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  1. Thanks John and telz. That will really help as we are currently in the US but coming to lakeside in March.
  2. Hi, does anyone have the contact info for the immigration attorney that is at LCS on(I think) Thursdays?
  3. Hi, my wife needs a ride from AZ to Guadalajara or lakeside (San Antonio Tlayacapan). She is fluent in Spanish and speaks English. Originally from Guadalajara. She has some luggage. Willing to help with expenses. Can also help with interpretation at the border or wherever else needed. Would need to be a couple only. I would expect to exchange references. We have personal references in MX and the US. We live part time in San Antonio Tlay (30 miles south of Guadalajara) part time and part of the year in Arizona. We are both retired. The date of departure is very flexible. Approximately October 1st to early December 2019. Thanks, Wayne & Patty PS please pm to exchange contact info. Or email to pdq@f5.si
  4. Hi and thanks to all that replied to my questions. (I just got my computer back from the repair shop yesterday is my reason for not acknowledging everyone's reply sooner). Very good advice. I have driven from Laredo many times but never from Lukeville.
  5. HI RickS, thanks, but I was seeking info on road conditions, safety or anything else about the route. Or info on places to stay for the nights on the road.
  6. I'm wanting to drive this by mid summer 2018. Any comments about road conditions safety etc would be appreciated. (I already have my residente temporal card). Thanks, Wayne
  7. No one has posted about the gas shortages since last Tuesday. Does anyone have any current info on gasoline availability going towards Laredo? Or am I in the wrong place? Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone for the valuable advice. I am sure I can find the right place now. If only there are enough gas stations open to the north, I should do fine.
  9. Thanks RickS for the good directions. That sounds very easy to do.
  10. Thanks TelsZ4. Yes I will turn in my TIP sticker. But I do not know if I need to do anything with my TP card to get my vechile deposit back?? (Migracion in Chapala kept the cards for a few months for some odd reason). Thanks also for the directions. I usually go through Laredo, but the border wait times are rough there. Si I believe you are correct about the time they are open.
  11. Hi, I am driving to the US Sunday and wish to cross at Colombia. Where (which building) do I need to turn in my car import sticker? I just rec. my first year Residente Temporal card. Do I need to do anything with that at the border to be able to come back into MX later? Thanks, Wayne PS I will be driving on hwy 85 from Monterrey. What is the best road to take to Colombia Before I get to Nuevo Laredo?
  12. thanks again everyone. When I cross I will take hwy 59 to Houston area. Is there a better crossing that is east of Laredo?
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