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  1. Look over there, there's a moron.
  2. First millions of people get together to trick you into getting a shot, then they try to trick you into feeling empathy for the slaughter of innocents. What a sad world it must be for you and your tiny brain, Homer.
  3. D'Souza is totally Looney Tunes.
  4. Just weird that the software for this board automatically edits posts.
  5. That's weird, I wrote "Dinesh D'Souza is an I D I O T" and it automatically used the emoticon for something else.
  6. Dinesh D'Souza is an :().
  7. Just to play devil's advocate, I've seen no info to back that up. Other words no stats that show any data about people who have been vaccinated, exposed to Covid and didn't get sick. I know of no way that could be tracked, other than hypothetically. Vaccination guarantees nothing, but stats show that the vaccinated, as you said, are less likely to become seriously ill, hospitalized, and die.
  8. Chapala Tree won't spray but will physically put insecticide on the tree, up in the branches for Lady palms, at the base for Royal palms. Check with them and see if that will work for you, re pets etc.
  9. 1) Drawing skill = mediocre. 2) Sophistication level = kindergarten?
  10. You don't even know what that means. You're just parroting.
  11. Fascination with shiny but meaningless objects should be considered a blessing in some situations.
  12. No, the problem is that you are wrong.
  13. Your post doesn't even make sense. Hence "moron".
  14. Read what AlanMexicali posted about OffGuardian's bias and reputation for accuracy.
  15. I'll leave it to Virgo Lady to clarify whether she clicked on the wrong quote or not. I was responding to the OffGuardian gibberish you posted which I assume is your position.
  16. Pretty clear a response to your question as to who would explain your position.
  17. Why not also have a separate section for disinformation.
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