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  1. Because, as I said a few minutes ago, it was posted in the Mexico General section last week and has been discussed ad nauseam already. It's still there.
  2. I think that was "sarcasm". You know, like some of our world leaders use.
  3. Edited by moderator for out of bounds personal attack.
  4. Excuse me, I'm becoming confused. Perhaps you bosses would kindly get together and let us know which one of you is the true oracle on the mount and the one whose direction we should follow with blind allegiance. We humbly await the decision. Thanks.
  5. Mercado Libre is the Latin American version of Ebay. Just google Mercado Libre Mexico and search for what you want. The vendors will be rated and will tell you what kind of payment they accept.
  6. In times of stress and anxiety I find an unpleasant side of myself coming to the fore. I become excessively controlling and have the overwhelming need to have things exactly the way I want. I sometimes even become a scold. In order to alleviate these symptoms, please, I ask you people to listen up: Grow up. Please. You are all bickering like children. I am too old to be fond of children. Except for Mexican kids, they're about the cutest people I've ever seen. Please do not challenge me, my thinking process or my facts. No, do not. I know what you're thinking, but no. This is a serious situation, do not make light of it. However, I do like a good joke. If you have one, please tell it in such a way that I do not feel guilty. I want you to tell me how and where to buy my food, what masks I should wear, and when; what personal habits and hobbies I should have; and what personality traits you find most appealing. And yet I do not. I sense some protests coming my way now, but please remember number 2 above. And while we're airing things out, I beg you, some of you people, learn how to spell. And for God's sake, when you're in a grocery store, please wear a mask; but above all do not cough directly on the shelf items! Yeah, gramps, you, talking to you. Thank you for your time, I feel better already.
  7. Would you care to share the names of those apps? I have multiple free ones but none are consistently reliable.
  8. Yeah, Kodi's got a lot of issues, navigation being one of them.
  9. Have you had reliable service with them? I see Firestick Tricks list them as an option. I 'm considering recommendations from them and Troypoint. Can you use Paypal with them? I'm a little leery of giving my credit card to some of these APK's.
  10. I'm looking for anyone who is using or has used the Firestick streaming service formerly provided by the late Derek Young, and is interested in selling a firestick they are no longer using; or, alternatively, would be willing to share the names of the apps he was using, both free and paid, so I can program my own. I'm interested mostly in live tv. You can respond here or PM me. Thanks.
  11. I've seen several articles about CV referencing this German risk assessment institute. The gist of it is that you can pretty much touch anything and if you wash/sanitize your hands before touching your face, mouth, eyes, ears and mucous areas, there will be no transmission. Of course, that last part is apparently the hard part. https://www.bfr.bund.de/en/can_the_new_type_of_coronavirus_be_transmitted_via_food_and_objects_-244090.html
  12. I've pretty much been living like a hermit for the past 2 weeks, but I get the impression that if I do go out and interact some people are expecting me to wear a mask. First question, is there anywhere around here to source a useful mask? Secondly, any opinions on the actual utility of various masks? Internet research backs up old information that I had that the only real protective mask is the n95 which protects against aerosol type small droplet spray and some or most bacteria/viruses and which we are asked to reserve for health care workers. Surgical and other more penetrable masks are only advised for people who are actually sick (protects others from large droplet coughing/sneezing) or those caring at home for someone (better than nothing?). Somewhat recommended for long periods in a close environment (planes, etc.), but not with a lot of reassurance, and not recommended for just walking down the street. Also, most people I see wearing them touch them, adjust them, and often pull them down to converse with store clerks etc. which supposedly negates there purpose. Is it mostly a feel good type of thing?
  13. The basic translation was given in the post above mod-3's.
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