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  1. No problem. As I posted elsewhere I was just too lazy when I realized I was going to post on 4 threads.
  2. above reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping.
  3. above reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping
  4. reference was to the bitchute site acd is always hyping, but I guess you can't read this now
  5. Are you trying to access with previously saved links or are you entering the address in a new search?
  6. "Jawbone Death" is what it's called.
  7. No one is saying they are mRNAs. They are saying: Both mRNA's (are acceptable) AND Astra and J&J (are acceptable)
  8. It was my understanding that lakeside hospitals were not admitting Covid patients.
  9. If anyone is going to choke on praising anyone, it's going to be praising Big Pharma. They got it done, and they will make billions of dollars. The only thing the Trump admin did was promise to buy a lot of product for the citizens of the US. Which is what they were supposed to do. I refer you to Chris Rock for his definition of people that try to claim credit for doing what they are SUPPOSED to do.
  10. The gal at Soriana only does one nostril, all the others I tried do both. Makes a difference in comfort level.
  11. Yes, that's what they do, they go out and look at a weather vane. I don't blame you for being annoyed.
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