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  1. There is a pair of black medium furred kittens at the riberas Cat Shelter about 9 weeks old
  2. I was very pleased with the work Dr. Bimbela did for me I would highly recommend him.
  3. Found it it is now 191 Thanks for your replies
  4. I have switched to HD with Shaw but cannot find the olds Shaw 508 Canadian Business news If you know what channel number it changed to in HD please let me know Much Thanks
  5. My gardener took it for cleaning and blade sharpening to a chap in Riberas on the mountain side near the guy who paints cars. I am sorry my spanish is basic and that is the best I could understand. Mine is a gas machine
  6. I bought mine 4 years ago at Home Dep. in Guadalajara I have a large property and the only thing I have done is hving the blades sharpened and annual cleaning.
  7. The Notorious used to know of people who offered loans at a price I do not know if the practice continues today but if not they may be able to offer some direction
  8. They have broken a third promise They said they would only dump green garbage in the lot on Colorado in Canacinta West Ajijic but the La floresta garbage truck has been dumping their garbage there . The Rats are getting bigger and they have not done anything to help the neighbours This problem will only get worse as the piles get larger.
  9. Val thank you I will contact him today. Sue
  10. Has anyone found a place locally to get the CO2 cartridges refilled.?
  11. I have been going to Escalera for years they manage to keep my 19 year old van running like a top.
  12. Thank you everyone It looks like the best time to go is late September through winter.
  13. What airline is best for a nonstop flight from PV to Vancouver ??
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