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  1. My advice is to contact CFE, and if the problem isn't solved continue to contact them. The constant on/off usually indicates their breaker system responding to something. Sometimes it indicates that they are working on it somewhere, but if it doesn't stop eventually then it hasn't been fixed. They have been having a lot of low voltage issues lately and usually they know about it, but I don't know how much automatic monitoring they have and they may not be aware of every event. I had the same problem a few days ago (and have had the problem several times in the last few weeks) and reported an outage to CFE. The system was restored to normal after an hour, but they sent a crew to our house 24 hrs later to investigate it as an isolated problem. Be aware that if you use the automatic reporting system on CFE Contigo, they may not let you report it again if the report is still open. I would then keep trying by phone to complain.
  2. That's right people, don't listen to scientists and doctors, listen to me, a lonely old man in a small mexican village, who gets his information from fear mongering conspiracy theorists and who's mental instability apparently knows no bounds.
  3. I believe he posted on this board as gringohombre.
  4. Certainly believing a false reality qualifies as mental illness, although level of stupidity can play an ameliorating factor.
  5. Wow. Twice in one day. Time codes are arbitrary. You can enter your own. First 60 seconds: Guy's an i d i o t. Maybe he's funny. Next 60 seconds: Nope.
  6. The time codes are arbitrary. You can enter your own. First 60 seconds: Guy's an i d i o t. Maybe he's funny. Next 60 seconds: Nope.
  7. I just uploaded a photo of my passport that was already on my computer. I just assumed the reciting of the phrase was to match the one they displayed for me, to ascertain I was actually a live person. I don't remember any specific instruction to lock my eyes on the camera although I did so at least part of the time. I'll find out soon enough if it worked.
  8. Thank you Chapalence for that detailed explanation. Just to be clear, this is he site to use to generate a password:https://satid.sat.gob.mx. You have to follow the procedures, including recording a video with your computer's camera (or I assume phone's). You have to repeat a phrase, which can be long and disappears when you turn on your camera, so write it down if you want (my computer translates automatically so everything was in english). You have to attach an ID, I used a passport, photo and opposing page, so have one ready to upload. If they approve they will email me a password ( I guess) within 5 days. I assume I will enter the password on the other site:https://www.sat.gob.mx and be able to generate my CSF.
  9. It's actually the password obtaining section that won't accept more than 12 digits. I don't know another place to get a password. I could try contrasena, but I can't put a tilde over the n.
  10. There are 2 conversations going on here. One is about your helpful advice regarding the papeleria which I appreciate and will follow it once the SAT fiesta is over. The second is about going to the SAT (the other one) site and being able to print the CSF on your own. It cannot be done without a password , which you cannot get, nor if you have one, continue further into the site because it will not accept any RFC # longer than 12 digits. Let me be clear I am on the page that is designated for individuals. If anyone knows a method to bypass this roadblock, I and others would be grateful for the information.
  11. The issue is she clearly has access to the site. I do not without an e signature or a contrasena. Try it yourself, just takes a minute. I will happily stand corrected.
  12. Problem is you need a password or an e signature to get in. I tried to get a password but the site won't let me put in a 13 digit rfc #.
  13. Can't do anything at that site without a password or e signature. Is that the service she is offering, that she can get into the site? Don't have an issue with the fee, just don't want to have to make a trip to SAT if I don't have to.
  14. Just saw this. Do you know the site she used?
  15. If this is the lady in SAT who has provided filled-out documents for INM, etc. for years, I have dealt with her before and she is very nice and professional. But if she can print my document for me why can't I do it myself without all the hoops (voice recording, iris printing, etc.) that everyone else seems to have to jump through. This question is for anyone who might know.
  16. Are you sure the document you are getting at the papeleria is the CSF (Costancia Situation Fiscal) and not the CIF (Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal)? The CIF can be printed off the SAT site by anyone with their RFC #. It has much of the same information on it, but is not the same thing.
  17. Can they tell that you're not using glasses?
  18. Battle of wits between unarmed opponents.
  19. We had ours done for bacteria, etc. at the Chopo/ISI lab in Ajijic. If you want chemical, mineral composition, etc, it used to have to go somewhere in Guad. Maybe others can jump in.
  20. Just to be clear when you say today (or actually TODAY!!!), do you mean the day today, like the actual day it is today, or do you mean today, like "present day", like any time sort of recently, which could be like several days, or even many days; you know different days?
  21. Sounds like you won't be able to use your CFE bill as a legal document before SAT if you should need to. But that's just a guess, might want to check it out further.
  22. There's your quote, there's my quote. If you can't read that, I can't help you.
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