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  1. Just go online ans register your account with Shaw you can have them do a refresh once you sign in. easy peasy
  2. I know 2 other people it happened to one by Dental express in the afternoon and one in Riberas also mid day . What surprised me is that the car insurance did not cover the loss.
  3. Plain old vinegar is a great for reducing urine smells if the diluted vinegar does not take away the smell pour some on full strength and let it sit on your tiles for a bit before rinsing off .
  4. Excellent In 14 years I have needed 2 operations excellent care.
  5. She said there are 2 organizations doing spay/neuter she left out LFA LFA has done over 1200 spay/neuters from January to the end of September just in the year 2019
  6. I am at the east side of Canacinta and was told that it will be months before they get to me.. Apparently when they phoned to make appointments they did not know where I was located.
  7. You have misrepresented Lakeside Friends of the Animals (AC (LfA) Lfa owns the Riberas Pet Store and all the store profits are used to help Animals in the Lakeside area These are a few of the projects LFA pays for 1 Education we provide the funds for a 8 week program in our local schools teaching Human Education. 2 We pay through 4 local Veterinarians to provide Spay/Neuter ,Puppy Vaccines, and Emergency care for dogs and cats of Mexican Nationals of limited means. 3 We pay our 4 Vets to Spay/ Neuter feral cats from any source. We also provide traps to catch them 4 We operate a Cat Shelter for Street cats. LFA is a recognized Animal Charity which has been in operation in Lakeside over 20 years.
  8. My parents pool in Ontario as well as our neighbours pools only had tile for about a foot near the top . Pool tiles were very expensive in Canada back in the day.
  9. LFA does post life planning We have made individual arrangements on a one to one with people to care for their pets .
  10. There are 2 pianos one a baby grand at the antique ?? bazaar in West Ajijic It is just east of the Tuesday market on the carra terra lake side. . I did not look at prices but might be worth your checking out.
  11. I do not know where he lives but he has an excellent reputation and he built my pool along with many other constructions jobs for me
  12. Talk tp Gustavo 333-157-3048 He builds pools should have no problem with redoing tiles.
  13. I assume you are talking about coffee pods I have seen the keurig pods at Sam's club you can order them from Amazon.mx Walmart has the espresso pods.
  14. Tom I have no problem waiting it is their customer service I get annoyed at . They phoned me Wednesday evening and made an appointment to come at 10 Thursday morning I was thrilled I stayed home all day cancelling my commitments They did not show or call At around 6 PM they called again and asked if I would stay home for them Friday morning I explained that I could not cancel another days business but my gardener would be there and could help them . They did not show up Friday and I was home early and stayed the rest of the day again no show no call. I know I am living in Mexico and I understand that things happen but they all carry a phone and even though I am not paid for my volunteer job I take it seriously and I make commitments that I have to keep as do many of the people waiting for Ilox
  15. I stayed home all day waiting for the Ilox installer who phoned the night before to make a 10 AM appointment never showed never called not very good customer service.
  16. I am in West Ajijic almost in Canacintra they made an appointment last night to install my service this morning so they are getting closer to SJC
  17. I was there last night with a friend we both ordered the Chicken Molcajete and I had a margarita . The meal and drink were very good The best molcajete I have had down here. We will go back.
  18. If you are really interested in seeing the area rent a car. Ajijic is fun to walk around but it is hilly and with the cobblestones exhausting to walk far when you are not used to it.
  19. There is a pair of black medium furred kittens at the riberas Cat Shelter about 9 weeks old
  20. I was very pleased with the work Dr. Bimbela did for me I would highly recommend him.
  21. Found it it is now 191 Thanks for your replies
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