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  1. If your test comes back POSITIVE, what will you do differently with regard to Covid than you do now? If your test comes back NEGATIVE, what will you do differently with regard to Covid than you do now?
  2. @NatashaGet off your high horse. It is up to the local facility to decide who can be vax'd; no one who went (to my knowledge) lied about where they live. They all had to show some sort of proof of address, CFE, Jalisco Drivers license, etc. Plus, their home zip code is part of their online registration. The folks running the location gave them the OK to get the shot, knowing these facts. From FB posts, many of the Lakesiders arrived to find no one else in line. Would you have rather have had these Pfizer doses, which were obviously thawed beforehand, go to waste??
  3. Better to read local FB for first hand reports. Example of why: on Wed. the AVG Arena had Pfizer and was accepting people who lived at Lakeside; BUT reports from yesterday (Thurs.) is that they started turning non-residents away from AVG. Also the vax available in Ixtlahuacan is the newly arrived Cansino, NOT Sinovac. FB users at the page link post REAL TIME info....things change....maybe there will be hiccups today that didn't happen yesterday??? Better to get LIVE reports.
  4. Based on what I've read at local FB page, they will NOT give you the Pfizer if you already had Sinovac here. The dose of Sinovac is part of your record within your online registration. Based on reports I have read at that page, you have to show them your registration, they will check and see that you already had Sinovac and turn you away. Again, there is a LOT of info on the ins and outs of the Pfizer shots being given out this week at this FB page, first hand reports on all aspects. I realize many of you are adverse to FB, but you may want to make an exception in this case. ht
  5. People have been going all week. Go to the Facebook page Lake Chapala Covid-19 Group for instructions, directions, reviews, etc. For those of you not wanting to drive yourself there are people organizing van and car pools. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188028949308907/
  6. AMLO early in the pandemic claimed the US $2 bill he carried was an amulet against catching Covid. Didn't work, the buffoon caught the virus.
  7. Many if not most US vending machines take electronic payments these day.
  8. From the article you quoted, one Beyond Burger simply isn't high in sodium. Even if your doctor wants you to follow a low-sodium diet, the recommended daily amount for people with high BP or other ailments, is 1,500 mg per day. For people with NO medical need for lower sodium the recommended daily amount is 2,300 mg. The Beyond Burger has only 380 mg.
  9. Read @snowyco response above. He lives in the Yucatan, got first shot in Campeche. Is scheduled for 2nd shot soon. None of this is applicable to you in Joco, sorry to say.
  10. I don't doubt it, but the open boxes of Pop Tarts and half-empty Cokes that you specifically referenced are far more likely due to unsupervised kids in the store. I have seen kids open all sorts of boxes in stores, take bites out of fruits. Have seen adults open boxes of OTC meds and band-aids, take the few they need, put the box back on shelf.
  11. Haven't been to Walmart in many months, but when we went we used cc's, so change was never an issue. My few 'short' change experiences around Ajijic are equal to my 'over' change experiences. It cuts both ways. I would add that many expats use grocery/drug stores as their 'banks.' I am often behind someone making a 40p purchase and paying with a 500p bill. Once every month or two, after I hit the ATM at Bancomer which spits out mostly 500p notes, I go inside and ask for cambio chico. Mexican banks are required by law to make change for anyone (I do not have a Bancomer ac
  12. FWIW, while I gave up on beef burgers in MX since I got really sick in 2008, I still get them rare in US when visiting; never a problem there. I'm not anti-meat and I'm certainly not anti-MX. Just stating what happened to me. It took me quite awhile and treatments to get rid of the E.coli (had to have shots as I could no longer swallow water). I have been buying and happy with fresh ground pork (from whole pork cuts at El Torito) which I dress as either kimchi burgers or good old cheeseburgers with a lot of toppings. It doesn't bother me to eat the pork well-done. I am willing
  13. We like our burgers cooked rare and found out the hard way that is not a good idea in Mexico (severe e-coli). I've read that Beyond Meat cooks up 'rare' in the sense of seeing a red/pink interior. And for any who say you won't get E.coli when you have your meat ground from steaks as you watch: nope, that's not a guarantee in Mexico. There are few health standards in the meat industry here; E.coli can be found on the outside of steaks in the meat case (which ends up in your ground meat). I can and have lived without a rare burger here since 2008 when I got sick. Thought I'd try pl
  14. You said, Remember, when Pfizer reports an "average 92%" efficacy of protection, there are ½ the patients who had less than 92% protection. An average is determined by adding the string of numbers, then dividing that total by the number of numbers in the string. Example, in a string of 10 numbers, 9 of them are 100 and 1 of them is 50. The AVERAGE is 95 (950 divided by 10). How many of these numbers are below the average of 95? ONE.
  15. Ah, that Thanksgiving bastard child, the tofurky.
  16. Local FB page reporting this. También, este martes 13 de abril en los municipios de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga y El Salto se comenzará la aplicación de la primera dosis de la vacuna Pfizer-BioNTech para adultos mayores, mientras que San Pedro Tlaquepaque recibirá la segunda dosis. En los tres municipios se realizará el proceso de inmunización por orden alfabético de 8:00 a 16:00 horas o hasta agotar las dosis del día.
  17. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/12/world/coronavirus-newsletter-intl-04-12-21/index.html China brings out its censors over vaccine critique Gao's remarks were controversial in China and, as his comments gained traction on social media and international news platforms, Chinese censors quickly scrubbed discussions online. State media swiftly put out an interview with Gao to walk back his comments. Global Times, a state-run nationalist tabloid, quoted Gao as saying reports about his admission were "a complete misunderstanding," and published new, toned-down remarks from Gao.
  18. Readers can note???? What else shall us readers "note?" When the first line of a post is inaccurate or complete bullshit, then readers should stop reading 🙃 Medians are NOT averages. You are asking readers to ignore your mis-representations. And yes the difference between Median and Average IS high school math. Some basics never change.
  19. I did read it, and I understand the significance between AVERAGE and MEDIAN. The study is reporting AVERAGES and you vastly mis-represented the mathematical definition AVERAGE in your original post.
  20. I'd like to give them a try; want to see if the hype is believable. The one getting a lot of press is Beyond Meat/Beyond Burger. Any local eateries serving them? If you buy and cook at home....recommendations for brand, local retailer, feedback on quality/flavor? Gracias in advance.
  21. That would only be true if Pfizer was reporting its efficacy as MEDIAN results (the number with 1/2 above, 1/2 below). Average is the sum of a set of numbers divided by the total numbers.
  22. The Chinese government is a totalitarian regime with a horrible history of human rights abuse, right up to the current time. They suppress individual freedoms; I won't pretend that that's ok. China cloaks itself in secrecy; they have not allowed their vax to be peer reviewed, nor have they released their own data on their trials. China also has a lengthy history of lying...to its own people and to the world. China launched a massive mis-information campaign against Western vaccines, calling Pfizer unsafe and ineffective. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/chinese-spam-
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