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  1. I guess you haven't even read what you posted.
  2. So am I. Check the lyrics. Toby Keith.
  3. I'm as good ONCE as I ever was.
  4. I may not be any good, but you have no idea how good I think I am.
  5. Mexicoafterlife are you on some kind of medication. Cause that would explain a lot. (serious question)
  6. Couple of more paragraphs and you've got your manifesto.
  7. Dashing their hopes of one day becoming mimes.
  8. Why don't you take the time to sit down and write a real manifesto.
  9. Subtlety is a lost art, at least in my case.
  10. Boy you are hung up on some weird-### shit. Who has jabs, who doesn't, haha the disease isn't eradicated. Couple a things: Bias isn't the same as lying. Citing ex employees/co-founders with possible conflicts or grudges is usually unreliable.
  11. I guess the point is that (and I would quote this but the OP pulled the thread) you introduced yourself by telling us how you got paid a lot of money to do some "good thinking" and you liked to research things and proceeded to tell us what was what about covid vaccines and we thought you were some kind of unquestionable expert, but when we saw you couldn't spell we took as a sign that you were fallible like the rest of us and we could relax a little. You quoted, I believe OED's, definition of a vaccine, reliable source. Interestingly, the CDC recently revised their definition of a vaccine from promoting immunity to protection. Some would claim convenience on their part, and that could very well be. I think most people familiar with the subject would say a vaccine stimulates antibodies. If you want to use the term therapeutic, fine. Without getting into incoherent conspiracy ramblings, I would say that it is worth it to try something. I would propose that the real concern is that the antibodies produced by the disease itself seem to provide weak or short lasting immunity. I'm not sure if artificially induced antibodies can be expected to do better. Maybe there will never be useful immunity. Maybe the best hope is the diseased mutates into something harmless to its host.
  12. If this guy doesn't know who does? Not you.
  13. It's stunning how even the most basic common sense and logic escape some people. Since they've lived this long one would have to assume they had minimum possession of such at one time. Perhaps it's a warning for all of us as we age.
  14. All that "cojone tanning" has gone to someone's head.
  15. Is there something like education for morons.
  16. Top 10 Things You Must Know About Cockroach Bites | Pest Control Tips (lakenormanpest.com)
  17. Coppel used to carry a lot of them, but they weren't cheap.
  18. And it's yet another thing to constantly spew nonsense gleaned from agenda ridden right wing websites and self aggrandizing rabble rousing nutjobs like Tucker "everyone's out to pull a fast one on me" Carlson and Dan "face diaper is such a funny word" Bongino. What actually happened: A new virus (new, not the flu, not other viruses with similar names) showed up and imperfect people tried to do something about it and they made mistakes. What you think happened: all the millions of devious people who have been waiting for years to "hoax" you and Tucker Carlson and other people of great importance finally had their chance and they had you for a while but you finally caught on. Let's see: 3 shots in approximately a year and you call it a pincushion; google the word. Masks which you hilariously call "face diapers" work,( you don't have to believe it to make it so, you're not in a fairy tale) ; the size of aerosolized virus is at least as important. Of all the people who have claimed to cure Covid with whatever unproven home remedy, whether doctors, nurses or you, I've never seen any proof offered that anyone had anything other than a bad case of hay fever, that they took or were given any specific meds. Even if someone had Covid, most people still get mild cases with little or no symptoms and get over it quickly, they could eat kindergarten paste and say it cured them. And, yes Big Pharma will try to make money off you, particularly if the Sacklers or Martin Shkreli are involved, but the answer is to develop a common sense BS detector and not go off the deep end. Don't wear a mask. Please. And please stay away from me. (Those two requests are not related.)
  19. It's one thing to be ignorant, it's another to brag on it regularly.
  20. Juan is very reliable, I've used him for years. As far as I know he works for Los Altos, but we call him directly at above number. Most people who have been here awhile find a driver they can call directly, much more reliable than calling an office.
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