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  1. Here is a source that suggests pharmaceutical counterfeiting is a problem in Mexico https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8131247/amp/Deadly-Mexican-cartel-forces-pharmacies-purchase-bootleg-medicine.html
  2. Hello all. Can anyone suggest a reliable taxi driver that can pick me up in Ajijic at 5:00am for service to the bus station in Tonola? Thanks
  3. I've lived in Ajijic, GTO City and now San Miguel. San Miguel is best city in the world; -) http://www.businessinsider.com/san-miguel-de-allende-voted-best-city-in-the-world-2017-7/#the-views-of-parroquia-de-san-miguel-arcangel-from-the-city-center-look-straight-out-of-a-fairytale-1 PM me if you want some perspective on each.
  4. Check out San Miguel. We have a 4 year old. There are lots of young families here, lot's if good school options, great food and amenities. You and family would fit in very easily. PM me if you have any questions. Ps lived in both Ajijic and SMA. Love them both.
  5. Not quite. http://www.radioformula.com.mx/notas.asp?Idn=665028&idFC=2017
  6. Any ideas where one could buy/rent office chair in Chapala? Thanks
  7. Visit the telex office talk to a manager and bring all the equipment. That will usually get their attention and get them to send someone.
  8. I had an urgent issue, and Spencer was kind enough to respond. Thank you Spencer and to cortland for the info.
  9. RV: Yes I know they have phones, and have called them all. They ring to Voicemail. And yes, I left voice mail thanks. I was asking here to see if anyone had any recent contact with him, and may be aware of his offices holiday schedule. EL Cartero: Sorry yes Intercasa/Spencer McMullen the Lic. Thanks
  10. Anyone know if his office is open today or tomorrow? Thanks
  11. In some cases, sorry yes you do. A Residente Permanente can be classed a tax resident of Mexico, and like the US, Mexico taxes Tax Residents on worldwide income: "Tax resident, if individuals whose home is in Mexico are considered to be resident for tax purposes and [are] liable for taxes on their worldwide income. If the individual also has a home in another country, he will be considered tax resident in Mexico if the centre of vital interests is in Mexico. This is deemed to be the case if more than 50% of the total income in a calendar year is of Mexican source or if the centre of profession
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