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  1. I'd recommend that every homeowner consider solar, not just those with pools. Mostly to utilize renewable energy, but partly to send a screw-you to CFE. Solar panels remain a bargain here in both panel cost and installation, plus the payback scheme is far better. The US has become anti home solar as the utility industry has become one of the biggest and most influential lobbying groups, both federally and in individual states. I simultaneously priced costs here and at a former home in FL and the financial differences were astronomical. Get a few estimates; we did and went with STI. You can reach them via a member on this board, @Go Solar
  2. @happyjillin I had a similar stove to yours. Here is my 1927 Garland gas stove that we had at our c. 1911 Bisbee home. Absolutely NO insulation in oven....this stove was the reason I learned love cooking outdoors. The burners were excellent though.
  3. Dual stoves with gas burners and electric ovens are easily found in US and have been for years. Used to be a niche item, but now made by GE, Samsung, LG, etc. Here is link to Lowe's page...over 100 different models and sizes. https://www.geappliances.com/ge/range-stove/dual-fuel-range-features-videos.htm In many updated US kitchens, there is a gas cooktop and separate electric wall ovens (usually one with convection feature, the best for baking). Found these dual stoves at Costco Mexico https://www.costco.com.mx/Linea-Blanca/Enseres-Mayores/Estufas-y-Parrillas/Smeg-Estufa-dual-6-quemadores-36/p/510295W https://www.costco.com.mx/Linea-Blanca/Enseres-Mayores/Estufas-y-Parrillas/Whirlpool-estufa-Dual-Oven-5-quemadores-30/p/643088 Tio Sam's can get them for you, https://eltiosampuertovallarta.com/etiqueta-producto/dual-fuel-range/
  4. Professional chefs and most home cooks agree that the best combination is a gas cooktop and an electric oven. Because I hate splatter (and don't have a housekeeper), I use my patio gas grill almost to the exclusion of my indoor stove. It has a separate side burner where I can sear duck breasts, fry fatty sausages and never worry about the grease that spritzes the brick wall (between the sun, the rain and the summer moss, the wall takes care of itself). I have become adept at using the gas grill with lid down as a substitute for my indoor oven. No not for a souffle or an angel food cake, but I have done baked alaskas in it. And I can bake a pizza in it using fresh dough. I also find the gas grill with cover down, the best way to reheat pizza as it imparts a lot of flavor from the burned off crunchies that lie beneath it. The weather here lends itself to outdoor cooking.
  5. Maybe an instant pot or pressure cooker or slow cooker??? Add some liquid (broth or sauce) and see if that softens the block?
  6. Not exactly new. Bananagram was named Game of The Year by the Toy Industry Assn............in 2009. But maybe the Spanish version is new??
  7. What gives with the USD pricing?? Other than B&B's/hotels that cater to US guests (who will be booking and paying for their trips from the US), I am suspicious of local businesses that price their services in USD.
  8. The sign at the Ajijic SIMAPA office says 8% and that was reflected on the bill I paid today. And good news...they have streamlined the process with 2 staff at separate windows who can look up and print your bill which you pay at a separate caja, next to them. All on the ground floor. Much faster than in the past.
  9. Our local Voter Registrar allows us to check online whether our ballots have been received. We used mail ballots in the past. By registering via FVAP https://www.fvap.gov/ we will be emailed ballots which we can either mail or fax back (some states allow ballots under this program to be emailed back, but ours does not). We intend to fax the ballots and monitor their receipt at the Voter Registrar's site. Using mail ballots, we had one instance of them not being received in time due to unavoidable delays in surface mail, both directions.
  10. At the SAT Hospital website there is tab regarding membership, here's link to it http://www.hospitalsanantonio.com.mx/en/patient-and-visitors.php However, it offers no info about what the membership is in terms of cost or discounts. The application page requires your name and phone number to start the process so I didn't pursue. Has anyone become a "member" at SAT Hospital....if so, what does this membership cost and what discounts are offered?
  11. This site covers it all and has a link to the FPCA (Federal Post Card Application). The site suggests you register every year in January so you are sure to get absentee ballots, especially for presidential primaries which begin next month (dates vary by state). https://www.fvap.gov/citizen-voter/overview
  12. Perhaps she meant Talavera House in SAT (close to Paninos). We have made several purchases there (kitchen and bath tiles, a mural, 4 sinks, a toilet, as well as dishware and decorative pots, etc.). Poncho is always willing to find what you want; he goes to Dolores Hidalgo, etc. weekly and will take photos or bring samples for you. https://talaverashouse.com/
  13. Of course it depends on the landlord and the lease. Often there is a set peso amount for which the tenant is responsible, as in: any repairs under xxx or x,xxx pesos the tenant pays for. FYI, knew someone who had this sort of lease that also stated the lessee had to use the owner's service people/contractors for any repairs. Whenever there was an issue, the owner's contractors would come out and they would issue multiple separate bills for any sort of repair/replacement....and of course all those individual bills were just under the 500 pesos that were the tenant's responsibility. Some of the scenarios were quite funny (but not to the tenant)....as in, Looked at problem...499p; Trip to buy the part....499p; Cost of part....499p; Installed part....499p. Tener cuidado!
  14. If you sift through this thread at Chowhound, there is a post by "Cristina" who posts here as @More Liana. She comments about how she uses it. If yours is in a large piece, it appears you need to shred it as best you can, or shave/slice it as thin as possible. Google showed other recipes where it is incorporated into stew(ish) things. Seems to benefit from added liquid. https://www.chowhound.com/post/chicharron-prensado-497484
  15. I walked by earlier and they were open. Had been shut 12/31 and 1/1.
  16. SIMAPA in Ajijic has very limited seating; gives out numbers. Last year in early Jan. they had communication problems with the "home office" in Chapala. I went twice and came home after hearing how long others had already been waiting.
  17. When was that "other year?" When we lived here 2008-2012 we never used cc's as they were still using imprinted carbonized cc receipts. When we returned in 2017 we found that chip technology had finally arrived in Mexico. With chip readers, your cc is well protected. We never let our cc leave our sight no matter where we use it. While we prefer to use cash at local restaurants, when we travel elsewhere in MX we use our cc's at restaurants and they bring the chip reader to the table. With chips, it really is safe to use cc's anywhere in the world.
  18. Medicare does NOT cover travel emergencies outside the US....(most) Medicare supplements have this limited travel coverage. If you don't have a Medicare supplemental plan, you are out of luck on this 60 day travel outside-US coverage.
  19. I don't recall reports of similar accidents involving out of control trucks at the Chapala hill. Are there similar issues there?
  20. Tabarka is open. Jardin Plaza is open. Cocinart closed. Oui Oui closed. Both Thai restaurants on Hidalgo closed.
  21. I'm not advocating banning the trucks SB, but if it is indeed a life-and-death safety issue as others believe it is, getting them off that road SB would solve it. Other posters envision re-engineering a great expanse of SB libramiento; surely a few intersections in Chapala could be redesigned if in fact that is needed (isn't there truck traffic in Chapala now?). It's not as if there would be much of an increase in truck traffic on the carretera between SAT and Chapala....trucks make deliveries there now, simply from the Ajijic side v. the Chapala side. I have lived in mountainous cities/towns where large truck traffic is routinely banned on certain roads due to steep inclines or narrow access. Truck haulers deal with it...send smaller trucks or offload from a nearby accessible street.
  22. Another option would be to ban southbound trucks on that section of libramiento; let them come into Chapala instead where the hill is not so steep. They could still exit northbound from Walmart.
  23. No, they are on vacation since before Xmas. They reopen on January 3rd per the Ojo. They close every year at this time.
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