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  1. Call Gustavo 333 157-3048 He speaks English He has been building and renovating homes all around the area for many years and could probably solve your problem
  2. We were on reduced hours till June 1st now back to regular time 9 to 3 Monday to Friday 9 to 2 Saturday. We love Volunteers drop by any morning and let me know what you would be interested in volunteering to do.
  3. 70 pesos an hour Ajijic 27 hours with normal vacation and Christmas pay.
  4. I do not live in a gated community the census taker came rang my bell stayed outside my door while asking questions was very polite had better English than my spanish but between both of us he got the information he needed only contact was to touch my door bell which I never touch as I use a remote to open the gates to drive in . Pretty remote chance of them spreading the corona Virus
  5. Costco was open Saturday no signs indicating they plan to close . I thought grocery stores were exempt from the 5 day . Costco was taking what steps they could to provide a separation on 3 checkout lines well separated , However long waits to check out the parking lot was full when they opened at 9 but the store did not feel crowded.
  6. When I moved to Mexico it was Star Choice and we were allowed to have a receiver at our Cottage they did not care if your cottage was in Mexico I used to call Star Choice for help with a problem I always told them I was calling about my Mexican receivers. When Shaw bought out Star Choice they pretended to be unaware of the face that a bunch of us had cottages in Mexico I am sure it was on our records when Shaw bought Star Choice but now I only use my Canadian address when I call for service problems.
  7. I have a number of different night blooming vines and bushes The fragrance at night is amazing , but during the day they do not have any noticeable fragrance, so you will not find them walking around in the day time.
  8. There is a third program which continually gets overlooked Lakeside Friends of the Animals has had a spay/neuter program for years targeting Mexican nationals of limited means Last year we neutered close to 1400 animals as well as providing emergency care for street dogs and giving puppy vaccines through our 4 Vets, This year we opened a Spay/ neuter clinic beside the Riberas Pet Store funded by the profits from the store. The big issue is warehousing the many animals that require weeks of care before becoming strong enough to survive on the streets.or even be given for adoption. There is an army of wonderful people who offer short term care unfortunately more and more animals show up each day needing help.
  9. Sorry but thanks for letting me know.

  10. This special little tripod got a fabulous home Thank You for caring enough to rescue her.
  11. Just go online ans register your account with Shaw you can have them do a refresh once you sign in. easy peasy
  12. I know 2 other people it happened to one by Dental express in the afternoon and one in Riberas also mid day . What surprised me is that the car insurance did not cover the loss.
  13. Plain old vinegar is a great for reducing urine smells if the diluted vinegar does not take away the smell pour some on full strength and let it sit on your tiles for a bit before rinsing off .
  14. Excellent In 14 years I have needed 2 operations excellent care.
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