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  1. Is this the one? Amazon price is 567 pesos, free 2 day shipping with Prime. HP Cartucho Original de Tinta Negra de Alto Rendimiento 664XL Advantage (F6V31AL)
  2. Sorry, wasn't paying attention. Don't know if Walmart does refills.
  3. Walmart always has some cartridges; will they will have one that fits your printer?? Quien sabe. They sometimes have the one we need, other times, not. We recently ordered via Amazon Mex; happened to be at Walmart few days later and they did have ours, but Amazon was a better price. We have Prime so it was here in 2 days.
  4. Never seen them dropping it. I believe their modus operandi is this: If their dog takes a crap when there are other people around, they pick it up and then carry the bag until no one is in sight, then drop it.
  5. The OP wasn't clear whether he was talking outdoor or indoor ants. This year was our worst invasion of indoor "sugar" ants....the teeniest tiniest ones I have ever seen. But in multitudes if something sweet was left on the counter for a nano-second. I made a boric acid mixture late morning yesterday and put it out (recipe and technique below); about an hour after putting the wet paper towel on the counter, there were about a hundred of the little !!@@$^**& ants on it. Checked a few hours later and the towel was empty of ants. Early this morning we saw ONE. ONE. I put out another wet towel after we saw it and since then, zippo. Not convinced they are gone for good, but it's kinda a fun experiment....like that Ant Farm none of our parents would buy us when we were kids 😉
  6. Had this problem last winter and it stopped during the summer, so my guess is that this jerk is a snowbird as it started happening again in the past week or so. He/she uses those super thin plastic 'produce' bags to pick up their dog's crap, but then leaves the bag o' crap on the public sidewalk. Of course someone steps on it, breaking the bag open and leaving a nice schmear of crap on the sidewalk. Please take your dog's bag o' crap home with you. It's your dog and your responsibility to dispose of its crap.
  7. Is there a commitment to a minimum number of weekly meals that must be ordered? Or a minimum number of weeks? What about delivery timeframes....is it a tight window or does someone have to be home all day long waiting for the ingredients to be delivered? How far in advance are the recipes known to the customer? How many recipes do you have now and how often do they change? I saw this 2018 article about your business (the link is a google English translation). https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://www.ntrguadalajara.com/post.php%3Fid_nota%3D105695&prev=search It says there are 5 recipes every week....can you provide the 5 from either last or this week so we can see the type/level of food you are offering? I would be interested if the recipes are interesting. I tried to access the website mentioned in the article but could not connect to it (www.fudi.com.mx); the site is not working. Are you still in business in Guadalajara? What is your website? Will the prices and general delivery practices be the same for Lakeside customers? (quote below is from the site mentioned above).
  8. From https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/mexico/transport/driving/drunk-driving Drunk Driving Laws in Mexico As defined by the International Center for Alcohol Policies, Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is a standard measure, referring to the ethanol in a given amount of blood. The measurements refer to milligrams of ethanol per millimeter of blood (mg/ml) Drunk driving regulations vary between states. The national limit is 0.8 although in some states, the limit is lower. These include: 0.4: Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Distrito Federal, Estado de México, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, and Veracruz. 0.5: Chihuahua
  9. @mexbound Muchisimas gracias for your website! I look at it at least twice a day and your lake-cam is on my phone so I can show people where we live when we are traveling. I use your lake-cam to sorta predict whether it might rain soon, following the local adage, "if Senor Garcia is wearing his sombrero....."
  10. I find that Mexican workers and other nationals that I do business with, prefer Whatsapp and get back to me the fastest using it. I wish FB didn't own it, but it is what it is.
  11. Same article says, " Whatsapp said the targets included well-known television personalities" Probably friends of Mark Z's. If it was a hack of the average John and Jane Doe, doubtful FB would do anything.
  12. So now Facebook (which owns Whatsapp) gives a crap about privacy and security??? Gimme a break.
  13. Been a bit hinky today, which is quite odd for ILOX. Right now it's running fine, but has been up/down off/on during the day, but never for long. On west end of Centro Ajijic.
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