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  1. Only if you are prepared to cheat Every province has a limited number of days you can live outside your Canadian home and still use the Canadian health care system and if the bill is big enough they have been known to check.
  2. The rules are very simple and rev Canada is only to happy to assist you. You can google the information and call the numbers listed It is an easy process I had my accountant put a notice on my last income tax that I submitted before leaving Canada to advise them that I was declaring Non - resident status for the future . We have a Tax treaty with Mexico which limits your tax on pensions etc to 15 % They take that at source... pretty easy.
  3. Scallion did a really good turkey dinner for Thanksgiving so that would be my suggestion of a place to try for Christmas they have enough space between tables It is usually a buffet for special days.
  4. I am very sorry you had that experience visiting our store. The staff is supposed to wear their masks at all times They have been provided with sufficient masks so there is no excuse.I have sent a copy of your message to the store manager Luis,and asked him to have another talk with the staff. Please advise him if you find employees without masks in your future visits. We all wish to remain as safe as possible during these times.
  5. Call Gustavo he speaks english has built everything from a small bodega to some 1,000,000 dollar homes He has an excellent reputation for both honesty and quality of his work 333 157 3048
  6. Gwynne I think you missed something the dogs that are up at the front gate belong to the people who live right inside the gate I have fed and spade / neutered their dogs for them since I moved here The actual shelter cannot be seen from the front gate it is about a football field back from the gate and well away from the back road. I do not know where the home that someone claims is less than 100 meters from the shelter is but I am sure they would not make that up. The dogs do bark when their pens are being cleaned and they are getting fed usually I hear them around 5 or 6 each day when I am
  7. Why are you sayng that they are not trying to find them homes??? A few of the dogs have been flown North thanks to Bonevoyage Other Shelters have helped with some They post the dogs available for adoption and some they have in foster homes getting fully vetted to make them adoptable.They are the new kids on the street and do not have the years of established volunteers willing to walk them etc give them a chance or better yet help them. These dogs have all been rescued from horrific conditions right here in the Chapala tax area. A decent community would be reaching a hand out too help.
  8. The dogs do not bark all the time There are workmen there during the day completing the septic system as well as the buildings etc and the dogs are quiet for the most part. The dogs are rescues from abuse. Starting up any new program takes a huge amount of effort and time to iron out all the kinks. They are making improvements daily
  9. We use both Eric and Mayra in Chapala and Hector Ramirez in Ajijic all good Vets
  10. I live across the street from the shelter and i rarely hear them
  11. I have been buying them from the hardware store just east of Superlake in SJC they usually have 2 sixes available.
  12. I have looked for air plants with no luck if you find any please post the vivero that has them
  13. You can get Royal Canin at the Riberas Pet Store 212 Hildago Riberas Pet Store is owned by Lakeside Friends Of the Animals
  14. Call Gustavo 333 157-3048 He speaks English He has been building and renovating homes all around the area for many years and could probably solve your problem
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