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  1. The Arizona monsoon season start was traditionally determined by a lookback at an AVERAGE dew point of 55 degrees or more for THREE days in a row. I was a "Weather Watcher" for KOLD Channel 13 in Tucson between 2003 and 2014 and the AZ meteorology class I took covered this topic in detail. A number of years ago the NWS threw in the towel trying to explain this "look-back" method as did the TV weather meteorologists. Now in AZ, they just say the monsoon season begins June 15th (though it's been dry as a bone this year since June 15th with record setting high temps). Old timers s
  2. With all the bugs you can pick up on a cruise ship, Covid may be the least of one's worries. They are floating petri dishes.
  3. They were off Monday morning, traffic was fine. We don't take our car out on weekends.
  4. Our first home here was closer to the Ajijic plaza. After our first Fiesta de St. Andres we decided once was enough and thereafter planned a vacation during them. While we decided to be away for part of the annual Fiesta, we never ever thought for 1 second that 'oh, they really need to stop this.' I don't get people who think this way. The dates of these annual Fiestas are well-known, no surprises. Plan ahead if you don't like them.
  5. Thanks, but I have an excellent hand ortho in US, but looking into having it done here. I knew a man who had his Dupuytren's surgery here and was very happy with it. I saw him before and after his surgery. His condition was as bad as mine. Sadly he passed away several years ago and I cannot recall his doctor's name. Made an appt. with Dr. Gonzalez at SAT Hospital for Wednesday. Not sure if he does this surgery himself or will refer me to a Guadalajara surgeon.
  6. And by "micro" surgery you mean........? I had a friend who had hers done in US and it was along the lines of this video (not for the squeamish!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF-7kzr0vac
  7. Hmmm....interesting. I will expand my question.....anyone have experience with Fibroquel for Dupuytren's here? If so, name of surgeon and appx. cost? In the US Xiaflex runs around 6K nowadays (it was 11K when I had it done in 2013). Insurance covers it, but I think my fingers are likely too far gone. The cords tend to grow in spurts and I had major deterioration in the past 18 months. During that time due to Covid, I wasn't going to doctors. The surgery usually 'lasts' longer (the disease always comes back). The Xiaflex kept my finger straight for under 2 years; have a frien
  8. Me not so lucky. Have it in both hands; down to 6 working fingers, including thumbs. The Xiaflex worked for about 2 years, then the cords came back. I've had needle aponeurotomy and Xiaflex, but think it's time for surgery. Have had Dupuytren's for 20 years.
  9. Do any of the local orthopedic doctors do this surgery? Comments and recommendations appreciated. fyi, I have had Xiaflex treatment in the US, but I understand it is not available here in MX.
  10. We've had good experiences and usually fast responses from Ilox. Have you contacted them about your lack of billing?
  11. FYI, You picked the first day of the Fiesta....that was June 4th. June 13rh is the final day of his Fiesta.
  12. I edited to cover TEXAS and NEW YORK. ALL say there is a way to get record of vax. Didn't your nephews need to show an ID? Passport or??? The state most likely has a record of their ID and hence, their vax. Though it is entirely possible they, and others fell through the cracks. But your blanket statements about the vaccine records are simply wrong. I have yet to find a state that said there was no mechanism to find your vax record.
  13. It is the provider that collects the data at time of administration and sends it to the health dept. Most kids get their childhood disease vaccines at their pediatrician's office....that office sends the data to state or local health dept. As far as Covid vax in California, here's one of their FAQ's How does the state know I got vaccinated? A: The state maintains a secure, confidential immunization information system for residents, which should include a record of your coronavirus vaccinations. If you ask the state for your vaccination record, you won’t get a white replaceme
  14. My vax record is kept by my local health department; I can access at their website. It shows same data as what is on my card, plus a QR code for each shot. In the US, health departments (sometimes local level, sometimes state levels) routinely track all sorts of vaccinations, mostly for school admission. This includes vaccinations given by doctors and at pharmacies. You are making generalizations that are not true..they may be true for you and your family, but not universally true.
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