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  1. Any recommendations on where to get a custom tile mural ( based on a image we provide) made other than Talavera's House? Poncho from there has been trying for 3 months to get his guy in DH to do the job he agreed to, but he just told us that he hasn't even started and he doesn't think it's going to happen. I can locate other talavera shops; am mostly interested in a place that someone knows for sure can do this kind of thing. TIA
  2. econ man


    My uneducated guess based on the behavioral pattern of the momentary outages is that some piece of equipment such as a recloser or something similar (again, uneducated) malfunctioned and it took CFE some time to track it down. Just a guess.
  3. econ man

    Chapala Med

    Isn't this the same one ChapalMed has been advertising for months? I think the name Vallarta is new.
  4. econ man

    Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    I could wire the clamp together or come up with some other fix. The part is easily available NOB thru Amazon and other mail order dealers, I just thought I'd check locally. I'll be NOB at some point and order it there.
  5. econ man

    Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    I need a part called a "latch". It's a small wedge shaped keeper that locks the clamshell type panel clamp that seals the end cap on the larger tube.
  6. econ man

    Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    Ok, thanks. Heliocol was the only name that came up when I searched for the Israeli manufacturer that had been mentioned on this board and their dealers list the exact part I need, but I'll also check Techno Solis
  7. econ man

    Heliocol pool solar panel parts

    Nobody? I would assume most solar heated pools lakeside use this system.
  8. Is there anyplace lakeside to purchase parts for the Israeli made Heliocol tubed solar panels? TIA
  9. Late yesterday Windows installed some updates to my laptop. When I powered on this AM it went to my homepage which is google and said there was no internet connection. TelMex connection looked fine, so I went to IE and it opened. However google chrome will not open and continues to say there is no internet connection. Have done the obvious: Uninstalled Chrome then re-installed it. Rebooted pc. I tried to do a system restore, but found that it had been turned off so there is no restore point prior to last night's Windows updates (and I have used restore in past and do not believe I turned it off as I have never done so on any of my computers over the course of several decades). Many of my passwords and saved sites reside on Google Chrome and it will be a major PITA to find and reset them. Plus I really like Chrome as my browser. Any suggestions as to how to get Google Chrome working again??
  10. There was a reply from tkessler the original organizer of the effort indicating that ilox was working on the contracts.
  11. Thread from a couple of weeks ago:http://www.chapala.com/wwwboard/webboard.html Sorry, that link didn't work. Thread was posted Jan 9 titled "Ilox communications-when?" currently on page 7
  12. Used to be if you exited your browser (signed in or not) you could search again. Don't know if that's still true.
  13. I know I can flag down the gas truck if I hear it come down the street. But if I want to call for delivery, does anyone know the correct terminology to specify the cylinders rather than the big tanker? Do I just ask for "cilindros" or " cilindros azules" ?
  14. What I was referring to was the original pay as you go plan (circa 2008) whereby you purchased the tarjetas (many Telcel stores look at you like you're nuts when you ask for a tarjeta now, they do it all electronically) for 100 p for 60 days, etc, nothing was free, everything was charged against your balance. I just made the assumption it was called some sort of Amigos plan. When I had to replace my sim card/phone this past year, I asked for the pay as you go plan and expected it would be the same. When my time expired in 21 days, I googled and discovered that Telcel's default pay as you go was the 21 day Sin Limites plan, and it was implied that Telcel dealers could offer you no other. When I had it changed to the 60 day plan, those were the hoops I had to jump through, and, as I said, it took Ana quite a bit of time to get it done. Apparently Telcel wants you on the 21 day refill cycle.