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  1. We have noticed an unauthorized charge on our visa bill. We have tried numerous numbers to contact RBC Visa in Canada without success.We first tried the number on the back of our card. Any suggestions?
  2. Is there anywhere in Chapala one could find these two things?
  3. Is there anywhere in Chapala one could find these two things?
  4. Issue resolved by deleting the background and replacing it as suggested above. Yeh!!
  5. I have been using google and none of the suggestions have worked for me.
  6. Somehow I have placed a photo on my desktop that I am unable to erase. I have windows 10. Right clicking doesn't work.
  7. Where can I purchase a USB cable?
  8. My daughter has given us an I Phone 4 and we wondered if it will work Lakeside.
  9. Has anyone the email address for the company that is similar to Sky Med or the email for Arthur Clark?
  10. Do you know the name of the company?
  11. We dealt with Arthur Clark for years when he was with Sky Med. We understand he is no longer with them. Has anyone his new address? We are debating whether we will purchase this type of insurance again.
  12. Our dentist in San Antonio is Dr. Candy. Would the deceased be a relation?
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