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  1. Yes, if there is a little white tip on the poop, some sort of lizard. At least that's what we have experienced.
  2. I saw 2 brands at SL this AM...127 and 132 pesos. Neither are the brand I last bought a month or 2 ago, so it's possible I bought the last one at WM, sorry can't remember, but I think I paid around 90p for it??? The one I have in fridge now (and like a lot) is Bibigo brand, nice and spicy.
  3. Last time I shopped for it at WM was maybe a year ago?? Probably in Asian area, but possibly near the bottled salsas (play the WM treasure hunt game). Last one I bought at SL about a month ago. Don't remember price, but it wasn't eye-popping given that it remains pricey in non-Asian stores in US. Lasts pretty long, a little goes a long way.
  4. Same experience here. MercadoLibre is like Ebay. Have had many happy purchases, but one vendor shipped the wrong color item. Had communication issue for a few days (vendor insisted he shipped correct item); then I (easily) registered a "problem" with MercadoPago who acted as go-between. I returned the item (at vendor's expense) and the correct one was shipped to me the next day. MercadoPago offered to refund my money very quickly, but I really wanted the item. Years ago if you wanted to pay cash, you had to go to OXXO but more recently you can pay at Bancomer and they don't even charge a fee. As far as Amazon and Amazon Mex, I love them both. I do find that if I translate the item I am looking for at Amazon Mex into Spanish, my searches yield a larger result and sometimes lower prices.
  5. Thx for the info and the review. For those who don't venture to Guadalajara, I have found good gojuchang sauce at both SL and Walmart in the past months. For those who are unfamiliar with Korean food, gojuchang is a really tasty Korean bbq sauce. I use it to turn leftover chicken or cooked pork into a Korean-fusion taco (add some chopped cabbage or kimchi) 🌮 🌮 FYI, decent kimchi is available at the Monday market at Sunrise, and also at the little "health food" store at Encarnacion Rosas and Constitucion in Ajijic (the name escapes me). Same brand, but at the Monday market he had both regular and extra spicy.
  6. Dramatic stone columns, tall archways, walls of glass, chandeliers 🤩 😃😲 No we didn't eat there, but couldn't resist taking the photo. On Lopez Cotilla.
  7. Volaris lowest one way in October is 2,210 pesos, non-stop just over 2 hours. Per Google maps, the drive time is 17 hours so the driver may want to stay in hotel one night...adding to ride share cost.
  8. Where are you getting your numbers?? Maybe they are out of date, but Delta baggage rules for US/CAN to MEX are here: https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/baggage/before-your-trip/checked.html Site says US/CAN to MEX with Economy ticket: $30 USD first bag up to 50lb; $55 second bag up to 50 lb; bag; $150 third bag; $200 bags 4 and up to 10 For first class/business, US/CAN to MEX 2 bags up to 70 lb, free; $150 third bag; $200 bags 4 and up to 10
  9. As a FL homeowner, I can confirm they are called "cages." Why don't they cage swimming pools here: I would guess the bug population in FL is about 100 fold what it is here. I have not been bitten this year and I spend most of the day outdoors; I do avoid walking on the lawn in the summer as that's where I have noticed them and been bitten in the past. Why no aluminum screened terraces here.....the local tradition is heavy metal. Our terraza is screened on two sides with ironwork and a rather heavy screening material. There are decorative features to break the monotony of the screening, vines, leaves, a few hidden birds. OP...have you gotten an estimate from an ironworker? Often it is cheaper to go with local materials and workers rather than try to find something that isn't normally used here.
  10. When someone complains about getting a ticket for a seat belt violation, one can safely assume they have never been in a head-on collision. I was and the seatbelt saved my life. It was me in a Toyota Tercel against a late 1970s Volvo wagon (famous for being built like a tank) on a limited access highway. I fasten my seatbelt before I turn the ignition key.
  11. One of the most consistently good eateries here.
  12. There are voladores at the Ajijic Malecon, too.
  13. When we went from FM3 to FM2 in 2012 we were told we might need an apostille marriage certificate. I mailed the forms/check to the state of Pennsylvania and they mailed the document to our Laredo mail drop; took less than 2 weeks altogether. And in the end, we did not need it. @Susy Wilson No need to rush to get one for your potential citizenship now if you have yet to get your RP. Isn't it a 4 year wait in most instances between an RP and citizenship (outside of marriage to a MXN national)?
  14. We got our RPs in early 2017 (Orlando FL) and did not need apostilles for the consulate nor here with INM. Maybe others who have done this more recently can chime in?
  15. Perhaps a visit to a local school here with your daughter before you make a final decision (assuming your move is not required by your job).
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