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  1. To reply to the original post, I have used a few IPTV services in the past and am currently using MyWiFi TV. It meets my needs very nicely and am very happy with it. 

    The service includes all hardware, programming of the hardware and custom installation (which provides a complete explanation of how to use the program). There is no charge for the installation nor for the hardware. The monthly fee depends on the package you wish. I believe there are currently 4 levels depending on the number of groups you choose.

    As far as usage, one need not scroll thru 7000 channels! They are grouped by geographical area and by content no matter how many channels you have. You also may wish, for example, Canadian, US, and British channels only. You can eliminate all of the others when you sign up or really any time afterwards. You can add any group later if you want. 

    As to content, I personally have yet to discover any channel that is missing! 

    One caveat, which is true of all of the IPTV services, is that live streaming may at times buffer (be interrupted). There are many causes for this and not for discussion here. I have had this service for 1.5 years. That included getting it thru first Telmex, then Telcel and now ILOX. It was OK with Telmex (average of 7 meg down), better with Telcel (ave. of 10 down) and excellent with ILOX ( 70 down). By better, I mean less buffering. Providing content via internet is in its infancy and there are (and will be) growing pains.

    I am not affiliated with the provider of any IPTV service including MyWiFi TV.

  2. 6 minutes ago, RickS said:

    It is not uncommon for carriers to 'limit' their unlimited service.... if THAT makes any sense definition wise.  It looks like Telcel limits theirs at 150 gigabytes before they choke it down. That's a lot of downloading/streaming as a typical SD movie is around 1.5Gig and probably twice that for High Def. So either you did a lot of movie watching or something went haywire with your Gig-count. 

    Other than streaming, it's hard for 1-2 people to use much more than 25Gigs just surfing and doing the occasional YouTube or what-not. And being able to purchase another 25Gigs for $5 is certainly a bargain.  I suspect that part of the problem is just not being aware that there is a limit to one's unlimited service.  😲

    I think the problem is that when I got this service, it was touted as 15 meg/sec unlimited service. Well, buried in the contract it said that the 15 meg/sec is only for the first 150 gigs. After that, it slows to 2-3 meg/sec unlimited. It is a bit clearer now in their literature, but a year ago it was not clear at all. Another year on my contract.  Sucks to be me!

  3. You can try to

    1. Relocate and/or reorient the modem   2. Reset modem to factory default   3. Force the modem to update the firmware - this solved my problem. They are rolling out this update, but very slowly. I have a friend that forced mine to update. 4. Return modem to Telcel and have it checked for problems.

    ILOX will almost certainly be faster than Telcel at its best. The fastest Telcel package 15 meg) is slower than the slowest ILOX package (30 meg) at the same price. 



  4. I agree with everything that RickS said. You may, however, consider another crossing. It is for many folks much easier to cross at the Colombia Bridge than at Laredo. If you stay in Cotulla, TX (45 min. north of Laredo) for the night, you can cross at the Colombia Bridge when it opens at 8:30 in the morning. It is MUCH easier to get your FMM (tourist visa) and your car permit (TIP) at Colombia as the building is just as you cross over. They are rarely busy and the time you save looking for the correct building and waiting makes up for the slightly longer drive.  It is also a lot less stress. At least it was for me. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, gmusgrave said:

    Can you please tell me the make and model of the modem Ilox uses?

    BTW, Ilox installed cable on Santa Margarita in Riberas on Friday, March 8. I prepaid last April, and there's a loop on the pole in front of my house...

    FiberHome   AN5506-02   Not sure if it is the A or B version. The ILOX store has a schedule for installs. You can ask Jessica if your install is on her schedule. You will need your contract #.

  6. 2 hours ago, M&C said:

    Política de Uso Justo 150000

    This is from the Telcel website. Notice no units are given. Are you sure it is 150 GB, as that is a lot? Mudgirl was getting 6.5 GB per month on prepay plan for 500 pesos.The average SD movie is 1.5 GB. The site says it will slow to 2 Mbps once the limit is reached. Can anyone verify the limit?

    Yep . It is 150 Gigabytes when you convert the stated 150,000 megabytes to gigabytes. It may be, if they are using the old standard of 1024 megabytes per gigabyte, a bit less; about 146 or so.  If you find that hard to believe, stop into the Telcel office in Centro Laguna mall and speak to a representative.  Streaming HD is a data hog. For full day TV viewers, they would eat through that in less than 2 weeks. A lot of folks leave their TV on for background noise. Add computer and phone use to the total.


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  7. We got the service a week or so ago. I needed my immigration card, something with my home address (I had my Mexican Driver's License) and 3 people to "vouch" for me. Also, I needed almost $3,000 pesos to walk out the door with my modem. It took about an hour and a half. Half an hour to do the paperwork and a "wait" time (?) of an hour. I asked why the wait and I still have no idea. The 3 prepaid months are not for the first 3 months of the service, they are the LAST 3 months of the first year. I just got my bill for November. So, for me, I prepaid next year for July, August and September. I know that it is very weird and I asked twice if I was understanding correctly as my Spanish is just OK to survive. Yes indeedy I did understand. So, to sum up, you need to pay for the modem, a pro-rated amount for the current month and pre-pay for the LAST 3 months of the first year of a 2 year contract. You can get 1  modem for the first year and up to 5 thereafter. Even weirder, you must pay a 200 peso fee to continue with the REQUIRED 2nd year. Somebody spent a lot of time thinking these things up. The modem, like a phone reports your location. If you move your modem to another house, for example, you must pay an additional fee- the amount I have forgotten. The service is very good but the speed is variable. Early mornings I have gotten as high as 85 megabits/sec. and in the evenings -about 9 pm- as low as 8. 150 gigabytes goes very quickly if you watch HDTV shows with IPTV as I do. Add to that the computer and tethered phone and the gigabytes fly out the door. I still will get ILOX  as planned and be happier with the unlimited data.


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  8. As Xena said, you may not nationalize a car that is a 2004. However, you are still obligated to remove this car from Mexico. You need to obtain a Retorno Seguro to drive to the border legally. I believe that they are good for 5 business days. Weekend don't count as a business day.  You are subject to fines and confiscation of the car if you drive it with your Permanente. I don't think that you can obtain a Retorno Seguro locally. I had to go to Guad. to get mine, but that was a while ago.


  9. On 9/4/2017 at 9:35 AM, Mainecoons said:

    Interesting Informador article about a new chain of gas stations in the GDL area.  The article claims there is one somewhere in the Jocotepec area as well, in the 7th paragraph of the article.  Has anyone there seen this one?  Although the prices are still fixed the chain is guaranteeing no short pumping, a common problem.

    Also some discussion of the possibility of gas shortages due to the problems in Texas.



    It is the station in El Chante. Different name, same service. It has been a Gasmex station for a while (a few months). It still looks like a Pemex. If you look for it, you will see the Gasmex sign. 

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