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  1. Yes, thanks... we started with Tio Sam. They did come out and checked the unit. Said a part was bad and they had to order it from Guad. They keep telling us either: 1) the part isn't in yet,  2) they sent the wrong part,  3) they will call us back (but don't).  I agree this isn't like Tio Sam's, which we've heard good things about and had good experience with ourselves. The above went on for over 3 weeks and was very frustrating when they said they'd come over and/or call, but didn't, so we tried a second repair person. They also said the part wasn't available locally. Since they said it would take about 2 months to get the part, we just decided to call it quits... didn't want to be without a dryer for 3 months, then maybe find out later there was some other problem or would be further delays. We have very little space in our yard for a clothesline, and our HOA prohibits hanging laundry in visible areas, so being without a dryer is kind of tough! :D 

    We are now past the question of repair and are looking to replace with a new dryer. Thanks for the comments on repair, but we don't even have the old unit any more... it's gone and we're shopping. We are wanting input on a NEW dryer. The ones we looked at briefly today (at Tio Sam's and Electro Ventana (sp?) in Riberas) seem to all be Whirlpool, Maytag and Mabe. I guess that Mabe is made in Mexico? Would that indicate lower quality? Better chance of surviving Mexican power fluctuations? Better chance of obtaining parts? We know nothing about Mabe... how does it compare to the other two brands? We're also going to check Costco and Home Depot in Guad for comparison. Thoughts on brands and/or vendors for purchasing a NEW (not previously owned) unit and getting it delivered/installed would be appreciated. 


  2. 39 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Not sure many of us have gone through that many appliances of any brand to be knowledgeable. Who did you use? I use Gualberto Real of Refrigeracion Real, and they have never tried to outfox me, always doing excellent work.

    That being said, there are lots of Whirlpools around, so logic says...

    Thanks for the input. Yeah, dryers (the mechanical parts) should last a long time, but this is apparently a problem with the electrical timer... probably got zapped by a power fluctuation. We first tried Tio Sam to repair, but got tired of fiddling and waiting after a month, so we called Miguel Perales, who was recommended here on the board for work on Whirlpool. He was responsive, but said they didn't have a part for it in Guad, so it would have to come from elsewhere and would take many weeks to arrive. We had a problem with that dryer before (wrong config for gas, so it melted clothes!) and would like different features, so we're just going to get a different one. Wanted to check here for comments from anybody about brands (pro and con).

  3. We have a Whirlpool dryer that's gone belly up. First repair place kept putting us off about repair, saying they couldn't get part. Switched to a different guy and he tells us the part needed will take 2 months to get and cost a bundle, so we're just going to get a different dryer.  Is Whirlpool typically difficult to get parts for here? Should we be looking at some other brand that is easier to repair if/when needed? Or did we just get unlucky with this particular repair?



  4. Thanks for all the great input, everybody. I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet at Best Buy in Guad. No problems shopping, got it quickly, and no issues with setup. I was hoping to get one quickly so I could get it configured before my upcoming trip. Same tablet ordered from Amazon and delivered to my travel destination would have cost about $80 US more than buying in Guad with Pesos.

    I did check Costco, by the way... mostly they seemed to have Apple devices with just a few others. Didn't work for me (I'm all Android), but for people wanting Apple, it could be a good shopping option.


  5. We need to buy a new tablet. Going to the US soon... should I get it NOB, or buy here (Guadalajara or Lakeside)? I know that computers would come with a Spanish OS and keyboard, but are there any similar problems getting a tablet here if I need it to work in English? Would prefer to buy locally if possible, in case I need to return or deal with warranty issues.

    Looking for an Android device, btw... 10" or larger screen. New (please don't try to sell me a used one). WiFi only. Any thoughts on best place to purchase? Best Buy, Office Depot, Costco, other?


  6. One thing we didn't think about before coming down is that we're South of the Tropic of Cancer, so sun actually hits the north side of the house at some points during the year, so don't neglect to plan for that as well. This includes planning for plants as well as humans. Having lots of cross ventilation is important for cooling, as others have said. During the hottest time of year, it's usually low humidity, so having shade, ventilation and fans are important for comfort if you don't have A/C. 

    I'm with others who miss having a bathtub. We have 2 bathrooms, both with showers, but no tub. Occasionally I'd love to have a nice soak with bubbles, but we've survived 4+ years without (I take advantage of hotel tubs when we travel). 

    Off street parking near the house entrance is a real convenience when bringing in groceries and other shopping items, plus it gives peace of mind about safety of the vehicle.

    When power or water pressure goes out, we use a bucket and get water from our fountain to flush toilets. Doesn't happen often, but it's a great convenience to have available when needed! Water features at the house are nice to have anyway, and that's an added bonus people don't think about.

    Look at the living area and consider where you'll put a TV. We have LOTS of windows and it's almost impossible to avoid glare when watching TV during the daytime, which we do more often now since we're retired.

    Consider water drainage during the rainy season. Look for streets with high curbs, indicating they might become temporary rivers when it rains. Will you be able to get to/from your house when it's raining? Will high water on the street possibly get into the house or parking area? If in doubt, ask neighbors about when happens when it rains. Remember that some streets are called "Rio" for a reason! :D 

    I hope some of these are helpful. Enjoy your shopping!

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  7. We have the calling plan with Telcel that's supposed to allow calls to/from the US and Canada. We were able to call a US phone from Mexico, but are unable to make calls when traveling in the US. Is there some trick that will allow the Telcel phone to be used there? Do we have to enter a code or something to turn that feature on? Any assistance would be appreciated as we're in the US now and unable to call. Thanks!



  8. On 1/25/2017 at 8:43 AM, More Liana said:

    Does the venue of your event have its own box office?  Sometimes that's the best bet for buying tickets.  For example, buying direct at the Teatro Degollado box office means that you avoid the add-on of the Ticketmaster fee AND, if you have the INAPAM card, you get the INAPAM 50% discount on tickets.  Ticketmaster does not honor INPAM.

    Tickets for the event are only through Ticketmaster. The venue website directs people there for tickets. Thanks for the thought, though.

    For reference, I did get tickets by going to the Ticketmaster outlet in Office Depot. Easy peasy... no line, no waiting, and the sales person was friendly and efficient. We ended up paying cash, so I'm not sure if my regular credit card or debit card would have worked. But for future reference, if anybody wants to buy through Ticketmaster online, be sure to check ahead of time and see if a specific credit card is required to make the purchase.


  9. Thanks, all. Sounds like my best bet might be a Ticketmaster outlet and pay with cash. We need to hit Costco anyway, so will just jaunt up the road to a nearby Office Depot and see what we can do. Too bad getting tickets through them is so difficult since they're the exclusive seller. I suppose next time a desired event is upcoming, I should just get a CitiBanamex card! :) 

  10. I'm trying to buy tickets through Ticketmaster online and can't get anywhere with it. The website lets me enter a credit card for my account (using Capital One MC), but when I go to buy tickets the only option for payment is using some flavor of Banamex CC, debit card, etc.  There is a link at the bottom of the payment page to apply a gift card, and I can check a gift card balance within my account info, but I can't find where to purchase a gift card for MX Ticketmaster on their site. The US Ticketmaster gift cards are only usable for US events, so that won't work.

    I suppose I could physically go to some Ticketmaster outlet location in Guad, but not sure they will have pre-sale tickets (which is what I'm trying to buy). I understand there's a Ticketmaster at the airport, but have never seen it. Anybody know where it is?

    Any help or pointers would be GREATLY appreciated... this is incredibly frustrating trying to get some tickets purchased! Event is at the Auditorio Telmex in Zapopan, btw. Ticket outlet for the event is only shown through Ticketmaster. 

  11. We bought a Honda Fit NOB for when we moved here. Then they changed the rules so we couldn't keep it when we went Permanente, so we sold it and got another Fit (made here in MX) because we liked the other one so well. It works well for us in most cases. Here are specific comments:


    Small and VERY easy to park, especially on narrow streets. Great turning radius, narrow enough with folding mirrors that it's less of a concern for being hit by passing cars. Lots of windows and excellent visibility, so it's easy to see where you are in relation to other vehicles. I'm short (5' 1"), and can easily see around me, move the seat and steering wheel enough to be very comfortable, yet it also works well for my 6' husband to drive. Lots of space inside for passengers and cargo, especially since the rear seats can fold up or down to handle long/tall things. We easily carry everything we need from Costco trips every couple months. Minimal problem with topes, even if loaded with people/cargo, as long as you approach them carefully. No rattles/squeaks after plenty of time on the streets here... well built. Great resale value. Great gas mileage (driving from KC to Lakeside with car fully loaded, I got in the upper 30's MPG). Good A/C, even without tinted windows.


    If you plan much long-distance travel, the seats can get uncomfortable after awhile. Do-able, especially if you bring a pillow for your lower back, but other cars might be more comfy. If you like to hit curbs or attack topes, you might want something with more ground clearance. Cup holders are somewhat annoying. If you plan to haul a LOT of stuff or larger items, you might need a different vehicle.

    Overall, we feel ours works well for us. It's a great mix of features, and the fact that it gets around well at lakeside and parks easily is more important than the cargo space (we have friends with larger vehicles for the rare occasion that we need more room, or we can get things delivered). Funky plus... we have a "thing" with other yellow Honda Fit owners that we wave to each other when passing on the streets. :)

    Feel free to ask if you have specific questions. Good luck with your shopping!


  12. A friend is considering leukemia treatment for their parent in Tijuana, at either the Bio-Medical Center (Hoxey Clinic) or the Immunity Therapy Center. I'm not at all familiar with facilities in Tijuana. Anybody here have input, good or bad? Would also appreciate comments on places to stay in that area... for family, traveling with the person to be treated. If there are better options for treatment at other places in Mexico, that info might be welcome also. Thanks!



  13. 4 hours ago, kiowa58d said:

      I know June is considered rainy season and I don't mind the rain, but is the rain constant such that you cant go out and do anything or is the rain just from afternoon thunderstorms moving through the area?

    2.  If you could put off your trip until a later time due to the rains, would you?  (I am not into doing a bunch of tourist type stuff, mostly just hanging out and seeing some sights here and there and relaxing / rain isn't a concern for the wife).

    3.  Due to the rainy season, if June were our only option for travel, would we better off looking for a place to stay on the outskirts of Guadalajara or near Santa Anita or does the rain affect basically the entire area?

    Hi Kiowa, and welcome to the board. I'll add my 2 cents...

    1. June is traditionally the month when weather transitions from dry to rainy, although rumbles and showers can start (and have already) in May. The mountains usually start greening in late June after we've had some rain. So weather might be a bit variable while you're here. Don't worry about rain spoiling any plans. As others have said, it TENDS to rain mostly at night and maybe early morning, but things clear off and dry out in the afternoon. So when it's raining you get a freshly washed day to enjoy, with sunshine later on. Not a hard and fast rule, of course, but...

    2. NO, I'd never put off a trip here because of rain. We love the rainy season! It can make things a little exciting at night when you're trying to sleep if a storm kicks up, but you can always siesta during the day if you have to get up and close windows in the middle of the night. :D

    3. I'm not sure, but I think when it's rainy, the weather pattern covers a fairly wide area around here. Some other areas might get more rain during daytime than we do, but I'm not sure. Again, don't let the rain concern you or change your plans. 

    We have lived here for nearly 4 years now... pretty new by some standards. The long-time folks may have more input for you. If you'd like to check some historical weather info, the site in Riberas has data for a few years. Check them out: http://www.chapalaweather.net/

    A couple of our villages have fiestas for their patron saints in June... you may want to check those out. Here's an article about Summer festivals, and you can find an event calendar elsewhere on this same website: http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/ajijic_summer_fiesta

    Enjoy your stay!



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  14. Thanks, folks. Made our decision and ordered up the Weber from Tio Sam. A bit cheaper, so it will pay for the rotisserie if/when we decide to get one. We'll have it hooked into the house by somebody when we get a chance. 

    Semalu, thanks for the video. Yeah... think I'll look into one of those Kalamazoo Q's. NOT!  :D



  15. Thanks so much for the great input. Your chicken sounds great, ComputerGuy. :)  We considered the option of buying NOB and having it delivered, but figured it was worth the peace of mind to get something locally, in case anything breaks or needs service. From comments here and elsewhere, I think we'll hook it to the house gas... don't plan to move it around and will probably build some cabinets around it eventually. The Weber seems large enough (for 2 plus occasional company), even with fewer burners, and I like the SS grill... seems it would be easier to clean than iron. That plus costing $200 US less gives Weber the lead currently. It is convenient, however, that Strom will take a US check, meaning we don't have to transfer money down and convert to Pesos. Still debating. 

  16. We are considering a gas grill, but have no prior experience with them. Would appreciate some input on the two we're considering...

    Looking at the Napoleon Triumph 495 (Strom White), and Weber Genesis S-330 (Tio Sam). Weber is a bit cheaper, but looks to have fewer burners (?). Either will be adequate for 2 people, with occasional use for additional guests. We've always had charcoal grills, so not sure what features to look for, what the BTU ratings mean, etc. One has stainless steel rod grates, the other has cast iron - which is better? Is one dealer better than the other for service (if needed), accessories (we might get a rotisserie later), etc.?  We have a gas hookup on our terrace - is it better to connect there, or get a tank for inside the grill?

    Thanks for any pointers.


    PS.. Links to relevant websites for each grill:

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