This relates only to animals who were flying free as support animals and who often didn't meet the qualifications of animals who can fly in-cabin on a plane. Pets can still fly in-cabin as long as they meet the airline's qualifications and pay for the privilege.
  4. WANTED – DOG OR PUPPY! I am a solo active woman living in Ajijic. I am interested in a male dog prefer already house broken/BUT PUPPY WILL DO, BUT CANNOT GET BIGGER THAn 10 POUNDS. PREFER MALE but would consider FEMALE 1- Under 10 pounds! 2- Hopefully already house trained but …… 3- no shedding/low maintenance 4- little barking 5- loving (Love will be returned 10 times more!) I am looking into YORKIES (BEST)but mixed breeds of Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Havanese, Maltese will do. I am looking for a CUTE dog, but beauty of course, is in the eyes of the beholder. I am older and have been diagnosed with PTSD, so this would be an emotional support dog as well. His or her job is to love me. I have SO much to return. I CAN BE FLEXIBLE except for the size, shedding & pug nose. IF YOU CAN PUT ME WITH A BREEDER, OK- I WILL GO THAT ROUTE!!!!!!IT IS LONELY WITHOUT A FUR FRIEND!- mate.. I live in house I own on a privada in Ajijic with a walled in grass play area- plenty of room for a small dog in a small yard. I can also have a doggy door made. I cannot have a dog with a pug nose as I may fly with it (my daughter in airline industry). In the past have been here in rentals not allowing dogs, & now I have my own place. Now is the time.I DO NOT HAVE A CAR. I would have a friend or driver take me to you if you want to introduce me to any dogs.
  5. A feral momcat gave birth to 5 kittens in my bodega, and I found homes for three of them, and decided to adopt two and take them to the US. I have one old cat who travels with me by air. I asked a Volaris supervisor by phone if I could put 2 kittens in one carrier, seeing as they are so small. She said I could, as long as and the weight of the carrier plus kittens was less than 10 kilos, and they were at least 4 months old. I was overjoyed. So...I checked into Volaris at 4 AM on Thursday, having met all the conditions, and after being rudely scolded by the counter employees, was denied my flight. They did reschedule me for this Thursday. Of course, this IS the airline that charged me the full cat fare from GDL to MIA, after that cat suddenly died here in MX, and refused to give me a refund. I need to buy or borrow a smaller cat carrier, and can return in June or ago, when I come with my furniture. Can someone help me with this, please? I promise to return the carrier.
  6. I flew with my dog from Guad to Baja on Viva Aerobus. The rules were that there could be nothing in the crate with the dog- no mat to lay on, no toys, no water, food, nothing. And I'm pretty sure I've read those rules on some other airline sites as well.
  7. Agree... check with the airline. Some won't take them if there are connecting flights involved. Some won't allow three with one person. Some won't take that at all in the heat of the summer. Some will be easier to deal with. And after you figure it all out be sure you have the correct health documentation in hand to present at the Guad airport or they will go no further.
  8. Most airlines have a ban on flying pets in cargo until after May 24th due to heat restrictions. WestJet is your best carrier for pets into Canada however you would have to fly from PV direct to Vancouver after May 24th. Most airlines will not allow dogs on board over 21 pounds or 22 inches long unless they are a service dog. If you can get the dog a service certificate and a vest that says emotional support dog the airlines will allow it on board with some restrictions ie the animal needs to be very well trained and you must prebook this with the airline when you book your ticket.. If you need to fly now you can get yourself to the US San Antonio US airlines will fly the dogs from there however there is a connection in Houston then direct to Van. They have airconditioned cargo. Also be aware you must pre-book as most airlines will only take max 3 crates on a flight if in cargo . I am sure you already know this but ensure al of your paper work for pup is stamped by a vet within 7 days of flying, shots etc or they will not accept pooch into the country.
  9. typically the airline will insist that absolutely nothing be in the cage ..might have been different in the past
  10. Or, flying an animal in cargo is really not that bad. The hold is climate controlled and comfortable. Just be sure to check the temperatures (airlines won't fly animals in hot weather) at both ends of the flight and take a direct flight. Get a heavy-duty airline approved carrier, line the bottom with a couple of flat diapers, and get a clip on water container. Cut a small sponge to fit the water dish so the water doesn't splash all over the floor. NO food. Feed the dog several hours before the flight so it doesn't throw up on the flight. Back in the day when I was showing purebred cats, I flew cats all over - one to England, one to Germany - with no problems.
  11. If you had been here 20 plus years like I have, you would know that we have come a LONG way towards spay/neuter and education among Mexicans as to the "whys" and "hows". Years ago, you could not go a couple of blocks without seeing starving, mange-ridden dogs everywhere.... and even usually nocturnal (for safety) feral cats could be spotted scavenging food from time to time. So yes, those of us involved in animal activism have come a long way here... with further to go. We left Victoria (Canada) in the late 1990's. At that time, the local SPCA had been importing dogs from other parts of Canada for about 5 or 6 years because the local S/N programs were so successful there were LINEUPS for dogs. One Canadian airline even flew them at no cost from overpopulated parts of the country! So.... unless you've walked the walk, keep your criticism to yourself please.
  12. We've been traveling with pets to/from Guadalajara-Dallas area for more than 10 years; the last 10 or so with a pet in-cabin, under the seat. We were one of the first to go through the new Mascota Viajero Frecuente program to facilitate return to Mexico. For departure from Guadalajara, the process has always been that the airline does the checking of docs, fills out their form for you to sign, you pay $130 US each way. Once into the US, there was no check nor further verification of the pet. This was true as of three weeks ago. No more. Went thru immigration and the agent locked my passport in a clear, sealed case and directed me to Agricultural Inspection in the bowels of baggage claim. The process has now changed and parallels your return experience to Miguel Hidalgo in Guadalajara. You must present the pet, health and rabies certificate; the agent asks a few questions (never asked me to take the pet out of the carrier), stamps a form, unlocks and returns your passport. No problems, just another 15 minutes or so of your time, which might be an issue for a connecting flight.
  13. Just in the last two days there have been damning reports involving United iArlines....one, the sickening death of a 10 month old French Bulldog, forced by an airline attendant into an overheard bin. Attendant claims he/she was never told a dog was in the carrier, AGAINST testimony of many witnesses. Now dogs bound for different continents have been switched...one bound for Kansas City goes to Japan, the one bound for Japan goes to Kansas City. Where would they send YOU????? Last year 18 out of 24 airline tragedies regarding animals were on United. I wouldn't go NEAR them!!!!!
  14. This topic has been discussed at length recently on this forum. I searched using 'airline' and got these posts: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/search/&q=airline&type=forums_topic&nodes=14&sortby=newest
  15. I wouldn’t bank on anyone’s response here. You neeed to check the rules of the airline you’ll be flying as rules vary widely from no dogs at all ever to certain breeds not accepted, to depending on weather, limited number per flight etc. each airline also has specific crate requirements. ANd beware rules can change literally overnight.
  16. You need to provide your own airline approved kennel. All pet stores sell them. They are made of plastic. If the pet travels without a passenger it needs to go as freight and is very expensive. Volaris charges about $90usd if the dog flies as a passengers baggage.
  17. Thanks to all of you for your responses! Wow, what wonderful people there are in my soon-to-be new home! Foxy weighs 21 pounds. The lightest carrier will weigh a couple of pounds. The airline limit - and they do weigh your pet - is 20 pounds. I wish I were as confident as you are but I can think of nothing worse than being stopped at the boarding gate and denied passage. I will be flying either Aeromexico, Volaris or Viva but can't find any details about their regulations regarding pets.
  18. Agree with Margo, and Mtn Mama's reply. Had a total disaster once with a cat in cargo---- NEVER again. But I see no reason why a Maine Coon would not fit. Be SURE your airline allows it, tho' --- many are refusing totally.
  19. I don't know why he wouldn't fit under the seat. Back in the day, when I was showing cats, Maine Coon owners flew with their cats in cabin all the time. Each airline is a bit different, but I would consider a softside bag so you can stand the bag up to show the cat that stand up and lay on its side under the seat. Get the biggest one you can find and figure he may be a bit uncomfortable for a few hours. Use a people diaper to line the bottom and have a spare in case it's needed. Give the cat Rescue Remedy drops to calm him. NO FOOD for at least 8-10 hours before the flight but he can have water before the flight. I don't think they let you buy a seat for a pet. Try for a direct flight. They have a 20 lb weight limit for some airlines.
  20. I am moving to Aijic in the near future and bringing my main coon with me. I know about all the shots and the medical requirements. What concerns me is getting foxy there. I don't think he will fit under airline seat and I don't want to put him in the cargo as I have heard horror stories. Has anyone gone through this process and figured out what to do? It might actually be less expensive to buy him a separate seat than to drive down and drive back up to bring to the Albuquerque because I don't want a car when I'm living in the Chapala area. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!
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