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  1. In various areas of Mexico, people are attacking medical workers who they think have been in contact with COVID cases. How do you think they might react to people who have actually been tested and confirmed? Please stop calling for information on the specific patients... those in charge are probably doing as much as they can to trace any contacts, but their options are limited. We should not put people in danger by "outing" them as infected. The best strategy is to assume ANYONE you come in contact with may have been exposed, and may therefore expose you to infection. Take necessary precautions... masks, hand-washing, disinfecting, etc. Stay home if you are concerned or in a high-risk group. The virus IS here, and probably has been for awhile. It will CONTINUE to be here for months or even years. We need to learn to deal with it rationally, without panic, and without treating others as though they're the enemy. Please be kind to those around you, and be considerate of the need for privacy. Digital hugs to all!
  2. Has anybody had experience with Dr. Jorge Arturo Barba Martin, Orthopedic surgeon, working with Chapala Med (doing surgery in Guadalajara)? I would appreciate your thoughts, if you've worked with him. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the link and confirmation. So very sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. 😢
  4. We were just there, about 30 mins ago, where police had part of the Malecon taped off. Forensics team brought a body bag and they pulled a man's body from the lake. Felt so bad for a lady there who was sobbing, and for her family/friends who were also there. A sad scene. I read yesterday that a man went missing along the shore when he went into the water to rescue his son, who was in difficulty... wondering if this is the man. I'm sure we'll get more news with details later. 😢 By the way, I understand that crime reporting is not permitted here, but thought this wasn't necessarily a crime. If this post is over the line, please feel free to delete, and accept my apologies.
  5. Well, I'm just going to explain to them what I've heard so far... not an in-depth presentation. Hoping to get a contact so OUR administrator can get in touch to find out more and possibly get quotes. I don't necessarily need that by Saturday. Hoping to have whatever info I can to give them some idea of what's going on with other developments. Thanks for any input.
  6. I have been asked to give a presentation on the Telmex fiber option for our Council meeting this coming Saturday. If anyone here has EXPERIENCE working with Telmex in a condo environment with underground utilities, I would appreciate input on the following (sending a PM is fine): How many houses in your condo? Cost for bringing Telmex fiber into your development, up to the houses? If installed already, what speeds you're getting at houses with fiber? Who your contact person is at Telmex so we can get in touch for info and a quote? All responses are optional, of course, and any additional input would be helpful for me to discuss with our residents and Council members. Thanks! Heather
  7. I was on a committee at our condo (Los Sabinos) to investigate having iLox fiber installed here. As others have said, they would not use existing duct/conduits, so we would have needed to install new infrastructure, either underground (expensive, requiring roads to be torn up) or along our common walls (unsightly, especially for the large junction boxes). Since most homeowners here find Telmex to be adequate, and many are part-time residents who don't use Internet that much, there wasn't enough support to make a special assessment to bring in iLox fiber. This Telmex option sounds like a reasonable alternative, with minimal initial cost, minimal disruption, and no requirement for homeowners to switch service if they're not interested. I'd like to recommend that our Board contact somebody for additional information and a quote. Someone who has been involved at other developments... do you have contact information at Telmex? Also, for anybody who already has Telmex fiber (in a condo or elsewhere), can you comment on your experience with it and let us know what speeds you're getting? Thanks for any input!
  8. Does anybody know if Telmex is able to use the existing infrastructure (underground) in the development, or if they're having to install something new? I live in another development with underground utilities and iLox would require that we put in new ducts/conduit for their use, which has been a major stumbling block with residents. If Telmex can use their existing infrastructure to bring in fiber, it might make high speed Internet more sellable. Curious how it's being handled in Puerta Arroyo.
  9. Last night's show was loads of fun. I'm amazed at the level of talent we have Lakeside! My husband loved the song with the Spoonerisms (Cinderella). Great venue, too. Good luck with your final show, and best wishes to Mac for a continued recovery.
  10. Will there be pick-up for completed US voter ballots at LCS on Wednesday, Oct. 17? If so, what hours (I've seen both 10-noon and 10-2)? Thanks.
  11. Carlos (the owner) had just returned from a vacation and last time we spoke with him there was no indication of problems. My guess is something unexpected happened for him to close so suddenly. It certainly wasn't the parking situation as the restaurant was often packed even while construction was going on. I doubt it was "high" prices since so many people were still going there until they closed. We went there once or twice a week and loved the breakfast (which were very reasonably priced). Would love to know what happened, if anybody is aware. We're very sad to see them closed, and extremely curious.
  12. Thanks, Tom. I'm looking forward to a meeting with iLox folks to discuss the condo access issue. I'm on the investigation committee in our development. Once we get input from them, we'll look at further meeting(s) with our residents to see what interest there is and what can be done within our walls. Although I signed up to pledge back toward the beginning, I haven't received any email communication regarding a contract or anything. Should I be expecting something? Or are they waiting on condo residents to first determine if/how lines can be run? Heather
  13. For what it's worth... I live in Los Sabinos, one of the developments mentioned in their original documentation. Several homeowners living here expressed interest, but all our utilities are underground and there's some question about how they would connect to houses inside the development. Our condo Admin Council is working to have a meeting with iLox to discuss options for making connections. Their representative has asked about getting infrastructure documents for reference. Hoping to hear something soon about getting together for a chat with an iLox tech or engineer. Just wanted to let people know that some discussions are pending. Whatever they find here might be relevant to others living within condo or fracc type developments.
  14. There was a previous post wondering about the status of eSun, but comments have been closed. I'll post here instead. This isn't an "ad" for the company, but info for anybody looking for them. We had a system installed by Nyah and his people right in the middle of them changing from eSun to the new company. Apparently the owner was having financial difficulties, which is why eSun "closed." In reality, Nyah and all the other eSun people (other than the owner) are still doing the same installs and solar work, but had to switch to a new name. If you are a former eSun customer, they are handling warranty work for your system, so you can contact them for that, or for new installations. Here's their new info (apparently the old email and phone number(s) will still work as well):Opiere SolarNyah Walters, Solar Advisor331-400-264601-800-099-0763ventasa@opiere.comwww.opiere.com/solarFrancisco Villa #31, West Ajijic
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