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  1. Bisbee Gal

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    These two studies of bismuth included e Coli and other bacteria (shigella, c-diff, etc.).
  2. Bisbee Gal

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    Studies support taking Pepto Bismol as a preventative. I have always had a sensitive stomach. We travel a lot and I started using PB tabs about a year ago as a preventative with great success compared to no preventative measures. I take 2 a day starting the day before we travel. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/05/22/528802722/tips-for-staying-healthy-when-traveling-abroad
  3. Bisbee Gal

    Cinnamon Rolls

    CG....I admire your perseverance and hope it pays off!! 🥧 🍰
  4. Bisbee Gal

    Cost of Real Estate

    SMA was the first non-border city we visited in MX in 2006 and we house-hunted there, but didn't find what we wanted. As time went on we traveled to other parts of MX and liked Ajijic better based on our top requirements: weather, walkability, proximity to a large airport and the added bonus of living near a large body of water. We continued to visit SMA annually after buying a home in Ajijic. We had to return to the US in late 2012 for parental eldercare issues. When we were able to return to Mexico in 2016 we again briefly considered SMA but the same top issues brought us back to Ajijic. We still visit SMA annually. What's that old saying, "It's a nice place to visit, but ......" One exception I take to Sonia's post is about the expat density. While I do not question her stats, whenever we are in SMA's plaza the ratio of expats to nationals is the same as it is in Ajijic's plaza in the evenings. And when shopping at the old SMA Mega market (name changed a few years ago) it usually has the same or higher ratio of expats:nationals compared to shopping at Chapala's Soriana. At SMA's Bonanza market in SMA which carries a number of US imports, the ratio of expats:nationals is the same as what I see at Super Lake here. In the most popular eateries in Centro SMA I find the expat:national ratio the same as Ajijic's. Yes there is a large weekend influx of nationals from CDMX to SMA but that is true at Lakeside with respect to weekend Tapatio visitors and the ratio is about the same given the population differences between Lakeside and SMA.
  5. Bisbee Gal

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    In Europe, including Spain, when a pedestrian zone is established the walking surfaces are changed to better accommodate pedestrians, but with an aesthetic nod to historic appearances. There are many examples at Lakeside of what I will call "cobblestone-style" driveways and patios that look "old world style' but are far easier on the feet. However the traditional cobbles serve us pedestrians well as they help keep the traffic speed and traffic volume down. I am not in favor of smoothing them out other than in pedestrian only zones. Ajiic's weekend anador could be extended a few more blocks to include the streets abutting the Plaza and beyond. It is very popular with the weekend Tapatios and I have not noticed a decline in tourism since the anador began. The tables set in the street by Tango, Merendero Lake, etc. are never empty. The last administration announced a plan to help landowners who wanted to open pop-up parking on weekends (no business tax, free help with grading their land) but did not follow through to my knowledge. Extending the anador in size and scope (from weekends to every day) is do-able but not without challenges and a municipal investment. We have owned homes in 2 US small cities whose budgets rely on tourists who visit every weekend and for entire snowbird seasons. Each of these towns host festivals (arts, music, dance, theatre, etc) nearly every weekend and for a week or more for some events. They close off their city centers to traffic and rely on free trolleys (well, buses painted to look like old-fashioned trolleys) to satellite parking lots. Again, the tourists continue to flow to these towns, happily parking 10 or 15 minutes away and taking the free trollies (buses) to the downtown cores. The city's businesses and municipal coffers are healthy thanks to the tourist dollars. Residents are happy that they can enjoy these events and likely have a lower property tax than we otherwise would. So yes it could work in Ajijic but it takes a commitment that recent government administrations did not seem to have. But there is a new more progressive and younger administration taking office soon. Maybe they will surprise us. I would suggest they expand the anador incrementally at first and see how it plays out.
  6. Bisbee Gal

    Mercado Libre Experience

    I have ordered numerous items and always had a good experience. One was a microwave oven and the first one they sent was the wrong color and the return process worked fine and the replacement was fast. It is akin to eBay so each vendor is a separate entity though MercadoLibre acts the same as eBay does to arbitrate problems, etc.
  7. Bisbee Gal

    Are banks open tomorrow?

    Ajijic News site says this........... http://ajijicnews.com/pages/eventscalendar Statutory Holiday for Mexico Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2018 Statutory Holiday for Mexico https://www.officeholidays.com/countries/mexico/index.php When the holiday falls on a Sunday, then Monday is the holiday.
  8. Bisbee Gal

    PBS Series, Wonders of Mexico

    3 part series on Mexico with great photography. The 2nd in series includes Lake Chapala where they focus on Petatan and the visiting pelicans. http://www.pbs.org/wonders-mexico/home/
  9. Bisbee Gal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    When I called them last week for a delivery they told me to call their delivery service.
  10. Bisbee Gal

    Dia de los muertos

    Last year Ajijic had about a dozen larger than life decorated catrinas on the plaza. And there were a few altars set up along Calle Parroquia at night (street closed to traffic) and a few on the plaza.
  11. You don't have to figure out which side to take. The woman admits to assault in her statement. She threw a bag of dog crap at a person and it hit him. No one has the right to do that. Assault is a crime regardless of whether the assailant is otherwise a saint. The lame excuse that she was frustrated and 'lost it' is absurd. That is how most assaults occur; someone gets mad, doesn't control their impulses and assaults someone. It is up to the caretaker to decide whether to pursue this assault with the MP. I hope he does. A woman who admits to throwing a bag of dog crap at someone is certainly capable of doing that or worse again, especially if she gets away with this after being exposed, fails to apologize or take any responsibility for her admitted assault and instead blames the victim.
  12. Bisbee Gal

    Calling Spencer

    Yes from a MXN cell line you need to dial the area code.
  13. Bisbee Gal

    Amount of termination pay

    As far as I know, Rolly's explanation remains valid.
  14. He's being too kind. He can take photos to MP and file denuncia now. If she has visa (temp or perm) and is convicted of a crime, she will be deported. As she should be.
  15. Bisbee Gal

    Garbage pick up

    We have used the same plastic bin for the past 18 months without any damage by the collectors. Even without a lid, the dogs don't bother it. The trash itself is in a plastic bag within the bin. Often the bag gets sliced but the contents stay in the bin. Lots of bin choices at Walmart, some with lids. We put trash out once a week, recyclables every 2 weeks on average. The truck that came by this morning was not the usual compactor truck; it was an old stake body truck.