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  1. Also, I would suggest checking the account minimums required to open an account to trade listed securities in Mexico.The last time I heard a number I think it was $50,000 USD.Finally be sure to check the commission structure,as none of the local brokerage houses are discounters.
  2. The new name of "Ma Come No" is "Il Duomo".Address etc. is the same. That first word is spelled IL or "eye elle"
  3. I suggest that Carib's post be moved to a new thread ,as it will highjack this thread which has not been completely examined yet.
  4. I imagine the agency involved is" Infonavit",A high percentage of house sales among Mexicans are financed by this Mex gov agency.
  5. You can cite a hundred yourself.Run a search on any search engine for Mexico Oil Legislation.
  6. You"ll find it right where it's always been.Look at it like homework to find it.
  7. On # 1-Try yellow billed cuckoo or possibly mangrove cuckoo.Low certainty. #2-with high certainty(95%)-smooth bill Ani.
  8. Apparently both were deleted . If unintended please repost one.Tnx.
  9. Super Lake had a few left about 5 hours ago.They're the least expensive that I saw at 34.90 MXN per kilo and weigh about 6 kilos.They are an American brand, "Jennie-O".
  10. Attn RV:With gold closing tonight at $1018USD per oz.,the correct ratio would be a bit more than 50 times.Thats OK because in 20 to 25 years the price in USD will be $35,000 per oz.
  11. Hombre Viejo

    Vegan coming in

    Rev Im--the difference is actually only,ETARI.
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