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  1. If anyone is going to choke on praising anyone, it's going to be praising Big Pharma. They got it done, and they will make billions of dollars. The only thing the Trump admin did was promise to buy a lot of product for the citizens of the US. Which is what they were supposed to do. I refer you to Chris Rock for his definition of people that try to claim credit for doing what they are SUPPOSED to do.
  2. The gal at Soriana only does one nostril, all the others I tried do both. Makes a difference in comfort level.
  3. Yes, that's what they do, they go out and look at a weather vane. I don't blame you for being annoyed.
  4. econ man


    Only seems to be one.
  5. I remember this being discussed on this board years ago, but don't remember any details. Someone put a plus sign grid with digits in the corners in white chalk on our front wall. I remember everything from a census, water company survey to criminal activity being mentioned. Any body have any idea what it is?
  6. If they are Cardinals they will attack their own reflections in glass endlessly, even to the point of injury.
  7. Similar "badger the witness" MO. BYTW Upfront has been completely wiped from the board. No evidence he ever existed other than quoted by someone else.
  8. I did take it to the dealer in Guad twice a year until the warranty expired. I put so little miles on it I just want to change the oil on a yearly basis. Is there no garage competent enough lakeside to change the oil even if I have to supply it? If the oil is readily available at Autozone, then surely some professional could figure out a way to get it done.
  9. Amazon has a new version of the firestick with the same processor as the 4k but a little bit cheaper than the 4k if you don't need the high resolution. Still not for sale in Mexico. Firestick Tricks is also a good site, similar to Troypoint.
  10. No one here at lakeside capable of doing it properly?
  11. There is no evidence at this time that the vaccine will prevent you from being a carrier (contracting and shedding the virus), only that you will not get sick or seriously sick depending on the situation.
  12. I do have a public ip address. After 2 days in the 20's , the speed at the access point is back to 60 mbs. Quien sabe. Thanks for all the responses.
  13. Out1 if they were throttling it would show up at the modem not only at any interior wifi speeds. And not only at some interior wifi and not others.
  14. Not all apps buffer. Just one particular IPTV. My issue is I have the speed at the modem and the wifi in the room to a laptop and I had a system set up with an extender that worked for 3 months and then one with an access point that worked for 4 weeks and then suddenly the speed( to them only) is cut in half. I could run an ethernet cable outside the house, but I am curious as to why these systems stopped working.
  15. Thanks, but the speed at the modem is fine and the wifi speed from the router is fine at my laptop at the same location. I realize the Firestick is not as receptive as my laptop's wireless card , but I have had 2 different systems (extender and access point) ethernet cabled to the firestick and they both worked fine for a period of time and then the wifi speed in the room dropped 50% for no apparent reason, only between the router and the extender/access point, not between the router and the laptop.
  16. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I have been using Ilox 70 mbs since April 2018. My TV situation changed about 8 months ago and I began to stream IPTV services using Firestick. I was having buffering issues so I did a test on the Firestick speed. My laptop would get 65- 70 mbs sitting next to the Firestick, but the stick would only get 30. I had a Netgear extender lying around so I got an ethernet cable adaptor for the Firestick and connected the extender and started getting 50 + mbs. The buffering issues disappeared. For 3 months, then the Firestick speed dropped to 30 while the laptop speed remained at 70. The Netgear was a few years old so, based on internet reviews I tried a TP Link extender, no difference. I decided to up my Ilox speed to 300mbs, thinking if I was getting a lower percentage of a larger number that would be enough. No difference. I had been using a Steren router since day one with no problem but since that was the only other end of the connection, I decided , based on internet reviews, to try a TP Link Archer 1750, still no difference. I decided to use the Steren router as an ethernet cable Access Point, and fortunately it had WISP protocol which made setting up a bridge extremely easy. I started to get 60 - 70 mbs at the Firestick while the laptop was getting 150 -250. No problems. That lasted about a month. Now I am getting 20 - 30, or less, at the firestick, while the laptop at the same location gets 150 -250. I should add that the router and the AP are in 2 different rooms with a large wide connecting arch between, so almost in the same room, direct line of sight 25 - 30 ft apart. Any ideas why the in room wi fi is dropping so drastically?
  17. Could be. Everything on it is Spanish, but now that I compare directly with an English keyboard, all the cap strikes are not as indicated but where they should be on an English board.
  18. On my Spanish keyboard @ is Shift 2 and ampersand is Shift 7 (even though the ampersand symbol is on the 6 key).
  19. I think you mean Luzma Grande. Ariana Grande is a pop star. I don' t have her contact info but if you search here you may find it.
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