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  1. Last night's show was loads of fun. I'm amazed at the level of talent we have Lakeside! My husband loved the song with the Spoonerisms (Cinderella). Great venue, too. Good luck with your final show, and best wishes to Mac for a continued recovery.
  2. Will there be pick-up for completed US voter ballots at LCS on Wednesday, Oct. 17? If so, what hours (I've seen both 10-noon and 10-2)? Thanks.
  3. Carlos (the owner) had just returned from a vacation and last time we spoke with him there was no indication of problems. My guess is something unexpected happened for him to close so suddenly. It certainly wasn't the parking situation as the restaurant was often packed even while construction was going on. I doubt it was "high" prices since so many people were still going there until they closed. We went there once or twice a week and loved the breakfast (which were very reasonably priced). Would love to know what happened, if anybody is aware. We're very sad to see them closed, and extremely curious.
  4. Thanks, Tom. I'm looking forward to a meeting with iLox folks to discuss the condo access issue. I'm on the investigation committee in our development. Once we get input from them, we'll look at further meeting(s) with our residents to see what interest there is and what can be done within our walls. Although I signed up to pledge back toward the beginning, I haven't received any email communication regarding a contract or anything. Should I be expecting something? Or are they waiting on condo residents to first determine if/how lines can be run? Heather
  5. For what it's worth... I live in Los Sabinos, one of the developments mentioned in their original documentation. Several homeowners living here expressed interest, but all our utilities are underground and there's some question about how they would connect to houses inside the development. Our condo Admin Council is working to have a meeting with iLox to discuss options for making connections. Their representative has asked about getting infrastructure documents for reference. Hoping to hear something soon about getting together for a chat with an iLox tech or engineer. Just wanted to let people know that some discussions are pending. Whatever they find here might be relevant to others living within condo or fracc type developments.
  6. There was a previous post wondering about the status of eSun, but comments have been closed. I'll post here instead. This isn't an "ad" for the company, but info for anybody looking for them. We had a system installed by Nyah and his people right in the middle of them changing from eSun to the new company. Apparently the owner was having financial difficulties, which is why eSun "closed." In reality, Nyah and all the other eSun people (other than the owner) are still doing the same installs and solar work, but had to switch to a new name. If you are a former eSun customer, they are handling warranty work for your system, so you can contact them for that, or for new installations. Here's their new info (apparently the old email and phone number(s) will still work as well):Opiere SolarNyah Walters, Solar Advisor331-400-264601-800-099-0763ventasa@opiere.comwww.opiere.com/solarFrancisco Villa #31, West Ajijic
  7. Thanks, Harry. I'll pass this on to hubby.
  8. There were a variety of reasons we finally moved here, but the primary goal was to find a location that was affordable enough for us to escape the rat race for an early retirement. We watched too many family and friends work themselves to death and be unable to enjoy their senior years, and we didn't want to end up that way ourselves. One of the challenges to early retirement was that taking Social Security at 62 would provide less income than if we waited. Also, since I'm 7 years younger than my husband, we would need to live on his reduced Social Security and our retirement savings for several years before my Social Security would kick in. We previously lived in an area of the US with low cost of living anyway (Kansas City), so finding someplace cheaper that would stretch our retirement dollars required looking outside the US borders. 5 years of research and discussion with other retirees had us considering several locations such as Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and other places in Mexico. The Lake Chapala area eventually won out because it provided a balance of cost savings along with good weather, wonderful people, excellent health care, ease of access to visit family and friends back in the US, an existing base of support for expats, proximity to a large metropolitan area with familiar American stores and restaurants, stable government, good infrastructure, and a large country full of diversity and beauty that we can explore. We've been here since August 2012 and still consider our move a fabulous decision!
  9. Any news on this, Harry? We'd like to get rid of these plants this weekend, if possible. If there won't be a Plant-In, I want to offer them for sale to other folks. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Harry. If there isn't one this year, no problem... we'll find somebody else to share them with. Wanted to give Ajijic first try, though.
  11. Searched, but don't see any recent posts about the Plant-In. Are they having one this year? Hubby has stuff ready to donate. Heather
  12. Thanks, everybody, for the info and input. I'll check with our satellite dealer and see about getting an upgraded Shaw box with DVR. Sounds like new equipment might be in order anyway to keep up with all the changes they're making. Heather
  13. I didn't participate in this last year, but my results currently (for future reference)... I ran speedtest four times to get a range, in succession, starting at 8:30 pm on Sunday, April 23. They were (down/up): 7.00 / 0.49 10.13 / 0.48 10.25 / 0.54 9.92 / 0.52 For reference, I am located at the very west edge of Ajijic, just above the carreterra, Los Sabinos condo.
  14. We have Shaw satellite box without DVR/Recording built in. What options are there for a separate device to record shows for later playback? I've been told that the Shaw boxes with DVR built in are unreliable and prone to failure, which requires shipping the unit back to Canada for repair/replacement. Would prefer a 3rd party device that can go between the Shaw box and TV. Anybody? Heather
  15. There used to be a "Glamoroso" store in west Ajijic, where we could take empty containers to refill with laundry detergent, chlorine bleach, and other cleaning supplies. It appears to be closed now, and we'd like to find a similar place elsewhere. I know they have something like this at the Chapala tianguis, but we'd rather not haul around heavy containers while shopping. Much easier to just drive up to a shop and load stuff directly into the car. Can anybody recommend other locations that have bulk cleaning supply refills? Heather
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