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  1. I am interested in your 2 sets of gas logs for fireplace. Are they still available? Can you reply more information. Thank you!
  2. Cedros has it right. Just say no when you get that screen. It takes a minute or two to find it on the screen, right bottom (it is in English below the Spanish). It'll process your transaction and give you a better exchange rate. Don't be embarrassed to take a minute. It is your transaction, take your time!!!!!!
  3. 2017: Where is Spring Clean now? Telephone number? Address
  4. I'm looking for an acupuncturist north side of the lake. Doesn't matter, Chapala, Riberas, Ajijic, San Juan Cosala, Jocotepec.
  5. I would like to find someone locally who is an acupuncturist.
  6. Where Lakeside can I find someone who sells Catnip plants?
  7. I live in Upper Riberas. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms. They installed a water meter on our house in 2016. My water bill for the year of 2017 was approx. 1000 pesos. They use the money for water consumption and when you go over that amount prepaid, then you get a bill. So we received NO water bills until starting in October. Then the bill was between 100 and 200 pesos each month. Last year BEFORE the water meter we paid $1500 pesos for water for a year.
  8. The notary with the American Consulate comes to LCS on the first Wednesday of each month. They go to the American Legion in Chapala first and come to LCS around 11. You can get your document notarized then.
  9. There ARE wonderful places to live in Riberas, and yes, it covers a pretty large area I live in Upper Riberas near the churches and Maskaras Clinic. We have great internet/phone service--Infinitum--great water pressure--I live a block from the new well, and our ground grows nice green grass. When I water it is absorbed and everything turns green. The cobblestone streets are in pretty good condition, too. If you have trouble with the ground not absorbing water when you water, maybe a few truckloads of top soil would help. We live in a quiet neighborhood. We are far enough away from Chapa
  10. Steve has other crews, so he does many jobs at once. Thanks for your input Puddles. Always nice that someone else has the same opinion of an excellent person as I do!
  11. I would recommend Steve Warwick's company. His cell phone number is 331-135-0763. He is a general contractor, speaks great English, is on time, gives you a written quote and does excellent work. His crew did my roof this spring. I have been using him since I purchased my house 3 years ago.
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