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  1. michael2595 I tried to PM you but it says you can't receive messages. Could you PM me with the name of the radiologist at RIO that screwed up the CT scan. I have an upcoming appointment there. Thanks.
  2. If someone were trying to make a valid argument it would be helpful if they did not post videos from nazi disinformation sites: Wikipedia: As of April 2021, Odysee hosted 10 million videos, the most-viewed of which was a video falsely challenging the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.[15] A May 2021 report by The Guardian found "scores of extremist videos" on the Odysee platform that promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories, glorified Adolf Hitler and other Nazis, shared COVID-19 misinformation, and depicted meetings and rallies by extremist groups including the white nationalist and antisemitic National Justice party and the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement.[16]
  3. Must have a lot of pictures, otherwise he wouldn't understand it.
  4. Supposedly, no. The last card/sticker you got is good for 4(?) years, all you need is a new receipt every year.
  5. If you pay online is there a printable copy of the receipt?
  6. Here is contact info from 2020. Don't know if it is still current. Generac whole house. Stephen Drummond Americas Consulting stephen.americasconsulting@gmail.com 3325888343
  7. If you want to make an appointment specify Gonzales "the father" or "the son" and they will know who you are talking about.
  8. No problem. As I posted elsewhere I was just too lazy when I realized I was going to post on 4 threads.
  9. above reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping.
  10. above reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping
  11. reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping, but I guess you can't read this now
  12. Are you trying to access with previously saved links or are you entering the address in a new search?
  13. "Jawbone Death" is what it's called.
  14. No one is saying they are mRNAs. They are saying: Both mRNA's (are acceptable) AND Astra and J&J (are acceptable)
  15. It was my understanding that lakeside hospitals were not admitting Covid patients.
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