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  1. Pour a can of Coors light in a mug and leave it by the pond for the Heron. He won't be back.
  2. I have been to Dr.Hernandez. Dr. Fabian is now my urologist.
  3. If anyone has contact info for Jason and Michelle who used to manage 4s restaurant please send me a pm.
  4. Many of my Mexican friends only used apodos (nicknames). Heck, many of them do not even know each other's given names although they grew up together since kinder. I learned that lesson when stopped on a dirt bike in the mountains of northern Michoacan near Cotija de la Paz. After being stopped by the local "jovenes" and questioned I told them my friend in the nearby town was Juan Carlos Chavez. Never heard of him. At least I had cell phone reception so I called Juan Carlos and told him that the guys who stopped me did not know him. He said, tell them I am Quincea, his nickname. Problem solved. The driver gave me his cell phone number and told me if I ever needed anything to call. Gracias.
  5. Do not rely on hearsay from anyone who lives in a fracc or your real estate agent. Pick one and ask for the fracc records so you can verify what percentage of the fracc members pay their dues. Compare the math of a small fracc with 50 homeowners that collects 50% of the dues vs a large fracc with 450 owners that collects 50% of the dues. When the time comes to drill a well, and it will, an assessment will be the method to pay for the new well. A lot easier to pay for a well when you have members who pay their dues. There is strength in numbers. A fracc that has amenities such as a club house, pool, tennis courts, racquet ball courts, and/or gym, etc will have leverage with non-paying members because they can ban the deadbeats from using the facilities. A fracc with few amenities does not have that option. Also it is common to hear at lakeside that "Mexicans do not pay their dues." It all depends on which fracc you are referencing. Some yes and some no. Good luck.
  6. Maybe this guy can repair printers Compucel del Lago Benjamin, owner
  7. Tow it to San Luis Soyatlan, turn right at the OXXO. Drive up the hill, then park it. The local chop shop will mince it into pieces in about three hours. Problem solved.
  8. Oil filters are manufactured specific to either conventional oil or synthetic oil. A big waste of money if the mechanic installs the wrong filter.
  9. I have a gas powered inverter generator Honda EU3000is that will run on a tank of gas 10 hours or more pending electrical draw down. It is quiet also. I can loan it to anyone who has medical needs that require power. It will take two men to move. A short term loan until the grid is stabilized. https://powerequipment.honda.com/generators/models/eu3000is
  10. Yep you are right, I missed that. I crossed 4 times in the last 30 days and there were no lines in either direction each time I crossed at Colombia. Not even an Aduana search on the Mexican side twice.
  11. Maybe Mexican Nationals with dual citizenship are going North now for a vaccine. Or some others are confused with the recent news reports that Texas has lifted Covid restrictions 100%, so they think that they can cross. I met a family in Monterrey a couple of days ago and they were headed to Texas for a shopping trip. They thought that the border was opened because of the news in Texas. I don't think that will happen.
  12. ^^Thanks that is good information to know. It is not possible to communicate by phone with my vac site so I can only rely on one way email communication from them. We had 48hr notice to arrive for the first shot so we made it that time driving from lakeside. My family in Texas has been without power or potable water since Monday. Walmarts and HEB have been closed around the clock, but today the sun is out and all will return to normal soon. IH35 in central Texas has been at a crawl this past week so it is good to know that the shippers have the product in stock in the hubs. The vac sites only carry a few thousand doses on hand at a time and my second shot is about 11 days away. I think I read that you can delay the second shot up to three add'l weeks if necessary so there should be no problem. If the second dose is delayed I can wait. Thankful to have this option.
  13. I wonder how long the Pfizer vaccine can remain viable if the vaccination sites and storage facilities have no backup power generators to maintain the -70C temperatures. There could be millions of doses lost in the areas that have suffered the recent winter storm, particularly Texas.
  14. This blogger in your area is well connected. You may want to send him a msg. https://qroo.us/
  15. My maid just told me Dr. Nuñez in Jocotepec died of COVID. He was in the hospital 3 days. I have no confirmation of that news. Quite a few expats in Joco were his patients.
  16. Whenever I am asked my age at the entry I just say, "Tengo treinta y cinco años en cada pie." By the time they figure that out, I am at the checkout. No problem, it is Mexico so there is always a way.
  17. Just a heads up with Transferwise, there is now a $980 USD cap on amount to be converted and sent to my Mexican Bank, Bancomer. New Mexican banking rule as of the end of December. If you want to transfer $4900 for example you will need to make 5 transfers. The rules may change but Transferwise does not know when. The cost of 5 multiple $980 transfers vs one transfer at $4900 will incur an additional 10% in fees according to their fee schedule. I do not have a business account so maybe the rules are different with that account.
  18. Same circumstances and decision here but we cannot make appointments. The websites will not provide appointments in my county until the vaccines are scheduled to arrive. Maybe next week, vamos a ver.
  19. Curious Jim if you are an American living in Mexico, what is your plan? Will you drive/fly to the US for a vaccination? I am not trolling you, I am only seeking out another opinion because I may be driving to Texas if the vaccine becomes available in my county of residence there. So far, it is not available in that county for 1B.
  20. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that about 1/3 of the Costco parking lot was blocked off also so it was very difficult to find parking, I had to wait and follow someone to their car. Nice to get out for the day and take a drive. We always have other options with deliveries.
  21. As far as their hours for seniors, there are none that I know of. We were turned away at the door today when asked about our birthdate. We called Costco today and we were told that persons under 15 or over 70 were not allowed into Costco for the next two weeks. We went and then the new age cut off became 15 or over 60 when we arrived. Lopez Mateo Sur location. YMMV
  22. I could be wrong because I am too lazy to spend the time googling, but IIRC Calif with 10 million more residents than Texas has had fewer COVID deaths. That stat may have expired.
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