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  1. You do not have to use the new bypass along the mountain over Joco, you can still go through town as always. There is a hostel camp up on the mountain where you can stay overnite. Not fancy but decent bunkbeds, baths with showers and good hot water, living room/ kitchen/ dining with fireplace. Wood provided. From the camp you can hike around or drive up to an observation area, where you view the active peak. Local hikers group ( meet at Dona's Tues & Fri morns @9a.m.) go hiking on the inactive peak (there are 2) quite often. If Son is geo, he would find this very interesting flora and fauna along with ash fields and the on going spitting and smoke plumes from the active. You can drive right up the inactive peak, about 20 mins or so. Very worthwhile.
  2. The 39th. annual Chili Cook-Off kicks off Friday, Saturday,and Sunday. February 10,11,12. At Tobolandia Water Park, Ajijic. Daily 11-5p.m. Shuttle bus from parking lot to event site if needed. More than 250 fabulous raffle prizes, drawn on the hour all day. Hourly entertainment all day including dancing horses on Sunday at 1:15p.m. Food, drinks, snacks. Art auction Sunday. Nearly 250 different sellers of everything from fine crafts to household services, including the world famous Ojeda knife company. Bring your knives for them to sharpen. Daily tasting contests at 12:30p.m.: Friday: Salsa and Margarita. Saturday and Sunday: Chili. Don't forget the biggest parade in recent history on Saturday, beginning at the Ajijic Malecon near the skateboard park, continuing up Serdan, on to Ocampo, Constitution, up Gerrero to Farmacia Guadalajera and onto the carretera to the event site at Tobolandia. Parade starts at 11:00p.m. To enter any contests inquire at jacqueandcarol@hotmail.com.
  3. Has anyone used the park and fly places at the airport entrance? Which is best IYO: dropping you off at terminal, picking you up etc. How much extra time to allow before flight?
  4. Zona has many fans both stationary and fixed. I noticed this morning some of the people at stationary bikes were using fans.
  5. Have belonged to Zona Gym on the carretara in Riberas for 5 years. They just recently moved a couple of blocks closer to Ajijic. Now located just before Toscanna Pizza on lake side of road. I've never found it hot. The new building is high ceiling which keeps it cool. Management is super friendly. Equipment ample. Prices reasonable (2 months for price of 1 this month). Just like a family with anglo and mexican members from all walks of life. Try it you'll like it.
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