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  1. The US Consulate maintains a list of doctors. I imagine that other consulates do too.
  2. I have several pairs of progressive lenses ordered through Dr. Pinto's office--they are all good. I have several pairs because I like variety.
  3. Joco, I'm sorry you're having this problem and it must be very frustrating. Is your Spanish good enough to handle subtleties/nuance? I know my Spanish isn't. If I were you I'd hire someone--maybe someone from one of the moving companies that handle international moves, or someone else who is both tactful and knowledgeable about customs. I would not hire my maid for this job. Your problem is probably that Mexico does not want leather goods and used clothes to be shipped in. I had a similar problem when I tried to ship a box of work clothes (suits and such) from Hong Kong to Jakarta. Hong Kong did not permit shipment of clothes OUT of Hong Kong because they had such a large black market that competed with the clothing industry. I ended up packing my clothes in suitcases and shipping work materials.
  4. I hope he has a work permit and insurance.
  5. Where is there? (I know, NOB, but where NOB?)
  6. Encontrado I copied and pasted your original post. I just selected what I wanted, went to my browser command bar (I used Chrome) clicked on 'Edit', clicked on 'copy'. Then I went to 'Reply to this topic' and clicked on 'paste'. Can I please get some much needed help / instructions so I learn how to copy / paste a Word document into the web board's "reply" field. I have tried for over 25 minutes using what I though were possibilities in doing this, using the new upper right tool [ 3 icons ] bar click-on features, including the designated Word doc icon... but the cursor keeps 'blinking' in the reply filed , still waiting for something, and no pasted doc. appears in the reply field. I have given permission as requested, and copied the doc into the designated field, clicked on okay.. and still nothing happens. Thanks for your help....
  7. We use Apple TV. Yes, there's a charge for most shows, but not much. I don't worry about how quickly the shows or movies download because I set them and then do something else. I've never used it for radio, but you've inspired me to investigate. We do download podcasts onto the iPad and then listen to them in the car--and I think that's always free.
  8. I think you should make an appointment with Dr. Santiago if you would like to be referred by him. This is a professional service. All good doctors have networks of specialists and I prefer to have my primary care doctor involved in any surgical work. He then knows about the surgical team and hospital, and can provide good follow-up care.
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