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  1. Get a grip, gramps. The story says the woman died on an airplane from Covid, while still on the tarmac. Many questions being asked now, after it seems the airline hid this for several months (she died on July 25th). US Airlines have been required to report all deaths on airlines for decades yet the media cannot find a report of this one. If you want to ignore the fact that a woman so sick that she died before the plane even took off was allowed to board a plane during Covid with no screening, where there is no report of the death as required by law, go ahead. Maybe you don't fly mu
  2. But Angus gave us an actual report of the shop you mentioned, in real time.
  3. If sick enough that she died while awaiting take-off, why was she allowed to board??? Airlines are supposed to be monitoring for symptoms. Not blaming airline for her death, but seems to be lack of reporting on this, lack of contact tracing, lack of pre-boarding screening for passengers. The airlines are begging us to return to the skies, telling us it's safe. I doubt they are telling us the whole truth. Yes, covering up.
  4. Seems odd these facts are just coming out now, about a woman who died onboard an aircraft in July, of Covid. And they still won't report the name of the airline. Cover-up? https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/woman-dies-on-flight-covid-19 By Maggie O'Neill October 19, 2020 A female Texas resident in her thirties died of COVID-19 on a flight going from Arizona to Texas, NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported Sunday. The woman passed away before the flight took off, while the plane was still sitting on the runway, or tarmac. Accordin
  5. Stats for Oct. 19th. PÁGINA Con dos nuevos casos reportados este 19 de octubre, #Chapala llega a los 165 casos confirmados acumulados del nuevo Coronavirus (Covid-19). #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos acumula 188, tras registrar un nuevo caso en las últimas 24 horas. #Jocotepec no sumó ningún caso, por lo que se mantiene con un registro de 127.
  6. fyi, Air Canada and WestJet are selling/filling middle seats. https://khn.org/news/what-is-the-risk-of-getting-coronavirus-on-a-plane/ “The greatest risk in flight would be if you happen to draw the short straw and sit next to or in front, behind or across the aisle from an infector,” said Richard Corsi, who studies indoor air pollution and is the dean of engineering at Portland State University. It’s also important to note that airplanes’ high-powered filtration systems aren’t sufficient on their own to prevent outbreaks. If an airline isn’t keeping middle seats open or vigil
  7. Everyone has a different comfort level, especially part-timers. Some may have never even seen a doctor here during their winter stays, while at home they have familiar health care providers, know the system. I still think snowbirds who own homes here are more likely to return than those who rent.
  8. Airlines flying less flights in order to fill planes. Also most airlines are selling/filling the middle seats now.
  9. Stats for Oct. 18th PÁGINA Con los dos nuevos casos reportados este 18 de octubre por la Secretaría de Salud Jalisco (SSJ), #Chapala llega a una cifra de 163 casos confirmados del nuevo Coronavirus (Covid-19). #Jocotepec se mantiene en 127 casos acumulados, mientras que #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos registró tres nuevos casos y llega a 287 casos positivos acumulados.
  10. My understanding is that 3rd party bookings can be more difficult in cases involving refunds. That said, Volaris' website does suck!
  11. Passengers can remove masks when eating or drinking. And yes, even on flights with no food service, you can bring your own food. (edited to removed gratuitous political comment)
  12. Stats for Oct. 17th PÁGINA Hoy #Chapala rebasó los 160 casos confirmados acumulados de Covid-19. Al corte de este 17 de octubre emitido por la Secretaría de Salud Jalisco (SSJ), el municipio ribereño registró tres nuevos casos, con los cuales llega a una cifra de 161 casos acumulados de la enfermedad. #Jocotepec no reportó ningún caso, por lo que se mantiene en 127, a diferencia de #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos, quien sumó un caso y ahora tiene un registro de 284 casos positivos acumulados. Today #Chapala exceeded 160 accumulated confirmed cases of Covid-19. At the cutoff of this
  13. I think the majority of those who own 2nd homes here will return for at least part of the winter season. Renters, not so much. Most rental websites (and storefronts) show many vacancies.
  14. The "new" one? We've had the older one (Zostavax), but looking for the newer one (Shingrix). fyi, Shingrix was approved in very late 2017 and we tried to get it whenever we traveled to the US in 2018 and 2019 and it was never available when (and where) we were there.
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