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  1. I've been getting mail from Sol y Luna at least weekly for the past 6 weeks. My mail is addressed to their Laredo office. It is easy for me to track as we subscribe to a weekly magazine.
  2. OP...does it HAVE to be Magic Jack? If not download Skype to your phone and dial 800 numbers at no charge. You will have to create a Skype account, but there is no cost to that. You can set your Skype account to display ANY number you want on Caller ID. Invaluable for calls to US banks, etc. that might not like a MXN or oddly scrambled number that shows on Caller ID with other services.
  3. Sol y Luna takes letters anytime they head NOB, usually 2x a week. They do not make you show contents. That policy of Handy Mail's was one reason I moved to Sol y Luna (had been with Handy Mail 2007-2012, and 2017-2019). FYI, after experiencing mail with these 2 companies, there is no difference in level of service (other than Handy Mail's requirement to show the contents of outgoing mail). My advice: get your mail closest to where you live, help alleviate some of the traffic volume.
  4. Is the number quoted above from the Univ. Guadalajara testing only? It appears that private testing in Guadalajara is stepping up. This is also from Informador, as of 5/24. The private labs found almost twice the number of new cases than the U of GDL did in the same 24 hours.
  5. In between machine washings I've been spritzing them with 70% alcohol.
  6. We charged our new car in 2017, lots of airline miles and excellent exchange rate from our US credit card. No interest as we auto-pay our bill via our US bank account....got a 30 day float, too.
  7. Given the context of her sentence, my guess is that @daisy2013meant to type, He was driving a motorcycle.....
  8. I agree! Social distancing would not usually be a problem weekdays at malecons, parks. On golf, would work if we could go out caddy-less for the time being. Personally when we start dining at restaurants again it will be at open air patios with plenty of space between tables.
  9. Maybe we should have our CFE bills tattooed to our foreheads ๐Ÿ’ก ๐Ÿงพ ๐Ÿ˜€
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