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  1. I'm glad it was minor, but pretty exciting for a Kansas City kid, who has never felt an earthquake before. I'm sure I wouldn't want to experience a serious shake!
  2. Haha! Well this was our first quake experience, so it made an impression. Definitely not bad, but we can tell our family back home we felt it.
  3. We're also in Los Sabinos, and we felt it.
  4. I'd have to consider it minor at our location. No damage.
  5. Yes. West Ajijic. Anybody know where it originated?
  6. Sitting at my desk working and things started shaking. Some thumping. Only lasted a few secs, but obvious what it was. A first... we've never been in one. West Ajijic. Anybody else feel it?
  7. Very sad. We just saw what was apparently the funeral for one of them... lots of emergency vehicles parked, and they were removing a casket (full size) from the back of a fire truck. So sorry to hear about the losses.
  8. Loads of Bomberos, ambulances and other emergency vehicles parked on the lateral between Yves and Chillin' just about 30 mins ago when we passed. Emergency vehicles on either side of the carretera with lights going... looked like WWIII might have started. But as we passed, they were removing a casket from the back of a firetruck. Another Bombero incoming with loads of flowers. I assume some emergency worker died and this was their funeral. It looked like every emergency vehicle from Lakeside was there. My condolences to the family and friends. Heather
  9. Just arrived Ajijic to live in early August, 2012. We are in the learning and adjustment phase, and having a good time so far!

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