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  1. Frozen berries have a big ecological footprint. I bought fresh at Pancho’s this week.
  2. I am so glad to see others say what I have thought. Bobby was happy to damage Janelle’s after he said he would never compete.
  3. We use Apple TV. Yes, there's a charge for most shows, but not much. I don't worry about how quickly the shows or movies download because I set them and then do something else. I've never used it for radio, but you've inspired me to investigate. We do download podcasts onto the iPad and then listen to them in the car--and I think that's always free.
  4. I think you should make an appointment with Dr. Santiago if you would like to be referred by him. This is a professional service. All good doctors have networks of specialists and I prefer to have my primary care doctor involved in any surgical work. He then knows about the surgical team and hospital, and can provide good follow-up care.
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