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  1. I am wondering if Mark Turford, the guy that rents older cars, is still in the Lakeside area. I sent him an e-mail (at markturford@yahoo.com) several days ago requesting information about available cars and haven't heard from him. Have rented cars from him quite a few times and he's always really prompt to respond. My trip is coming up soon. Does anyone know of someone else who provides a comparable reliable service in the area? Thanks!
  2. Can anyone who has had a recent dental root canal and/or porcelain crown done in Ajijic/Chapala tell me what the approximate costs are? I am not looking for the cheapest dentist in town, Need a competent, well trained and experienced dentist or endodonist with a modern, clean practice. Thanks.
  3. I've been here for one week and am bothered by red itchy insect bites on my ankles and lower legs. Some of them are quite small but other areas are almost like a rash--strips about an inch long. I am quite sure they are not mosquito bites. Topical Benadryl isn't helping much. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for all of your responses. A couple more questions: haven't been here for a number of years and don't recall where the INM window is. I am flying on American Airlines. When I turn in my tourist visa form, I am recalling (maybe incorrectly) that I need to pay a fee in pesos?
  5. That's what I thought too. But on the trip to GDL I wasn't able to check in until 24 hrs before my US connection to GDL.
  6. Can someone suggest a place where I can access a computer and print my airline boarding passes? I need someplace that is open in the evening since I have a conecting flight at 6:30 pm and the airline won't allow online checkin more than 24 hrs prior. Thanks.
  7. We will soon be making a trip to Ajijic. We haven't been in the area for about five years so don't have current information about details like locations for money exchange. We're planning to use ATMs but I'm remembering lots of reports in the past about compromised accounts, thefts, etc. We do not have a Mexican bank account. Can anyone suggest which ATMs are currently safest, or the least risky to use? Or those that we should avoid? Thank you.
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