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  1. I tried the ATT service I even renewed for an additional 2 years It was very spotty coverage I could not use my phone in my house or at the shelter not being conversant with cell phones I assumed this was normal I had a Blackberry than switched to ma Galaxy S8 same problem of coverage I had to be outside to get a line IMy phone was stolen and when I replaced it I went with Telcel boy what a difference My new Galaxy S9 can be used anywhere. there is no comparison with the quality of reception.
  2. Henry they can drill lines in the existing tile and put in additional group lines . Gustavo did this for us at the Riberas Pet store on the areas where the tile was covering a sloop It is a much more permanent and attractive solution to the problem at a surprising low cost. Drop into the store and you can take a look at this solution.
  3. Miguel on the mountain side just east of Moms restaurant did my Mazda a few times for me.
  4. The Cat House in Riberas has many kittens including 2 Siamese X These 2 boys are 10 weeks old We have a litter of white kittens 6 -7 weeks old as well as many others in multi colors.
  5. I have been rescuing dogs and cats for the 14 years I have been here and have had excellent treatment from Hector and his sister for both regular care as well as emergencies I would not take any of my furry family to anyone else. Getting upset at a Vet for not dropping everything and rushing to help you move a dead animal is a bit unfair did you bother to call back to see if there was an emergency with a live animal before you decided to publicly shame them???
  6. The police were called they said it was political and they did not know if they could do anything other than file a report.
  7. The employees are not on strike the union was trying to extort money . the Thugs from the Union in Guadalajara came down and threw our staff out of the building would not allow them to take their personal purses keys etc. and refused to allow us to go in to feed and water the cats. The department of Labor advised us that we would have to file against the union and we did not want to have our cats left uncared for while we waited for the courts to hear our case. We paid them off and now will decide if we will take action against them. Fortunately I had the puppies with me at the Vets and Lucas was out of the building when they threw the staff out. ( the staff they claimed they were there to protect.) The store and Shelter will be open as usual in the morning.
  8. Had a sandwich there last night They use their own bread freshly baked very Yummy I bought their Italian focaccia bread earlier in the week it was a treat They have a small menue but there were many item I will go back to try.
  9. I always tip 20% the meals are so cheap here compared to up north that 20 % still seams like a small tip I think 50 pesos on a 250 $ meal is reasonable.
  10. The cemetery on Cerro Colorado the 3 bodies that were buried there were moved and the municipality started using it as a dump . They say they will sort and clean out the mixed garbage and from now on will only dump green garbage. I am told the Rat problem is temporary and I should deal with it.
  11. This kitten is at LFA pet store and shelter available for adoption
  12. Wow amazing what people get away with saying I have never refused to allow someone to adopt a cat or extorted monies from them I do not believe in mutilating an animal by declawing but I do know there are situations where there is no choice. We do not give out our kittens for free but I am surprised that you considered our 150 Peso fee as a bundle.
  13. The phone could have been knocked out by the CFE guys. This happened at the LFA Shelter Pet store They cut or broke the phone line while doing their job which required us to call Telmex for a fix.
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