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  1. Ok, I got into the modem page and it shows my optical level at -17.xx dbm. With ethernet connection I got a fairly steady 65 + megs at the modem. I tested repeatedly over several test sites ,Fast, Ookla, ATT , couple of others, all about the same except Speedof.me which was around 30. I test around 45 megs 6 feet away on wifi. If we connect 2 laptops that drops significantly. If we have one laptop on wifi and the other on ethernet the ethernet reading stays in the 60's, the wifi reading is pretty low.
  2. CG, yes that is the modem and they just brought it. When I reported that the properties of the wireless adaptor highlighted 802.11 a/b/c apparently that is the first item at the top of the grid and is always highlighted when you open it up; I attempted to select 802.11n but there was no enable button, so I checked task manager and it indicates I am using n, so I assume I am. I am going to try to log in to the modem address today and check the receive level nos. as Tom suggested above. I tried yesterday but I couldn't even find the Ilox connection so I will have to move my computer to the same room. I have no problem improving wifi capability if that's the problem. My concern is that when we held a laptop next to the modem the nos. were good, when we moved it a meter or so away they dropped drastically. Another concern is that my TelMex nos. bounce around all the time, but I've never seen activity like this, they change every second sometimes dropping from 60mbs to 0. I am also going to hook up the ethernet cable and verify the speed at the modem again. Does anyone know of a speed test that runs longer than a few seconds? I want to add that I have no complaints against Ilox personnel, they have all been very friendly and professional and responsive. They assure me that they will take care of any issues, and I believe them, it just may take a little time if a router doesn't solve the problem.
  3. CG the modem is a GPON ONO FiberHome model AN5506-04-GG My wireless device is currently highlighting 802.11 a/b/g with a value of 802.11 a/b/g. I can also select 802.11 n/ac Is there a place on the modem where I can look up the standard or do I need to log in to the modem's IP?
  4. Ilox installers showed up today and installed our service. We signed up for the Triple 50 package at the outset even though we didn't need tv or phone because that seemed the fastest way to get them here, and that apparently caused a small scheduling problem because they would schedule us for an install and then not come out because "there was no tv" and we would tell them we don't want tv and we don't need a refund and they would reschedule us and then not come out because "there was no tv". This happened 5 times and I then contacted Tom Kessler and they showed up the next day. This is something some of you may want to watch out for. The install took about an hour and a half and they showed us 62 megs on a speed test. As soon as they left the speed started bouncing around from 60 to 0. We contacted the office and the techs came back and worked on it using an ethernet cable and a phone seemed to get the modem at a solid 65-70, but the wifi still sucked. They recommended getting a router and I have no problem doing that if it solves the problem. They said they guaranteed between 65 and 70, anything close to that would be ok with me after TelMex's 3.5. The modem they supplied was the larger black one.
  5. I have added USTVNow to Firestick. I did it a few years ago so I don't remember the details but I followed the instructions at one of the many Kodi sites and it was relatively easy and it works fine. You will have to "sideload" Kodi to Firestick using ES File Explorer or something similar. The Kodi addon is not supported directly by USTVNow but by USTVNowPlus, but any issues I have had have been caused by and resolved by USTVNow through my account with them. You will need an account directly with USTVNow and as of the time I installed it, you had to have a paid account to extend to multiple devices.
  6. Bob forgot to pay his domain fee again?
  7. About 20 minutes ago, Pemex in Ajijic,, no lines, no limit. Got Magna. Didn't ask, but assume they have both types because they've always been specific if they were out of one.
  8. On my screen your first post has a quote within a quote and both of them are blank. No other info in the post other than the header.
  9. I don't know about anyone else but I have no idea what your point is because none of your quotes are showing up.
  10. What Albert Mora posted above is absolutely true for TelCel. TelCel will not connect with a US 800 # (or any toll free variant). It doesn't matter if you dial from a TelCel # or roam on TelCel's system with a US phone. I have heard that is true for all cell systems calling another country's toll free #, but I have no first hand knowledge of that; ATT or Movistar may connect. TelMex will connect to the correct substitute # as listed above, but it will not be free. As stated above if you need to call a bank or credit card co. with a cell, you need to look up their international # on line
  11. Any recommendations on where to get a custom tile mural ( based on a image we provide) made other than Talavera's House? Poncho from there has been trying for 3 months to get his guy in DH to do the job he agreed to, but he just told us that he hasn't even started and he doesn't think it's going to happen. I can locate other talavera shops; am mostly interested in a place that someone knows for sure can do this kind of thing. TIA
  12. My uneducated guess based on the behavioral pattern of the momentary outages is that some piece of equipment such as a recloser or something similar (again, uneducated) malfunctioned and it took CFE some time to track it down. Just a guess.
  13. Isn't this the same one ChapalMed has been advertising for months? I think the name Vallarta is new.
  14. I could wire the clamp together or come up with some other fix. The part is easily available NOB thru Amazon and other mail order dealers, I just thought I'd check locally. I'll be NOB at some point and order it there.
  15. I need a part called a "latch". It's a small wedge shaped keeper that locks the clamshell type panel clamp that seals the end cap on the larger tube.
  16. Ok, thanks. Heliocol was the only name that came up when I searched for the Israeli manufacturer that had been mentioned on this board and their dealers list the exact part I need, but I'll also check Techno Solis
  17. Nobody? I would assume most solar heated pools lakeside use this system.
  18. Is there anyplace lakeside to purchase parts for the Israeli made Heliocol tubed solar panels? TIA
  19. Late yesterday Windows installed some updates to my laptop. When I powered on this AM it went to my homepage which is google and said there was no internet connection. TelMex connection looked fine, so I went to IE and it opened. However google chrome will not open and continues to say there is no internet connection. Have done the obvious: Uninstalled Chrome then re-installed it. Rebooted pc. I tried to do a system restore, but found that it had been turned off so there is no restore point prior to last night's Windows updates (and I have used restore in past and do not believe I turned it off as I have never done so on any of my computers over the course of several decades). Many of my passwords and saved sites reside on Google Chrome and it will be a major PITA to find and reset them. Plus I really like Chrome as my browser. Any suggestions as to how to get Google Chrome working again??
  20. There was a reply from tkessler the original organizer of the effort indicating that ilox was working on the contracts.
  21. Thread from a couple of weeks ago:http://www.chapala.com/wwwboard/webboard.html Sorry, that link didn't work. Thread was posted Jan 9 titled "Ilox communications-when?" currently on page 7
  22. Used to be if you exited your browser (signed in or not) you could search again. Don't know if that's still true.
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